New K-star Couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin Confirm Dating Relationship

2017 really is the year of K-ent star romances, after TW-ent stole the thunder in 2016 with a slew of high profile celebrity marriages. Another couple has come out of the wood works and it’s none other than previously rumored couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin. The media reported back in 2015 that they were dating after meeting on the drama Joseon Gunman but both sides denied it at that time. Flash forward two years later to now and this time Dispatch sent it’s squad to snap pictures of the two going out on dates near Jeon Hye Bin’s home. Lee Jun Ki’s agency Namoo Actors swiftly confirmed the relationship and explained the back in 2015 the two were still friends after working on the drama and it wasn’t until 2016 that it turned romantic and they started dating. Whatevers, that sounds like a plausible cover except it’s totally obvious they were dating since the beginning but just didn’t want to be open about it. Congrats to Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin!

Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin can totally follow in Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young‘s footsteps, as the latter couple met on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me except he was the male lead and she the crazy second female lead and yet they are the ones with the Hallyu drama happy ending in real life. Lee Jun Ki’s female lead in Joseon Gunman Nam Sang Mi is now happily married in real life so it’s onward to wedding bells watch hoping Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin also find their own happily ever after with each other.


New K-star Couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin Confirm Dating Relationship — 94 Comments

  1. It’s weird for him to take part in my Ear Candy if he’s already attached. My grouse is that in the program, he led the program with romantic overtones and gave viewers the misconception that he may choose to pursue the relationship offline. There was even supposed to be a special episode on his segment but cancelled it after the dating news broke out. I’m happy for him although I don’t like the pairing but who am I to judge. Although I adore him, it just left a bad taste.

    • Exactly.actors should be more cautious of their image or what they’re trying to convey to the fans. Also they have a larger fan following, why lead people on with false assumptions?

    • Yes! He totally misled us when he appeared on the tv show, giving every impression that he is single and looking for a partner! I wonder how his girlfriend feels watching the show My Ear Candy. As he said he wasn’t given any rom com drama roles, My Ear Candy could be one such role for him. All I can say is, he knows how to create/make news. As a ljk fangirl, I can’t help but feel a little betrayed. I can differentiate between him as an actor and him as a normal person who wants to date, but not if he chooses to appear on a tv show My Ear Candy with its overly romantic overtones that totally feed fangirls’ fantasies of him as the perfect boyfriend.

      • Not that I am trying to blindly defend him but I believe Jeon Hye Bin surely is aware and made known of his appearance in My Ear’s Candy. I don’t think he blindsided her at all. And the program is in fact scripted. We do not know what happened behind the camera. He was obviously flirting but given his nature, we all also know that he is very playful and flirtatious. And his candy, PMY also played along and not that she expected herself to fall in love in a reality tv show. LJK and PMY played their parts very well and probably, their segment is the one with the most hype because they played their parts very well unlike the rest of the other couples. And LJK is always a no-hold-bar person, always ended up to appear too direct to some.

    • It’s reality tv, the ‘reality’ in the title is the only real part in it. Its scripted, why would it be misleading. If fans read too much into it, its probably because he is an actor and a fairly good one at that.

      • I didn’t know it was completely fictional and scripted. I thought he was single and looking.

      • Its the same format as Kardashians. They give you scenarios and the overall tone to convey and the actors play it out. The whole European setting screams scripted TV to me. I can’t believe people bought it for real. Probably because both Joon Ki and PMY are wonderful actors.

  2. I’m happy for both of him but jealous of her. Why couldn’t be me? Sigh *hide delusional fan girl mode*

    I wish them all the best!!!! It’s funny how the second lead got the guy in both cases.

  3. No surprise. rumour was spread a long time ago. They denied now they confirm. It’s normal for a guy of his age being in a Relationship. But i can understand some reactions of his fans who felt betrayed… It seems from what i read that he was complaining about how it was hard to be alone and was in a tv show for single celebrities… my meaning is : why put all this show when you’re dating someone ?

    • yap.. I think that too, well well I am happy for them but can not erase this feeling like being cheated or being deceived. hmm.. I don’t know.

  4. Has he always been the flirtatious type around his co-stars?

    He is a great actor in my books, but I don’t know his real personality that well. I did notice however, that he was being very flirty around Zhou Dong-yu. I watched some of their press conference clips, and he “acted” like he was very into her. For example, when she told the reporters that she likes masculine guys, he replied that he will train muscles for her. Also, didn’t he “flirt” with IU as well during SBS’ Year-end festival? Saying that he enjoys seeing her when he is drunk (? something along those lines..).

    I don’t know.. It’s a bit iffy if he acts like that when he has a girlfriend/is in a relationship. Not sure if he is just trying to be playful, to joke around or simply because he is cheesy..?

