Bazaar China Brings Yang Mi’s Goddess from Three Lives Three Worlds into the Modern Era in Exquisite Pictorial

I have a feeling that Yang Mi and her performance in the recently concluded mega hit fantasy romance C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) will actually get better with time. Most dramas and performances don’t age well, and some can’t even stand up to a second watch. But so far into my second watch of the amazingly well-adapted drama from the same name popular novel, there is such quiet restraint and unassuming control in the way Yang Mi plays three distinct roles – there is Si Yin as the girl pretending to be a boy, Su Su the mortal with a fiery personality, and both combining into the goddess Bai Qian with foxy coldness and je ne sais quoi allure. She’s been one of China’s top drama actresses for the last 5 years but this is the best I have seen from her, the culmination of all the potential she exuded when she debuted back in 2006 with Return of the Condor Heroes as a memorable side character. This pictorial in Bazaar China brings Yang Mi back to the peach blossoms and her white form, all ethereal beauty with underlying strength, and I can’t gush enough about it.


Bazaar China Brings Yang Mi’s Goddess from Three Lives Three Worlds into the Modern Era in Exquisite Pictorial — 31 Comments

  1. Hope the drama adaption better than the novel. The pictures does look gorgeous though. I’ve read the novel and didn’t really liked it. It’s like an idol drama set in Chinese fantasy world with paper thin characters. And the female characters in the novel, with the exception of the female lead, are either foolish or jealous and vindictive types. I can see why the novel is popular though, the male lead is perfect hero.

    • In my opinion the drama adaptation is much better than the novel. Ye Hua is more likeable than in the novel version.

    • I notice a lot of the comments on Dramafever, where I watched this drama, said that the drama was better than the book. They especially like that the story was told in chronological order instead of flash back.

    • I also agree that the drama adaptation was better than the novel. Presenting the plot in chronological order helped a lot with understanding the story, rather than the tons of flashbacks in the novel. Although the CGI and effects were lacking at times (especially for some of the background for the palace scenes in the Nine Heavens), the acting was great and the actors play their characters well. Although Mark Zhao doesn’t exactly fit Ye Hua’s image, you can feel that he is Ye Hua. And Ye Hua isn’t really perfect. He’s flawed just as Bai Qian is as well. But the drama also gives us more insight into Ye Hua and allows us to understand more of who he is as a person and to see more of his emotional side.

      • Mark Zhou as Ye Hua is incredible, bad hair notwithstanding. I just love his expression and all, so much feeling expressed without words.

        And yeah, i also like drama version better than the novel. Character’s emotion is more accessible plus overall good acting make this one enjoyable watch.

  2. @ockoala

    They did the photo shoot for both Yang Mi & Mark Zhao. His pictures look very nice also. I’m wondering why you didn’t post them here? Thanks!

    • I’m wondering that as well. Mark Zhao also looks stunning in his and you can totally feel the Ye Hua vibes.

  3. Eh, after all the commotion in an earlier thread regarding the same drama I decided to give it a shot today and it isn’t bad at all! I find it enjoyable and I like the leads too.
    I like LYF and YY’s looks but can’t say I’m a fan of their acting. Somehow I can’t relate to the characters they portray. Maybe I’m in the minority for liking the movie version of One Smile than the drama. The movie adaptation of Three Lives looks promising lookwise so I hope the acting would live up to the hype the look and CGI has generated so far.

  4. Yang Mi is beautiful. Love her as Bai Qian. And I become a fans of Mark Chao too. Please post Mark Chao Bazaar photoshoot too, Ye Hua in modern world, Love it.

  5. I really hate Yang Mi’s style as SiYin in the drama, specifically can’t get over her hunch back. LOL.. She/he looked ugly in that version. But after I watched more episodes, I had to admit I was impressed by how she exuded the (brave, a bit naughty, untamed foxy, and free-spirited) aura of Bai Qian. She also looked decently pretty as Bai Qian. She did a good job being the supreme goddess Bai Qian. She isn’t as good looking as LYF of the movie leading lady imo. But it would be hard for a movie character to equally flesh out the character of the deity within 2+ hour run of the story. It’s understandable why all the other movie adaptations of equally famous novels aren’t comparable to their drama counterparts regardless of how those movie casts also had star power and decent actors.

    I’m giving the drama version of Peach Blossom the 2nd shot and seem to get stuck with Su Su part like forever. I just can’t buy into those double extra cheesy details romanticizing Ye Hwa (LOL) while in the book, Su Su’s part was mostly pieces here and there in her flashback as Bai Qian. I still can’t root for Mark Chao for his middle age looks albeit his acting/expressions are not bad. For me, he’s been trying too hard by looking serene, young, and stunning. LOL. Fans better not get worked up by my opinions about your heartthrob bcuz you’re mesmerized by MC’s Ye Hwa. We have different takes about what defines good casting. Savvy discussions are welcome but not insulting name calling. Otherwise I won’t hesitate to get back to you with sh*t too.

    CGIs are as poorly made as other Chinese Wuxia dramas, fake and looking cheap. Is that your standard regarding computerized graphic animation?

