Ji Chang Wook Confirmed for Beware of this Woman and Han Ji Min in Talks for Female Lead

Iā€™m so torn on this new drama casting news, there’s a chance it could be a win but an equal chance a total misfire. The more solid choice is Ji Chang Wook being confirmed as the male lead of upcoming SBS drama Beware of this Woman (Be Careful of this Woman), taking on his first non thriller role in quite some time after doing Healer, The K2, and Fabricated City. Some might think his comedic chops are not nearly as compelling as his physical effortless take on skilled male leads but I think it’s a nice pause from being too typecast and likely a fun outing before he enlists soon. More concerning is news that early discussion female lead Lee Sung Kyung is now out and in the running for the titular woman to beware of is Han Ji Min, if she accepts it will be her first drama in 2 years since the abominable Hyde, Jekyll, Me. That drama and her character/performance still makes me break out in hives just the mere mention, but if I go back further and remember Han Ji Min in Rooftop Prince then I calm down a bit.


Ji Chang Wook Confirmed for Beware of this Woman and Han Ji Min in Talks for Female Lead — 60 Comments

  1. I’m happy that LSK is not anymore in this project. I like Han Ji Min, she was good in Cain and Abel, Rooftop or Padam Padam. Her last drama was really bad but it was the fault to the writer… But she’s not filming a movie now ?

    • PHS is charming and shines himself without PBY. Interesting he’s always got good chemistry with his female counterparts (e.g. What’s with My Family, High Society, and now Strong Womam). Even in boring Hwarang, he’s got better chemistry with Go Ara to the point that I got impression Go Ara always looked at him as if she were more interested in this hot king than her supposed-to-be lover Park Seo Joon. LOL…PBY in Strong Woman is just like cherry added on top of the already-enticing cake. LOL

      • PBY add everything to another level. Without PBY SWDBS wont even be in the radar. PBY is a force to be reckon with. PBY has acting skill and star power that none of PHS partner had.

      • @Drama2017
        I totally agree with you. PBY is great but PHS totally amazing on his own. He could attract attention and spotlight on him in almost all his dramas. I remember watching Sirius and enticed by the early parts of the drama because he was so good playing the twin and he is the only good thing in High Society as well as the main charm in Hwarang, even when his character was butchered by the later half. And let’s not mention that PHS has so many ships now….ships with Nam Ji Hyun, Im Se Yeon, Go Ara and now PBY. He even could create great chemistry with Ji Soo.

    • Agree with Chi. Without PBY, SWDBS won’t get the ratings especially for a cable channel drama. PBY has a much impressive resume in acting (in movies). PHS is good, but PBY is the pro ??

    • I really don’t agree with this statement. Both PBY and PHS are credible actors in their own rights and no matter how one wants dispute that PHS is an idol crossover to acting, he is still a genuinely talented actor.

      PBY has been fortunate to be paired with equally good actors like SJK and JJS, and let’s not forget that she is brilliant at picking good projects. Try pairing her with less stellar actor, the drama won’t work either no matter how good she is as an actress.

      SWDBS success is a collaborative effort and magic of all actors. No doubt, PBY brought in the audience in the first place but PHS was so magnetic in Hwarang, many tuned in to SWDBS to watch him. Those who were skeptical of him in the first place for being the lead also had to eat their words because he is spectacular. Wacky eccentric Ahn Min Hyuk could easily came across as a parody should the character was not beautifully portrayed by PHS who turns him into adorably quirky. And it is undeniable that PHS could project beautiful chemistry with all the actresses that he had been paired up with.

      Anyway, I don’t mean to hijack this post from JCW. I have yet to see him in anything comedic. As for HJM, she is an actress with limited range but she was good in Rooftop Prince. If it is for me, I would prefer they consider Yoon Eun Hye for this role.

    • PHS is radiant, mesmerizing and shines on his own even without PBY. Even when Go Ara underperformed in Hwarang, her character only actually shined with every of her scenes with PHS. So, it is fair to say, both PBY and PHS compliments each other.

    • My statement was: Ji Chang Wook need a good actress like Park Bo Young. Park Hyung Sik never have a hit drama until Do Bong Soon. PHS might be good but PBY is another level. She has popularity, acting skill in both movie and drama. PHS still a rookie compare to PBY. He hasnt got made a name for himself yet while PBY has been lead left and right movie and drama that all has been very successful.

      • What happens to my family is the highest rating drama in that year. Highest ratings is 43.3%

      • With all due respect to PHS, I believe it’s mostly due to Yoo Dong-geun. PHS was at most the 3rd !Ale lead in the drama. In my personal opinion, he also had the least interesting storyline.

