Gong Yoo Attends The Body Shop Event in Support of Banning Animal Testing on Products

It’s nice for a brand to have the perfect spokesperson and to put their money where their mouth is. Skincare line The Body Shop has always been eco and animal friendly in their products and this week held an event in Seoul to promote awareness against animal testing in consumer products. Hear hear! Front and center at the event was brand model Gong Yoo, who has been the face of the company in Korea for many years. Gong Yoo posed adorably with a stuffed white rabbit with black tipped ears, because why torment a real cute rabbit to be at the event when it’s all about ethical treatment of animals. Gong Yoo also revealed that this is a cause important to him and that in real life he’s a cat person.


Gong Yoo Attends The Body Shop Event in Support of Banning Animal Testing on Products — 9 Comments

  1. There is no cosmetic product in the world which is not tested on the animals. It’s a great marketing gimmick used by cosmetic brands.
    Yes, they don’t test their products on the animals themselves but they take indirect help from another countries where animal testing of cosmetics is allowed. Before adding any new ingradient to their products they also take data from other industries where animal testing is approved.
    This way they make sure their products is safe for human consumption. The darkest side is the particular new ingradient may be secretly tested on the poor people of the third world countries.

  2. I have the tendency to throw things on the tv screen whenever I see the image of Gong Yoo on it but with the mentioning of him being a “cat person”, my impression on him totally soften. I could not appreciate a guy more that the one that loves cats.

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