    • I think he’s more like that post military with Shin Min Ah (from Arang & The Magistrate) saying that no other actor had been so forthcoming/friendly so quickly. I think some of the “flirty” in front of the cameras is just him doing a job and joking around.

  5. “it’s totally obvious they’ve been dating since the beginning” Thanks for keeping it real @ockoala because of course they have been. I’m happy for them and wish them the best though I’ve pretty much assumed they were together since they were first outed years ago.

    I’ve only seen a bit of Ear Candy, and it seems very staged especially with it being shot in Europe. It is no more “reality” than all those fake marriage shows. I actually think Dispatch has overall done a favor for Korean actors and singers by outing a lot of dating relationships because it has basically normalized what is normal dating behavior instead of allowing management companies to push some odd celibate “he can be yours” style delusion. Having said that, I do wish they’d done LJG a favor and waited a month or so past the airing of Ear Candy to give him a little breathing room.

    • I would think that nowadays people are enough smart to know that people date, even if they are celebrities. But apparently a lot of people still thinking that the prince of “Sleepng beauty” still exist ! I think that Dispatch knows a lot of dating relationships but they only reveal what they want when they want ! Money rules the world if you get what i mean!

      • Heard that Dispatch change strategy. They’ll release the news provided that they obtain consent from both parties becoz they want to maintain a better relationship with the artists so I think they both agree to reveal.

  6. he did what he did because he want to have it both ways.he wants to enjoy having a girlfriend and also enjoy the perks of portraying a lonely and perfect oppa to his numerous fangirls.dispatch decided enough is enough and came up with proof to force him to confess the truth.
    anyway congrats to them and i am particularly glad for jeon hye bin.she is a classic beauty and i always thought she deserve to be the main lead in dramas instead of supporting.

  7. Wasn’t JHB the main lead in the drama with Jang Hyuk and the other girl – forgot her name but I can picture her in my head. Was that JHB – her character was quite powerful even though she doesn’t get the guy.

    Anyhow – I like LJK as an actor – but I not a real fan or anything. I figured when they were outed in 2015 with those rumors, it’d only be a matter of time before they’d have to admit it. 2 years – that’s a good period of time to go without having to be forced to publically acknowledge it.

    Wishing them the best – hope it turns into wedding bells hehe =)

  8. I truly never understand the backlash that he is receiving over this dating confirmation and his appearance in My Ear’s Candy.

    This is 2017 and I can’t believe that people actually still believe reality tv show is “reality”.

    He is an actor. He played his part well. Park Min Young also did a good job. They both captivated the viewers because they were in characters instead of themselves to suit the theme of the program even though it is a “reality” tv show.

    And LJK has stated back then that he would say that he does not has a gf even when he has one because he choose to date discreetly and protect his privacy.

    Do ones actually think he would be so daring to flirt with those actresses openly if he genuinely has romantic feelings for them? Just look at how low-key his romance is with JHB? I don’t think that he would want the relationship to be made public until they were caught by Dispatch. Plus, I believe he finally ready to confirm the romance because they have been dating steadily for 2 years and may be he could see himself actually marrying JHB.

    Anyway, congrats to my beloved actor. To LJK….You deserve every rights to be happy. At the end of the day, you can’t live your life to feed on other people’s fantasies.

  9. Congrats! Not a fan of either but they are mature adults and in a healthy relationship. This incident reminds of the longest reigning bachelor idol in HK – Andy Lau. He didn’t admit his romance until 24 years later and was married. Many fan girls hearts were broken and felt betrayed. They seem to think as long as he didn’t admit then they can continue to dream. Andy was smart though, he had many reporters on his side so they made a pact to not ‘out him’. LJK must have had a few enemies in the Dispatch reporting office. Let’s see which favourite Oppa is next? I want to know Song Jong Ki.

    • Hehe… I was one of those – as in long time loyal fan of Andy since I was a little kid and I still find it very hard to believe that all those fellow fans would actually think that he was single all those years. I mean really?? I thought the rumor was true even when I was a teenager. The rumor with his longtime GF/now wife has been going on for years and years at that time. I remember reading many a newspaper articles even back in the mid 90s. Maybe I am just too practical of a person.

  10. Congrats. I am very happy for him and JHB. As a fan, I have seen this coming as they have been rumoured together since 2015 and so it was only a matter of time before they were outed. I am aware that he received serious backlash due to his appearance in MEC. Ill-timing it is but that show is fictional in a so-called reality tv show concept whereas this is his personal life. His image is not favourable in Korea at the moment but it’s not like he committed big crime or sin ie. sex scandal as what happened to so many actors last year. Eventually, he will get passed this negative sentiments and I am wishing him happiness.