      • Kitai, I never said PHS is the drawing power for WHTMF but he is at least one of the main characters. I am just replying to Chi who said he never had a hit drama until SWDBS.

        But technically speaking, there should be no comparison as to whether he has any hit dramas because this is his first lead role. The rest of the dramas he’s either taking supporting roles or second leads.

        I agree he still needs improvement and PBY is a better actress. But I think SWDBS is successful not just because of PBY. Their chemistry is also one of the reasons why people are drawn to the drama.

    • There are many good actors but stuck in supporting roles or weekend drama. They can act well but have no star power. There are people with great star power with ok acting skill. PBY has both acting skill and star power.

      Without DBS, PHS might still move projects to projects and not many people know who he is. Without DBS, PBY still be one of the best/most famous actress.

      • PBY hit jackpot with “The Werewolf Boy” and continue to enjoy success with follow up dramas though all within cable Tv.

        Even if PHS not leading SWDBS and if it happened that he headlined other drama with other actress who is not PBY and the drama is a big hit, he would have starpower by then.

        All this is about timing and it happened that PBY hit her career high much earlier than PHS.

        And PHS dramas like High Society and Hwarang not doing well because of the scriptwriter and not the casts. Even if PBY to be paired with PHS in those High Society and Hwarang, she also could not save the drama from the bad writing.

        So stop being ridiculous by implying that PHS riding on PBY coattail.

      • PBY has Scandal Makers before Wereworld Boy. PBY made history with scandal makers, then wereworld boy, then oh my ghostess, now Do Bong Soon. Its not luck.

        There are many good actors for example kim jae wook in voice recently who never had a spotlight or namgoong min took more than 15 years to lead a hit drama. PHS still in his first few steps in his career.

      • I totally disagree.

        No doubt PBY is good and has the starpower but this is a mix of effort, clever career move and luck. PBY happened to have continuos success thanks to all the above just like Kim Soo Hyun.

        PBY definitely has the starpower to get ppl watching SWDBS but for a female-centric drama, PHS is the one stealing the spotlight and glued ppl to watch. PBY is equally lucky to have PHS as her partner cause the role of AMH could easily be screwed up by other actor and then you can talk and continue your arguement if PBY could still save the drama should the leading man is nowhere as great as PHS.

        What I really don’t like is how your comment implying that SWDBS is a success all because of PBY when both PHS and Ji Soo also bringing in fair shares to draw in the viewers. It’s all teamwork and not just one star. Look at Dots and YFAS. They are big success due to contributions by the OTP.

      • You are not comparing PHS to SHK and JJH, arent you? PHS has no star power yet. And I believe many guys can play AMH but very few can play DBS.

        Again back to my point: Ji Chang Wook need a good actress like PBY: act well and star power.

    • Hey Chi I have to respectfully disagree, PHS actually shines more than the male lead in his last three dramas lol, he acts well even with the likes of Im Ji Yeon, and with PBY in SWDBS they just complement each other because they’re both talented, without both of them IMO their character would probably be annoying, DBS will be like Cha Ro Woon in introverted Boss and Min Hyuk would feel like your bratty chaebol heir, so give props to the two of them.

    • Actually i really admire PHS in DBS. I liked him in hwarang, but i quit watching it on ep 8.

      I got your point. If the male isnt PHS, DBS will be still popular. At first, many people were doubt about the male casts, since both PHS and Jisoo used to take supporting roles in drama. I wont blame your sentiment here.
      If this character was played by SJK, or KSH or Joowon or probably leeminho or kimwoobin, this drama will be still popular. Okay, i will change the example for male actors. Hmm… Siwan? Siwon? Or any other idol-turns-actor.

      BUT, PHS gives a really lovable acting that makes you couldn’t imagine others to play this character. His playful yet caring side is really addictive. His eyes seem like they belong to dbs.
      Everyone has their ‘turnover’ time. Just like park bogum with reply, namgongmin with antagonist character…

      Pby is definitely one talented actress. Her name only could bring rating. But her performance with PHS and Jisoo made it moreeee intriguing to watch.

      Yes, of course i got ur point šŸ˜‰

  2. Love JCW in Healer and K2. HJM was good in Rooftop Prince though. I’ll give a shot to any new projects of JCW unless it’s a train wreck. But charismatic actors have those acting chops to still make themselves watchable even the rest of the dramas is mehhhh. JCW’s early works did not hide any of his flaws and he admitted that. I think he’s one of those actors who gradually built up his strength through lots of mehhh projects and now has a solid resume to show off. He’s getting better and better and therefore among those who I can hold out my expectation. Unlike some internationally famous hallyu stars who had hit dramas in the very beginning of their careers but is getting stale on screen. Don’t want to name these big names…Cough cough…It’s obvious by their recent boring comebacks…LOL

  3. God I hate hjm so much I’ve seen 4 of her shows and hated her acting in all of them I just don’t get how anyone thinks she is good

      • Agree… Han JiMin CANNOT act… and she is soooo lifeless and boring with her acting.