    Anyhow, I may just quit mid-way after patiently giving the drama another shot for 20 episodes or so. The pace is too slow for me with too many unnecessary boring details about side characters. It’s all personal preference. I’m not a hardcore fan of the book anyway. None of the main characters in the book are very likable compared with other books. I just read the book after the movie project news was released long while ago since I’m always curious about how Yang Yang interprets different novel characters. He did fantastic jobs for the other three books. Way to see if he can live up to readers’ expectation for this movie.

    • Sorry its oot but when you mention about yang yang, imho i dont think yang yang fit as ye hua 🙁 he has more uke than seme appearance, like most pretty korean idols
      I read the chinese BL version and hetero version, ‘ye hua’ is seme and ‘bai qian’ is uke
      Sorry for yang yang fans, no offense, its all about my casting opinion for the movie, he will be a sweet pretty looking uke if they make BL version, but not for seme
      Hopefully his acting help when his face doesnt fit at all 🙂

  6. I watched it. Its superb. Ye hua and shifu (twins) are to die for! And the princess wolf also is a goddess. Watch and you will never regret it.

  7. LOL at how someone is still here with a long arse essay despite not liking the drama at all. Why care and waste your time on it? If it’s not your thing, then it’s not your thing. Why try?

    Anyway, Yang Mi looks stunning in this photoshoot. It reminds me of Yang Mi in her best shape back in the days during Scheming Beauty (prior Gong).

      • Afraid of being embarrassed, hmmmm fangirls??? LOL…It’s my own will to dig in the drama a bit, hopefully the drama will eventually prove me wrong with my initial impression. So far, Yang Mi has done better than Mark Chao. You keep going on with your fangirling mode and just mind your own business. You don’t have to ramble gibberish about my opinion. LMAO

      • LOL what is there to be insecure? I’m not loosing a pound if you don’t like it. The drama has been super popular in China and even internationally. It’s the 1st chinese drama that went MIPCOM and MIPTV at Cannes and also the 1st drama breaking 35 billions views online. Their songs were so popular that other public service dubbed the lyrics to use them as their theme songs.

      • (cont.)
        There are press conferences and meetings talking about the success behind the drama. The lead and support actors received much attention and praises as well as many more offers, CFs etc. This photo shoot between YM/Mark with Mark with Bazzar is another example how well the drama has been received and popular. There aren’t many drama couple can make it to the front page of the magazine with their drama theme.. The production company also benefited so much from it… What is there to be insecure about when the drama and its actors has proven their worth with the success and acceptance? I’m clearly not the fangirl that was insecure about their favorite actor might not live up to expectation of the drama and their star’s performance… But there is seem to be one right here…

      • Based on your previous post saying that you actually read the novel AFTER the film adaption was announced starring Yang Yang which clearly evoked your interests in the first place.. You seem more like an insecure fangirl (of Yang Yang) than many of us here who you have all labeled as Mark fangirls.

      • LOL…I made a comment with my current impression/opinion about the drama in general, particularly about Yang Mi, not just about your favorite actor who had a breakout fame to be a new heartthrob of many fangirls here. But you guys couldn’t help getting ticked off and responded to my post, even with a chain of equally long ass essay as mine. LMAO…We’re superior to nobody. We basically just have our own preference. Let’s all admit it. You don’t have to defend or trying desperately to prove anything. LOL It won’t change my personal assessment of the drama. And why should you care so much? I’m just a drama viewer. LOL…Just mind your own business and move on.

  8. Pretty. The drama was good too. Although, now that I think about it, this drama’s plot reminds me of Qioung Yao’s Plum Trilogy drama for some reason. The white fox and the King, and the three stories seems to be linked in the Plum Trilogy, so still the three lives, although it was more of reincarnation feel for Plum Trilogy.
    Anyways, I like the modern re-interpretation of Three lives Three worlds here, that is a pretty awesome concept—-hmm… Tong Qi also wrote a modern version that was similar to three lives three worlds, I think it was called twice bloomning flowers, girl has a kid, but forgot everything before the age of 18 and even the father, but the guy knows who she is and protects her….

  9. This drama is probably my favourite Cdrama release of this year. Just completed it 2 weeks ago and going major withdrawal symptoms.

    I really liked Yang Mi in this drama,and impressed with how she played the 3 different lives and personality so well and distinctly.

    Mark Chao *swoon* I’m a solid fan now. Went and watched “Black & White” so that I could get more of MC. 😀

    • She was impressive… I’d say she played 5 roles totally.
      Her XN was awesome too.

      I think Mark and YM is a perfect match… I’d be hard to watch them with anyone from now on…
      I still haven’t got over the drama

  10. While we’re on look can I say something more? I agree that Mark and YM don’t have that ethereal look about them generally speaking but Mark’s side profile is just stunning!

    YY and LYF are both blessed with that otherworldly beauty and I’m sure they can pull off that aloof aura effortlessly so after binge-watching the drama to ep 40-ish I’m excited for the movie too. Anyway I’ve seen about 2 of his projects and 3 of hers so I’m willing to be proven wrong with their improvement. I usually give up on an actor/actress after 5 unimpressive dramas/ movies they star in so I’ve got plenty of patience left to spare for YY and LYF in this new project.

  11. Not exactly a big fan of Yang Mi after watching her Palace drama but in TMOPB she was awesome, looking beautiful here too. I am certainly looking forward to her next project.

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