  11. Congrats to them and I hope they get married! I bet his parents have been dropping hints for years haha. JHB looks so different in photos that I didn’t recognize her at all at first. They do not do her justice. She was very pretty in Oh Hae Young again and they are a stunning couple.

    Regarding his stint on Ear Candy, it was definitely a risky move (and IMO not a very wise one) to take the interaction from both sides in a more romantic direction but of course it was probably agreed upon by all parties beforehand.

    Also, it seems that Dispatch broke the news and they had to confirm it? The timing is really weird but I think Korean tabloid higher ups don’t like it when actors act sort of lovey-dovey on Variety shows and then experience their pairing become popular all while dating another person. The Fact did something similar to Kim So Eun when she and Song Jae Rim were super popular on WGM.

    Anyway, people will get over it especially if they eventually get married. Ear Candy was only on for a very short time and he was able to showcase his romantic acting chops. Ok what am I saying, it will proably take much, much longer for many IU & LJK shippers to get over it!

    • At the moment, people are actually angry on Park Min Young’s behalf. LJK-IU shippers were mad when he flirted with PMY on MEC that they hounded him on IG. Then, he pulled on the biggest surprise when he confirmed that he actually dated none of those ladies. LOL.

      I get mad at those who could not differentiate the fine lines between reality and fan-service. Do they actually think PMY is a fool to genuinely fall in love with LJK over a 2 days phone conversation? Do they actually think IU actually cheated on her ex-bf and moved on so fast with LJK along the way? And now they are angry because he is not fulfilling their fantasies.

      Let’s not forget that he is an actor and an entertainer. All those persona is to divert the attention from his personal life and real romance.

      • I think it’s not an issue of not being to differentiate between reality and fanservice. The program could be fully scripted or semi scripted but the point of the show is that both parties are to be single in order to convince viewers the potential romantic aspects of LJK and PMY. It doesn’t matter whether they really like each other for real or just for the program. He could have participated in other variety programs that doesn’t compromise his personal life.

        Don’t get me wrong. I applaud popular celebrities who date, and even publicly despite the backlash they may get. Just look at Ji Sung and Bo Young. It just leaves a bad taste to “pretend” to be single, and or “pretend” to be interested in someone. Although it may be for the screen only, it is not called “reality program” for nothing. For all we know, PMY may be fluttered as she may not know he is already attached. That’s why co-stars fall in love on set all the time. It’s just bad timing to have Dispatch outing them immediately after the telecast.

      • I understand what you meant. But basically, most K-actors out there are pretending to be single (though they are some that are genuinely single). May be in the case of LJK, he took it too far by appearing in MEC. One, for the reason that he least expected to be outed this quick and secondly, he is probably less sensitive to what the public deemed to be a perfect image of a K-star. To him, appearing on that show probably is just to have fun and venture into new territory since he rarely do variety as well as to show a different side of him.
        I can’t speak on PMY’s behalf but seriously, when she signed up for that show, she knows exactly what to be thrown on her plate. She is for sure, mentally prepared for all those flirting and that is why I said, she could probably tagged along with the game that LJK played and they both are great actors and happened to have good chemistry. I doubt that she genuinely affected by those fictional flirting.

  12. congratulations for “new” couple! ^^

    this is also good news for IU.. the news she broken up with her past boy friend was not because she had side-relation with LJK, cause in reality he already has a girlfriend, now has prove..

  13. Congratulations LJK! You are 30+ year old adult you should have the right to date whoever you want. And be in a relationship with whoever you want! Enjoy your “couple” life!!! Good Luck and Be Happy!!!

  14. LOl I saw some Dramabeans’regulars here?

    Anyway congrats to this couple. I smell wedding news, maybe this year or next year ?? fans and shippers, take time to move on and be happy for your oppa!

  15. I got to take my hat off to Lee Jun Ki. He’s so capable of running his own publicity and hype that it puts some agencies to shame.

    I’ve always wondered why he joined a cast filled with hallyu youngsters 10 years or more younger than him in MLSHR. I guess he wanted to get back the fame and popularity he enjoyed before. Although MLSHR tanked in ratings, he was rewarded with new found fans overseas and popularity. It got him the hype which Joseon Gunman and Arang could not.

    Since many hallyu stars build their fame in iconic roles playing a romantic hero, LJk must have intended to capitalize on this new image. Otherwise why did he encourage fans to ship him and IU? It is part and parcel of business to act as lovey dovey with your co-star behind the scenes during film making or promotion. However, I don’t think I have seen any other actor who continues it after the drama ends.

    It’s the same with him declaring his single status and talk about being lonely. Why? So that it’s easier to romantically link him with his co-star, fantasize and drive up hype on the project. I think most actors who are in a relationship just deny that they are dating but they don’t go an extra mile to emphasize their singlehood or cry loneliness.