    • She’s good in Padam Padam, and was decent in Rooftop Prince, some people said she’s also very good in her movies even tho I didn’t watch any of them, just give her a chance, at least we didn’t get any mediocre idol actress this time

    • hahaha……fool! i don’t understand why you happen to watch 4 of her shows….that’s foolish! if ever i don’t like an actress i always have no heart to watch her shows she’s in no matter how good the storyline is. what you did is like watching your best enemy to its stardom. hahaha….

  4. So disappointing… I was rooting for JCW & LSK… HJM was so bad in Hyde, Jekyll & Me, I had to quit after ep 6 despite my love for Binnie. She was not too bad in Rooftop Prince, but there were four male actors to entertain the audience with a more engaging storyline… Hope she will turn down this offer ?

    • you’re wish has just been granted girl. I just hope the production will find the best idol. Good luck to all you people. I love JCW and i wish him well in this project. Hope people will stop commenting nonsense to the lead actress in this drama. so bad ….so many people are born to be pessimistic.

  5. Loved to see JCW in a non action drama. Am confident he will do fine in a romantic comedy. Won’t comment on HJM, I saw Hyde,Jekyll & Me and I did not mind her. Maybe I was too mesmerised by Binnie to notice anything or any other actors/actrresses . Ha! Ha!

  6. Hmm I was actually very unimpressed by her in Rooftop Prince and that was back when I was fairly new to kdramas and had no clue who she or PYC were. She just seemed to phone in her performances for most of it. Either way, I hope she and JCW have good chemistry and that they get to work with a good script.

    I can’t wait to see JCW in this!!!

  7. Han Ji Min has a weird visual. Sometimes I find her pretty, but most of the time she looks like a big mouthed ahjumma. A pity LSK rejected the drama… but perhaps she’s tired from doing three dramas and one film last year.

  8. goodluck to the very handsome jcw and hjm too.it is a fresh pairing and i look forward to it.watch han ji min in drama lee san with lee seo jin and tell me that she is not beautiful and talented.

  9. Please cast Yoon Eun Hye for this role. I am not her fan but she is looking for a comeback this year and she certainly shines in rom-com and based on her reputation as “warrior girl” back then, the “taekwondo” element in this drama totally suits her. And she would make a pretty pair with JCW.

  10. Dang. I guess I’m the only one who likes her! Lol. She was amazing in Padam Padam! She really sold me as a cold-hearted woman. And I loved her in Rooftop Prince even though that drama kinda went downhill for me. I won’t say much about Hyde Jekyll and Me because that thing was just a mess from start to finish. Even Binnie couldn’t save it. She’s been doing movies for a while now. I think it’s time for her to come back to the small screen. *fingers crossed* ?

    • I actually haven’t seen her in much. I thought she was fine in HJ&I until the half way point, but I have to admit I think the writer put her character in such a horrible godawful mess of a situation, and she just kind of phoned it in. Hyun Bin, to his credit, gave it his all until the bitter end. Off the top of my head, that’s probably the worst post-military drama situation I have seen an actor face…well,okay, I’m remembering Gong Yoo and Big.

    • I really like Han Ji Min. I don’t understand how people can judge an actor without watching that actor in numerous projects. She can do any genre. She is also an awesome drama and movie actress and doesn’t shy away from difficult characters. People need to realize that what we see on the screen is a combination of script, acting ability, and direction. Watch clips of BTS and see how much influence a director has — the actors are told how and what to do, but the responsibility of success lies most heavily on the director and his demands of the actor. There are actors that I just don’t like, but I will not judge their acting ability unless I see them in multiple projects. Just saying . . . I agree with you and also like Han Ji Min!

  11. Ji Chang Wook can’t carry this drama himself, he needs a strong female lead or someone like Park Min Young. This pair may surprise me yet but as of now, they look dull.

    • I still wonder why pmy is still not an A list actress in Korea. Her last drama, remember war of the son got high rating but she didnt bring any award back home. Even in that drama, she seemed like a supporting character only.

      But she was good in healer. Even that drama wasnt a hit in rating but a hit in online community, especially I-fans.

      Jcw needs a starpower actress. His K2 was good. Not really a hit for tvn’s standard but not bad. Probably, they can cast sooyoung from snsd haha or oh hae yong and dr kim female lead, sorry forget her name. Her last two dramas were hugely successful.

