tvN Presents Mysterious Teaser for Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung

Throwback mystery is the theme of the first teaser for tvN‘s next Fri-Sat drama Chicago Typewriter, which arrives on April 7th following Tomorrow With You. The teaser doesn’t capitalize on the big names leads Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung, instead teasing with the title old school typewriter most likely from Chicago. I really will love finding out why this typewriter is connected to Chicago, but so far it’s said that the typewriter is the connective thread that awakens memories in the male lead and leads him back to hope and love again. That sounds fine and dandy, and I’m assuming the script by Kill Me Heal Me and The Moon Embraces the Sun screenwriter Jin Soo Wan is good enough to bring Im Soo Jung back to the small screen after over a decade exclusively in movies.

Teaser for Chicago Typewriter:


tvN Presents Mysterious Teaser for Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung — 11 Comments

  1. Wished she could have just stayed in movies. She’s so old and out of place between two young actors. If they couldn’t get Park Shinhye, they could have cast people like Park Minyoung, Han Hyojoo or Kang Sora.

    • It’s not that they couldn’t get PSH, this role was never offered to her according to her agency, so her name was just for baiting I guess. And I’d much rather watch YAI with ISJ, than those other actresses you listed, because their intensity is on the same level. Why can’t a more matured woman act with younger men? The synopsis of this drama never even said anything about romance, and I’m assuming you’re not really into noona pairings so…

  2. Too old for him ? He played with Kim Hee Ae and they had a great chemistry ! They’re both great actors, they can handle the difference of age.

  3. Im soo jung looked young for her age, not to mention she’s also a great veteran actress, I can’t believe you people prefer Park Min Young who’s also not that young anyway over her

  4. hoping for great drama from Im Soo Jung like her i’m sorry i love you. YAI has no problem acting with older actress. Go Kyung Pyo proved he is a worthy second lead in Jealousy incarnate.

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