    I see his appearance on MEC as a calculated move to showcase his ability to act a romantic hero. It’s a call to PDs and industry to cast him in romance.

    I’d have pat him on the back for a job well done except that he either forgot the existence of Dispatch or ran out of luck. When one has been dating for 2 years without being officially outed, I guess he thought his luck will continue.

    Fans and shippers should not cry foul. The signs are all there but they just chose to ignore them. There are many showbiz couples who met each other on set but which one has openly flirted or make love declarations for all to see? Most of all, showbiz is business.

    • There was. Ji Hyun Woo made a public confession to Yoo In Ahh during Queen InHyun’s Man. She even accepted him after debating for a week and actually dated for a while.

    • So many assumptions & misconceptions.

      Why he joined MLSHR? It was an awesome story based on an awesome novel. And Wang So is an awesome role. And the reason given was he wanted to work with the director, KimKT, who is quite famous btw. Unfortunately, the director, writer, editor etc. messed it up. A cast filled with Hallyu youngsters? The main leads were LJG, IU, Kang Haneul, HongJH, only LJG & IU can be considered as Hallyu. Or are you referring to BaekHyun who played a minor supporting role? In case you didn’t realise, Director Kim always have idols cast in his dramas, so extrapolating your reasoning, JoIS & GongHJ joined IOIL because of DO and JoIS & SHK joined TWTWB because of Eunji?

      And when did he encourage fans to ship him and IU? When did he act lovey dovey with IU? I would really like to know.

    • I don’t understand what is wrong with him wanting to be popular again? I bet a lot of actors wanting that as well, not only him.

      And what is wrong with him wanting to play romantic hero? So other actors like Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho could do so but not LJK?

      I have no issue with whatever your impression is on him being OTT flirty, how low u think his marketing strategy is or whatever since that is your rights, I can’t dictate others way of thinking but I could not register in why you have problems with LJK wanting to be popular again or wanting to play iconic romantic hero?

      And btw, he along with Kang Ha Neul was the first ones to be casted in Moon Lovers before the PD secured the rest of the young actors and idols. So, it is totally baseless when you commented that he joined in the pool of young actors with the intention of riding on their fame. He admitted that he wanted to do K-BBJX because the original was popular in China and so what is wrong with wanting to become popular???? Any explanation?

      • Where did I say it’s wrong that he wants to be popular or play iconic romantic hero? I just said that I think he wants to regain his popularity and probably sees playing a romantic hero as the vehicle.

        About the order of casting, do you think it was planned in the chronological order as the announcement? Leads are usually announced first followed by the secondary roles although the secondary roles may be cast even before the leads confirm. I actually believed someone like Lee Jun Ki would have prior knowledge about the direction of the drama, who’s going to be cast as his co-star and others because he’s the top star among them. I cannot imagine him signing up and suddenly realize he is going to be in a teletubby version of Scarlet Heart instead of leading a solid saeguk cast filled with real actors.

        By the way, although I don’t approve his methods, I am genuinely impressed with his marketing endeavors. I can’t deny he is the most hardworking actor in this aspect.

  16. I have watched MEC since season 1, and it is NOT a couple pairing show at all! Two of the Candies from season 1 were MARRIED men, one of them were paired with an actor from Reply 1988. At least three artistes appearing on the program were paired with more than 1 Candy.

    So I cannot understand why people expect it to work like WGM.

  17. it is kinda of low of him to appear in My ear is candy. WTF. They really should cast single men and women in the show. Becoz chatting and flirting for one day is same as cheating. It doesnt have to be reach physically to cheat.

    • They even cast married men in Season 1! And one “couple” was 2 men! So were these married men cheating? I guess you didn’t realise that the concept of MEC is quite different from WGM, LOL!

  18. Congratulations. Feel happy that he is in a healthy and loving relationship. Hope they will last and make it all the way.
    I see a lot are taking advantage of the MEC saga to bash him. Who the heck care? And My Ear Candy is a program with “romance” theme but not a dating show. He can go all out with his fan-servicing with however he wanted so long it is legal and he is free to choose to become popular again. Why not?
    And those participants in this saga are not that innocent to not know and they actually tagged along with the ride. They are celebrities. They don’t have to reveal everything and to tell exactly every details of their moves and personal lives.
    It is always a secret to the public but indeed an open secret within their own circle.

