Park Shin Hye is a Radiant Beauty at Swarovski Event Collaborating with New Beauty and the Beast Movie

There is definitely a beauty at last week’s Swarovski event promoting the new live action Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, all that’s missing is a beastly man to pair with Park Shin Hye to complete the tableau. Park Shin Hye has been the face of Swarovski jewelry in Korea for a few years now, a very suitable collaboration since the crystal delicate pieces suit her youthful image and also is more affordable for her fan base than diamonds and pearls. The new Swarovski line for the movie is of course the magical rose that counts down the fate of the Beast in either remaining in beast form or finding a love that breaks the spell. I love Park Shin Hye’s white blouse with black and white patterned skirt, the volume doesn’t make her look large because it’s fitted but adds a bit of bounce to make the look fresh.


Park Shin Hye is a Radiant Beauty at Swarovski Event Collaborating with New Beauty and the Beast Movie — 22 Comments

  1. Park Shin Hye would make the perfect Belle if there is a Korean version. And she should be paired with Ok Taecyeon as Beast hehe.

  2. I’m sorry but psh always dresses so boring. Such a beautiful girl. She have access to all famous designers and tons of money and yet.. Maybe that’s just her own taste.

  3. Park Shin Hye looks classy and beautiful! Her sense of style might not be everyone’s taste but with her beautiful features she doesn’t need to dress funky. She looks like a princess.

    • Dressing her age showing her butt and bobbies, looking like she is advertising a bordel, men’s only club, or specialize massage for gentlemen? That is your sense of style?She is a lady, and dresses accordingly with the occasion, always elegant, classy, candy to anyone, with taste, eyes, across the generations. Most important she knows how to do her job well, to not overshadow the merchandise or companies, or events she is representing. Reason why many highly qualified companies and the most expensive brands multinational and international wants her to represent their companies, merchandises, and host their events, not only in Asia but around the World, because they know for sure they will be well represented, no vulgarity.
      She attracts people in general for her genuine positive strong aura and beautiful in and out person.

      • Ok.. I don’t get the complaints that she gets in like 70% of her articles on koalasplayground about her dressing style. Sure, her fashion isn’t always on point. I actually thing that that the design of her skirt isn’t doing her much favor. She obviously doesn’t want to dress like a teen princess, and stylist also do play a big role in her dress, hair and make up in official events.
        But.. @scar99, how is dressing younger equal to showing butt and boobies? You can dress younger and still not look like an attention seeker, right? She has worn a lot of open back dresses and dresses that show her décolleté more prominently and still looked classy right?
        And lastly, I really like Dolce&Gabbana dresses on her, they suit her classy and mature aura so well.

  4. That skirt is awful. The length does nothing but make her look frumpy. Honestly few Asians can pull off these length type skirts. I can only think of the statuesque Choi Ji Woo maybe. Psh is young and fresh but she never seems to want to play up on this

    • Photos don’t do her justice.. I’ve seen her and she is way prettier than in pictures.You can also see that in 3MAD she is beautiful without makeup and simple attire. If you still don’t think she is pretty, than it’s just matter of tastes I guess?

  5. She has a kind face to me and I believe she is too by the way other actors and people behind the scenes react to her. One can tell they all love her….she probably has the most friendship developed after her projects. She is just beautiful and gorgeous in that new Mamonde CF they released, love to see her dancing. No fancy make up or costume but looked sexy as heck by the way she dances, Graceful and natural. I still think she looked the best when doing chores like in 3MAD,just getting up from bed and washing her face, one of my fav photos and image.

  6. @Gilgit, do you believe it will be appropriate to have an open back dress for the occasion? (Lol). I am saying again, Park Shin Hye always dresses appropriate for the occasion. Stay focus.

    • I don’t care lol
      I can’t with some fans who are babying an adult woman. She can dress whatever she wants and do whatever she wants. She and her management are wise enough to know how to dress in official events as a brand ambassador. I’m just fed up with some the comments saying that she should dress in this or that way, because the truth is that there’ll always be someone who will still be dissatisfied with her dress of choice.
      And you need to read my original comment more carefully because I never said that she should wear an open back dress in that event. I said it’s wrong to equate age appropriate dressing to show ’butt and boobies’ as your prude comments suggested.

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