Whisper Premieres to Solid First Episode Ratings Similar to Defendant

I can’t wait to check out intense new Mon-Tues drama Whisper, taking over in the time slot from highly rated predecessor Defendant. The first episode garnered 13.9% ratings, 0.6% less than Defendant premiering at 14.5%. The competition used this new arrival to reset with Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People close behind at 13.8% ratings and Ms. Perfect increasing 2% to bring in 6%. Defendant may have gotten high domestic ratings and also a solid viewership from international fans but the Mon-Tues time slot really hasn’t created anything super buzzy in a long time. If folks have checked out Whisper already, share initial impressions as this drama has returning from maternity leave Lee Bo Young, reuniting with former costar Lee Sang Yoon, and from the screenwriter of The Chaser, Punch, and Empire of Gold. Continue reading