  19. Congrats to the wonderful couple! Whoever they are as a couple, I would encourage and wish that they stay together despite:-
    1) bad rumors : constantly hounded by media that are most happy and mean to deliver bad rumors
    2) no time to date: heavy schedules of work
    3) no place to date: the only place is at home
    4) no freedom to live as couples where they could freely fight, argue, cry, laugh and love together

    No wonder, the break up so easily

    That’s why I would congratulate and wish for every couple to stay together and love together for a long time

  20. I think people also misundestood him when he said he feels lonely. You know those people that are always around crowds they feel lonely once they are alone they constanly need company, not neccessarily meaning they don’t have anyone. I have a feeling that there is more to this story bcz the timing is just off. Maybe someone who wants to sabotage him?? He is really doing great right now then this… Well I’m looking forward to hisnew project. This must be hard on JoonGi, I feel bad for him……

    • How many ways do you want to read ‘lonely’? If it wasn’t a lie then I would say it is very insulting to his girlfriend. It insinuates that despite having a significant other in his life, he still feels emptiness and loneliness. This can happen to couple but there is no need to tell the world that you are lonely even though you have a girlfriend because she is not filling that void.

      About the timing, maybe Dispatch managed to get clearer photos only now? Or they were waiting for the perfect opportunity and despite people saying that My Ear Candy has no romantic overtures, Dispatch must know better.

      • LJK is always known to be OTT with the fan-service. His longtime fans have not much problem about that. He had no problem flirting with Shin Min Ah back during those Arang days, except people did not pay that much attention. Problem is that he acquired many new fans thru Moon Lovers and they tend to interpret his facade on the extreme side.

        It’s a matter whether ones feel the need to take whatever he sold outside of acting rather seriously or not?

        People said they have been played by him. Obviously, almost all the participants in MEC playing with audiences feeling to give the vibe that there is soul-connection thru that phone conversation. This program is trying to sell this idea. It’s either fortunate or unfortunate enough that LJK and PMY happened to have the sizzling chemistry that people bought the idea of a possible romance.

      • @Emilie

        I don’t know about Lee Jun Ki with Shin Min Ah or any of his previous co-stars. Generally I find shippers deluded but in the case of LJK and IU, I can see why they ship them both so much. The things they said he did come across as overboard. I don’t follow them but just catching up on the disgruntlement. If the purported incidents really happened, then his displays of affections are very extravagant. Maybe LJK likes to horse around including giving impression that he’s in love with IU. Sadly, no one is amused.

      • @D, Can you please elaborate on what are the incidents that gave the impression that he’s in love with IU? From what I know, IU was attached until very recently, and when dating rumours sprung up after her break-up, LJG’s side squashed these rumours immediately.

      • @Jan

        Go read soompi shipper thread.

        I’m also aware that IU announced her breakup recently and LJK was rumored to be the 3rd party. I didn’t think much about that because these kind of rumors happen so often. I am not siding the shippers who always try to see more than they should, however in this instance, they were given fuel to fire their imagination.

        We can call shippers deluded and fans silly for not being able to distinguish real life and acting. Still, I question what is the purpose of acting something you are not when there is no necessity?

      • @D
        He was less extravagant with the flirtin for his other dramas because they did not acquire the same level of attention that Moon Lovers received, plus the genre were not even romance to begin with.

        Those Taiwan FM’s appearance and SAF ceremony were purely intended as fan-service and IU played along, didn’t she? In fact, IU was the one who initiated his guesting at her concert and returned the same favor in his Taiwan FM. And LJK was the one who first agreed to attend SAF, only after that IU decided to make joint appearance.

        And back during the Taiwan FM, Moon Lovers were still airing in few other neighboring countries. They are aware the support came from international fans and they gave what the viewers wanted.

        So, it is unfair to blame him for being flirty when the partner was a willing participant. The same case with PMY, she signed up for MEC being fully aware of the possible heavy flirting while in fact,they ended the phone flirting with a total long lost friends reunion kinda vibe.

        My take is that, the public are just too obsessed with the notion that they can dictate with how he should conduct himself and live his life.

  21. Why do people’s comprehension skills always take a leave of absence when they are online? I have seen many people actually clarifying that My Ear’s Candy is NOT a dating show. It is NOT We Got Married! Participants in season 1 have either spoke with multiple persons (don’t tell me Jang Geun Suk is expected to date all of the ladies) or they themselves are NOT single! As far as I know, Lee Joon Gi and Park Min Young have been in the industry for a LONG time and as adults over 30 they know damn well what they sign up for and no one’s being ‘played’ here except for viewers who couldn’t even tell SCRIPT apart from FACTS, one of which very clearly says MEC is for anonymous people to speak with each other over the phone! Does anyone really think his participation in MEC was done without JHB knowing?

    One more thing, since when is ‘lonely’ equivalent to ‘single’? Like really, did Oxford update its dictionary while I was not looking? You can be dating, or married, or single and feel lonely. How many celebrities are then that broke up because they don’t have the time or space to spend with each other? His ‘lonely’ might have been during one of the time she needs to film extensively or something. As far as I know, these thing come and pass far too often between couples, especially since the guy is super extroverted. Nobody knows, so who are people to blame him for YOUR OWN interpretation?