      • Ps : sooyoung casting was just a joke bcuz he once acted alongside yoona from snsd too šŸ˜€

      • I find JCW a mediocre actor. He’s been in the industry for quite some time yet he hasn’t any acting breakthrough. In a way, his acting standard is kind of like Lee Min Ho except LMH is a lot more popular and successful. Both are good looking, likable and do well in romance or comedies.They just aren’t good actors.

        This is why I said he needs a strong actress or Park Min Young who has always played very well opposite her co-stars. I can’t really pin point why PMY isn’t more successful but she isn’t exactly a very good actress or rather she hasn’t yet a role which makes her famous or a challenging one which will win her awards.

      • @D, Idk how you judge an actor to be mediocre. To me, that’s personal preference. You’re only speaking for yourself. Some good actors in your definition may be pretty boring for me and others to watch on screen. Performing art isn’t just about some hard coded “skills”. Charisma is an essential element. To me and many fans of JCW, he’s charismatic in Healer and K2. I can’t imagine any other actors to exude the same aura in his roles. To this point, I don’t think he’s mediocre.

      • @D : haha, i like JCW. i’ve watched him in many dramas, but honestly, i just havent impressed with his comical-side in comedy. when he tried to act silly or comedy, his expression was just like… being idiot. like, acting to be idiot. it happened in healer and then, the same acting in some of K2 scenes. no offense JCW fans. i like him. he was so good in action and my fave is him being an antagonist. i just wish that he tries a new character.
        in comedy drama, i think, LMH is better than JCW. his acting in Blue sea was good enough. i’ve watched that drama for him, not for JJH (I was bored to hell seeing her Song Yi 2.0).

        but of course, jcw is luckier than jung kyungho. i feel bad for him. he hasnt had any hit drama yet. at least jcw has healer, empress ki and k2 on his belt.

        well, i just hope, fans of the actors i mention wont bash me. i didnt bash your fave, just an opinion after watching their performances. šŸ˜€

      • @Drama2017 Yes, it’s my personal opinion and preference. We all judge an actor’s acting ability in one way or another, don’t we?

        I can see why and how JCW’s fans and you find him charismatic and able. But I just don’t.

        We can at least agree to disagree?

        @Yui I prefer JCW in comedy than action. To be fair, not many of these young actors are very good in action. They lack a certain edginess and badass to pull it off. Still, JCW is better than LMH in action, he has the body and the moves but lack the killer glint in his eyes. LMH on the other hand…better not to say here.

        About JCW’s expressions looking like an idiot, I’ve never thought it that way. I think I may know what you mean. I just find him cute as a dork so I don’t mind it much.

        Sad about Jung Kyung Ho. Missing 9 was terrible. He should be doing much better than this.

      • @Yui, LMH has been so predictable since the Heirs. He lost all his appeal to me in TLOTBS. LMH and JJH are dang boring in that overhyped drama. LOL. I still think all our preference is based upon our own personal taste, nothing really to do with if they’re good or not from objective points of view.

  12. WOW! There are a lot of comment babbling about Han Ji Min’s performance in Hyde, Jekyll, and Me, which was a total failure because of the script, but no one bats an eye on her performance on Yi San. WOW. -_-

  13. I’m glad LSK has declined. She’s still a novice and may not carry well in this drama with my beloved Ji Chang Wook. Love him in Healer! K2 where Ji Chang Wooks role was great but slightly marred by amateur acting from a long time in the industry Yoona. Yoona failed to spark a good rapport and chemistry the way Park Min Young who did it so well with Ji Chang Wook in Healer.
    And I hope Han Ji Min confirms for this new drama. She’s a seasoned actor and anytime better than LSK and Yoona. I also truly wish that Ji Chang Wook gets a blockbuster drama before enlisting for military

  14. I wondered why there were so many comments in this thread and then realized half of them were about PHS. LMAO. I’m glad both my favorite actors JCW and PHS have created so much buzz together. LOL

  15. Wow, Han ji min is in another drama offer.
    But the storyline is sort of typical kdrama style.
    Sigh, I wish this drama will give to han ji min good luck. I surprised most of the famaus kdramas are just stupid( sorry). Although they are massive succeesful. Hope as much as I love my actress it brings great good luck to drama. šŸ™‚

  16. I know this article was not about PHS but that some of you heifers are seriously not trying hype this little elf up like he is some great actor. Give me a damn break any actor with any decent acting skill can say some cheesy lines and look at the lead actress with adoring eyes, so PHS is not award winning by any standards. Get back to me when he can stand toe to toe with any veteran actor and actress and hold his own until then please sit all the way down and have several seats in the stfu corner.

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