Lee Jong Seok in L’Officiel Hommes and Preps March Filming Start for K-drama While You Were Sleeping

This isn’t my favorite fashion pictorial featuring my favorite Lee Jong Seok, but I’m always happy to set eyes on him especially when it leads to a reminder that his next drama is on the horizon. Checking the filming schedule, upcoming SBS drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok and Suzy starts filming this month in March, heading into pre-produced format with an airing date in the fall. He plays a prosecutor who tries to help stop future tragedies foretold by Suzy’s character who dreams such events beyond her control. I was underwhelmed by his character in W: Two Worlds after the convoluted plot overtook character development and I hope gets a character as multi-dimensional, interesting, and relatable as his dogged reporter in Pinocchio.


Lee Jong Seok in L’Officiel Hommes and Preps March Filming Start for K-drama While You Were Sleeping — 23 Comments

  1. suzy acting will bring the rating down. LJS only hope is the drama focus on him with no romance between him suzy. suzy romance scen look to awkward. her stiff face will turn u off.

  2. I think I am gonna sleep on this drama even I never skipped any of LJS’ dramas before. The reason is so obvious. Dang Suzy! LOL

  3. What you said about W is so right. The fast paced story won over character development. I’m one of the few who could never finish Pinnochio, but I think both the leads were great in it. I’ll probably give his new drama a try. I’ve never seen Suzy in anything but given what people say, I’ll keep my expectations where they need to be so maybe it won’t bug me. I’m pretty easy going about mediocre acting IF I like the story.

  4. Lee Jong Seok! I can’t wait to see him on my small screen again! It’s been way too long! Hopefully Suzy will be servicable in this drama, but I will preserve no matter what <3

  5. I wish I could be more excited by this drama. Unfortunately, I fear this is going to be Dr. Stranger Part 2! With LJK trying so hard, but partnered with a lead actress who can’t emote very well….

  6. I would like him to chose a simple character, a simple story. Because in his last dramas, he always was a kind of genius and too much perfect.

    For Suzy, I really didn’t like her last drama but a big part was because of the story. I couldn’t relate to the characters. So I will wait to see her acting.

  7. I will watch any drama with LJS in it regardless of who his co-star is. I guess I am one of those blind faith fans, so long LJS is in it, it does not matter. Fighting LJS Fighting!!!

    • ditto ….can’t be bothered with whom he is gonna to act with or how crappy the script is going to be but having suzy as a co-star will to elevate his status as suzy is such a high profile star in korea. They are both famous and will benefit each other.

      • I think they are both equal in status, lee jong seok won a freaking daesang last year, there is no higher status than that. he does not need her, more like she needs him to have a hit drama.

  8. LJS is the best. His personality suits all the characters portrayed so far. Drama is going to be good as he has the charm to hold audience irrespective of storyline or the cast

  9. suzy again as the female lead. when will her acting skill improve. just because she’s a ‘big star’, director keep casting her as lead. sigh.

  10. Can yall please watch the drama first and then blame Suzy if the ratings aren’t good? I’m not fan of her acting and quite frankly, her being a female lead is a slap against the faces of actually talented actresses/drama&theatre school majors in my opinion. But it is what it is, there is a clear market for her and other idol actors so blame the consumers for watching her dramas and making her popular lol. And btw, this is no hate, but LJS looks prettier (or feminine) than Suzy, or in fact all of his previous co-stars..

  11. If it’s for Suzy i would not venture in to watching this drama but I know my LJS is a miracle performer and he is gonna do wonders so for his sake I’ll give it a try, perhaps he can boost Suzy’s acting the way he helped park shin hye overcome her kiss phobia…*winks*

    • I know you probably said this sarcastically, but he hasn’t had any kiss phobia. Have you watched Flower Boy Next Door and the final kissing scene? I always see comments like she is frigid, constipated, dead fish or whatnot comments and that LJS or whatever ’helped’ her phobia or something.
      No honey, just no. She does exactly as the drama script tells her and how she is directed. Girl has had her first kissing scenes when she was 16-17 with grown assed adults and more intimate -for the lack of better word- scenes in her earlier filmography. It just so happens that her most popular dramas have been these high school makjang dramas and she acted according to her character. Majority of k-actresses have had kiss scenes like this and the reason you see PSH having ’more’ this kind of kisses is that she has been longer in the industry and the body of her work have followed the trends of those times. Can these frigid kiss comments already stop, even if they are sarcastic, because they are really old and boring.

    • Does glorifying your idol mean you have to bring down someone else? No wonder I have seen so many comments from PSH fans saying they hate LJS fans. You probably only seen Heirs and Pinocchio.

      • Wait, that really happened @abc? I have only seen JongJoo shippers attack PSH and Pinocchio couple ship. I wouldn’t be surprised though. There are so many nasty comments from both LJS fans (not all though, majority of them are good) and k-drama enthusiasts that LJS taught PSH to kiss. Like come on, these same people love to think that she must be inexperienced because of those Heirs kiss scenes. That is really disgusting thing to even think because actors are professionals and act exactly as director and the script wants them to act. These people think as if it doesn’t take two people to play that scene out.
        And also, there were some gross LJS fans claiming once (in Baidu bar, netizenbuzz) that PSH only used him for fame lmao… I like both actors but there are so many bad apples in both fandoms.

      • oh no!!O.O you remind me of that awkward kissing scene in the rain. I could not unsee that scene. its beyond cringy.

  12. Even with Suzy I think this drama will still make it. I really love LJS and you know that koala sis. Suzy is just fine with me, she left a special place in my heart cuz of Dream High, and that drama was a big hit then. So let’s just support their drama.

  13. Suzy again to ruin another drama. Dream high was hit not becoz of suzy but there were many other good roles such as KSH, Taec, IU, WY etc…

  14. It should be apparent by now Suzy is not the acting goddess her fans make her out to be, and the resounding flop of that pansori movie and UF make it clear she’s no ratings draw either.

    But such is the power of having endorsement contracts in Korea, she could flop in a dozen more dramas and they’d still keep handing her lead roles as long as she has products to shill.

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