    Anw, congrats LJG and JHB! I really love their interaction in Joseon Gunman! (and many atimes guiltily wished she could be the main lead on that show hehe …)

    • Well said. Whatever the image that he wanted to sell to the public…in this case is that lonely single bachelor, I seriously feel one should accept it at face value. Celebrities tend to do that to divert attention from the real thing.

      And with regard to those accusing him of being disrespectful to JHB by proclaiming he is lonely, I believe she also knows of this whole “lonely” thing. She does not mind and that is why their relationship can last this long. Judging from her personality, she seems the kind to prefer their relationship to be kept under radar. And she is the one who knows LJK as a person while the public only know him as an actor, a celebrity.

  22. So happy for them. A Match made in Heaven. She should have been his leading lady in Joseon Gunman. Their chemistry there was fabulous.

  23. IU LJK crazy dumb fan an sux nut LJK never even like that kid IU he need real woman not a kid who shake butt to get her uncle fan to buy her stuff. LMH is only after suzy young thing once he have enough he gone. PYC luck out on getting young actress only a gold igger will even want to date him. well h still have those razy fan of him so they might let him do them for free.

  24. I forgot to wish him congrats!!! So happy for him. I can sense marriage already?.

    And now Kang Gary of Running Man has announced that he has married secretly. So, those flirting with Song Ji Hyo on RM? Are the public going to play victims and said that they were being “played” again??? RM is a reality tv show. So why should he flirted with SJH when he already had a gf?

    See, celebs played their part even in reality tv. That is why reality tv is not even real. This is obvious example coming from LJK and RM Gary.

    Oh…to Gary….congrats?

    • Did Kang Gary paint himself as a lonely, single man the entire time and then blatantly and intensely flirt with SJH nonstop?

      I haven’t confirmed the info but supposedly TVN have said they didn’t know LJK was in a relationship while he did all this. If it’s true, then I’d personally be very reluctant to defend him. There’s nothing wrong with fanservice and trying to show a different side of his acting skills but but it seems he went about it all wrong.

      • On MEC, LJG SAYS he sometimes feels lonely, fans THINK that means single. While the two may be linked, they are in no way SYNONYMOUS. Please, if you can give me proof that all lonely men are automatically single, I can gladly accept your conjecture.

        Re:TVN, well frankly, he has every right to hide the relationship. MEC is NOT We Got Married, as far as I know there are no rules saying participants have to be single. In season 1 there were guests that were married! Both JHB and LJG seem to be secretive people, the decision to keep it hidden could be mutual.

        Also, I dont get why do you need to care about him flirting ONSCREEN if his real girlfriend hasn’t said anything about it? Don’t you think we should stay out of other people’s relationship? And if your concern was for PMY who supposedly got ‘played’ by LJG, well, do you honestly think people can fall in love in front of CAMERAS? Or PMY, a 31-yo adult woman, enter MEC expecting to look for a boyfriend?

  25. Hmm I read that TVN released a statement that they didn’t know he was a relationship (anyone know if this is TRUE? ) so that means he might have lied to everyone on the show including PMY. I don’t know if I can defend him now because it seems he really went about this the wrong way.

    This show is quite different from WGM because they aren’t on there expected to ACT all lovey dovey for cameras. EC is just about forming bonds, not necessarily dating. LJK went so far out the way to act very romantic from the beginning and telling from PMY’s reaction when they finally meet she really did get attached to him. I hope she was acting for her own peace of mind but she really seemed genuine.

    • Well I would think the pertinent point would be did they even bother to ask him. They could be saying they didn’t know, but it’s not a lie unless he specifically denied dating someone.

      PMY has been in the entertainment industry a long time and I expect shw knows the reality of “reality” tv. I’ve watched part of Ear Candy (it’s just not my cup of tea so I am not planning on finishing it) and I think she thought he was kind of slow for not grasping where she was filming. I’ve always wanted those two in a drama and still do, but for all we know she’s dating someone right now as well.

      It’s also hard for me to believe a lot of people didn’t know about them. I mean they got busted before, and I always thought this was one of those open secrets in k-dramaland. I do think LJG should have thought doing this show through a bit more especially with Criminal Minds going into production.

    • Park Min Young is not a child, she is an actress well aware of hoe kent works. And TVN probably didn’t even ask about his relationship status so he didn’t lie. And for the love of God, PMY may just be dating someone right now. This is ridiculous to call somebody to be dishonest by choosing some make believe reality tv fan service as legitimate base for doing so. Who falls in love over a phone call when cameras sorround you??

    • This is exactly why I think viewers could hardly distinguish the fine line between reality and fake reality.

      I don’t know who in the right mind could have his/her heart flutter when flirting with someone while being aware that he/she had camera recording every of the flirtatious banter for the world to see? This is not the same like on-set romance where the flirtation between co-actors happened off-camera.

      Even in the last scene when they actually met in Venice, PMY was directed by a member of the production crew to walk this way and that way just to give the effect that they wanted. Even in “reality tv”, almost everything was directed. She could have acted out like she was genuinely touched. How is that she could fell in love knowing the other party was also being directed to act they way she did even if the show selling itself as “reality tv”???

      Sure, he could have kept it a secret that he is dating someone. Probably, there was no requirement for him to reveal his dating status either and the production of MEC also never bothered to ask. We never knew what happened behind the camera. They could have been directed to do what they were doing, we will never know.

  26. Well i guess we can all agree in one point. All actors in interviews say that they want to meet someone understanding, kind,bablabla… And they always end up dating a goddess. Right ? But i think that it’s understable since who can understand them more than one person working in the same industry.

    • are you implying JHB is a “goddess”? Hmmm… I have doubts about this… I think LJK’s star level is more than 10 times greater than JHB. JHB is just a regular actress, always a second lead. I don’t think she will advance anymore in her career now that she is linked with him, it is better for her to support him behind the spotlight. I am truly happy for them – sincerely!

  27. Hhhhhmmm, interesting interpretations of this news story.

    Imo, LJK and his PR team were on a roll after the success and resurgence of his popularity following Scarlett Heart. Not to sound too disrepectful, he’s a fame w….. Fame is like a drug, it is highly addictive!! Make the most of the limelight when it is on you.

    I believe when he took on my ear candy, it was another project and im sure Jhb was fully aware of this. However, i dont believe they bargained for the fans reactions to the project nor how it affected Jhb.

    Whilst MEC Is reality tv. It contains more reality than SHR. I suspect Mec affected JHB more than they had envisioned. Whilst they are both actors and professionals. Imagine seeing your partner talking intimately to another female, flirting and generally speaking and behaving like he is single. Painful!! It must have hit a nerve and affected her and people close to her more than expected.

    Therefore, LJK is now willing to openly admit and confirm they have been in a 2 year relationship.

    As a fan, i would have preferred he did not appear on Mec. But he took on the opportunity which he thought was right at the time.

    Finally, as a female fan, am really glad he’s dating a female….was getting a little worried there…
    These are my personal opinions only, not meant to be offensive in any way.

    • I think there is no proof whatsoever that JHB was affected by MEC. He didn’t initiate the ‘coming out’ of the relationship, it was exposed by paparazzi so there is no basis for your deduction.

      Also, may I say that even as women, we should stop assuming how other women feel? I’m sure neither JHB or PMY (or to the JG-IU shippers, IU) are so naive and fragile as people believe. JHB has her fair share of shipper fans (altho not as crazy as LJG), PMY is a veteran in the industry who knows good and well what she signed up for in MEC, and IU though much younger in age, is a very mature lady (who has been in the arguably much harsher idol industry nearly as long as others) who can differentiate reality and ‘reality’ in front of the camera. They are NOT helpless women getting ‘played’ by the Big Bad Wolf LJG.

      • You can defend him for all you like but no guy in a relationship should ever say let’s date to another girl likd me what did to IU now that’s disrespectful to his girlfriend I feel sorry for her … now how are you going to defend him saying that ???

      • @Ladykays
        You can also continue to hate and bash him all you like but that’s not going to change our mind and perspective on him.

        It’s because you and some delusional viewers out there are that DUMB that you actually chose to believe whatever facade he put up as an entertainer. Now what are you going to reason out over your own stupidity? Go back to school and learn reality of life.

      • @mischa where was hate on what I said? I was calling him out what he said (that is a fact) now you calling me dumb is the biggest mistake that you have ever are an idiot who worship a celebrity that don’t even know you exist .. little twerp if you have a problem with me, write it on a piece of paper, fold it and stick it up on your behind .. try verbally attacking me again .. coward…

      • @ladykays

        I made plenty of mistakes in life but calling you dumb for calling out his fans for defending him is totally the best decision I have ever made. His fans have ever rights to defend him based on their own perspective of assesing the situation and not be dictated by others, lest alone you!

        And I am not some delusional fan who expect my bias to even know of my existence. If i do, i would be pulling my hair thinking that I have a chance or that my opinion of who he dated or how he should conduct himself or whatever methods he opted to guard his personal life actually mattered to him. I adore him as a great actor and whatever he wanted to do with his personal life is totally up to him. I won’t judge based on what I know on the surface just like you did.

        It is people like you that is delusional to think your opinion really mattered. Get a life and go vent your misery elsewhere.

      • @mischa you musty, rusty, crusty, dusty, with that poetic justice idiotic essay go and take your inconsequential opinion somewhere and be humble ….

  28. To be honest, I’m quite glad whenever they confirm relationships. Shows they live a happy life outside stardom and careers. Also, how could you deny the people who bring us reel joy their own real joy? Nah, fam, please date and be happy. And have babies just as beautiful as you! His smile is the best part of him.

  29. Congrats to the two of them, I was rooting for their characters in Joseon Gunman (at the beginning) so it’s kind of amusing that the actors ended up together in real life – that seems to happen a lot in k-drama land O__O.

    But I find the accusations being levelled at LJG as a fame-whore, selling a fake image as a lonely person, etc. in this page really odd. It’s also pretty ironic considering that he rarely appears on korean tv outside of dramas + all the effort he’s made to break out of the whole kkotminam idol image and be known as an actor before anything else.

    Anyway, if any of you have a genuine interest in LJG and his off-reel thoughts, I suggest you read his in-depth interviews instead of chopped up bits published by kpop sites. He’s been saying that he likes being around other people, gets lonely when he’s by himself, needs the TV on when alone, etc. for a very long time now … that’s his personality and it’s not going to change just because he’s in a relationship ^^;

  30. Hmmm he shouldn’t feed those delusional shipper in the first place. Now they are mad at him, even blame his girlfriend, because he ruined their fantasies.
    Well shipper, if you want to continue dreaming, just go back to sleep. Reality isn’t like scripted tv drama/variety. So wake up.

  31. ok i get the debacle and read the 70plus comments here. 1) MEC is a cripted reality show- how much is scripted- we dont know. 2)MEC isnt WGM but some couples have more romantic overtones than others. 3)LJG and PMY were portrayed to be flirty & interested with each other- their parts were also the most well received by viewers. 4)LJG is trying to revive his popularirt- nothing wrong with that. He is also exploring new avenues- from appearing in Resident Evil- to doing variety. 5)LJG is dating JHB and i believe for quite a while. They both must hav agreed to date under the radar so that the limelight is on their careers not their lovelife. 6)JHB and PMY are both well versed with celebrity life and how variety works. That said i cannot comment is PMY was indeed fluttered bt LJG- noone knows but herself. 7)I’m glad they’ve confirmed the relationship now and put down all the other rumours or shipper’s fantasies of him and IU or him and PBY. 8)Lastly while it is LJG and JHB right to be lowkey about their relationship, i personally felt it would have been nicer if his stint on MEC was less flirtatious- there can be good friendships btwn a man and woman; but the show and their script and their acting were indeed selling romance. So i get why this breaking news is breaking a lot of hards whilst making some fans angry.

  32. LJK play PMY for a fool when he already have gf on the side. he even act like he didnt have a gf on the show to. PMY should be mad they could have cast a actor that still single.

    • Why? Don’t you think PMY already knows he is dating someone? Only stupid fans would believe what’s shown on Reality TV…

      • Thanks for saying that because I just saw that very close friend of PMY likes JHB IG posts. In this Entertainment world, some secrets are just open to them all. JHB appeared cameo in healer too. Congratulations to the new couple, I don’t understand why some fans think these actors are single, wouldn’t it be odd for adult of their age to be celibate.

    • Wow do you have anything against PMY? I ask really because you seem to imply that this mature lady and good actress is foolish and crazy enough to fall in lurveee on REALITY TV for heaven’s sake …

    • @popaya Dont’t worry about PMY. She is much smarter than you. She is a level-headed person and for sure will mot fall in love with a colleague of 3 days much less to an actor who didn’t even play her lover.

    • LOL. The fact that you are interested to read others’ comments and article on him is even more dumb when you are obviously a hater. Good job, continue making your life miserable reading all the fangirls’ comments and reading more news of him. LOL

  33. Wow! I am amazed at some of these fans, these stars are pursuing their daily bread as best as they could and you guys fight each other. If they portrayed chemistry that make them believable, they have achieved their goal. Everyone should wish them well because they have to have their own families. This guy will be 35 in less than 2 weeks and JHB too is turning 34 this year. It’s time for them to raise their own families. No matter how the fans want them to be single they have to find their own happiness. Like everyone has said feeling lonely can be relative too, please get over it and move on.

  34. There is no such thing as reality show in Korean TV… It’s a variety show people. There even 50year olds celebs in both genders married flirts on TV. But those
    harmless done mainly for entertainment.

    Real life persona and relationship dont usually come on together for a show as it would be too risky.

    I am not surprised if Ku Hye Sun sudden departure from her drama may have something to do with her personal relationship becaus2. Just my two cents

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