Singer-Actor Yoochun Confirms September 2017 Wedding to Non-celebrity Girlfriend

This is flat out the most surprising breaking news in K-ent this year, and honestly I’m happy that it’s a piece of happy news. Currently serving military actor-singer Yoochun is getting married this fall when he’s discharged! News broke that he was tying the knot in September of 2017 and his agency C-JeS swiftly confirmed the reports. Normally this type of news would lead to collective freak outs from the fans and tons of chatter from the netizens, but the marriage news is generating lots of wonder due to Yoochun’s recent court case and scandal involving being accused of rape and frequenting room salons with known prostitution presence. His court case was recently all wrapped up in his favor with no charges so all that’s left is finishing military service and finding a way to rehab his reputation. Not sure if getting married will be a boon or bust on that part but for his sake I hope he’s very happy with his soon to be wife. Wishing the couple a happy marriage!

Yoochun’s gotten married a few times in his dramas, most memorably to Shin Se Kyung‘s character in The Girl Who Sees Smells and also to Yoon Eun Hye‘s character in Missing You. Come this September he will be the first of the five original DBSK members to bid farewell to bachelorhood. His fiancee is reportedly a non-celebrity, the daughter of a chaebol family, and a very well known blogger.


Singer-Actor Yoochun Confirms September 2017 Wedding to Non-celebrity Girlfriend — 37 Comments

  1. I did not expect that. But I’m happy for him. I think it might do his reputation some good if his gf, that being from a chaebol family, is still willing to marry him despite the rape accusations.
    With other male k-celebrities having the same case situation as him, it feels like maybe these rape accusations are scams made to blackmail them,and since he has been deemed innocent by the court, I hope he gets redeemed in the public eye soon.

    • Or it could be a different girl with the same name. Gosh!! This is even more entertaining than any makjang drama. He should just lay low.

      • If there is any truth to what you’re saying, then this totally reeks of a publicity stunt on Yoochun’s part.

      • yes, but the description of “Chloe Hana Hwang” is very obvious pointing to ONE particular woman. You can google her blog and her family’s company. With the family fortune, she can sue for defamation if the description is not her. She is his fan apparently…

  2. yup it’s surprising news indeed, i had to leave a comment haha is there a like button, agree with the person above, definitely makjangy with all the scandals and what not

  3. Rich Chaebol marries a celebrity …but the father is out to ruin his reputation in order to make his daughter ggive up on him…but the daughter loves him too much and believes him… hmmm…..wait that is a kdrama plot somewhere…..buhaha (What I wrote is a fiction and any likness is due to coincidence?)
    Just kidding….This makes him even more de0testable to me…that he had a serious relationship and still did what he allegedly did

  4. So.. he was allegedly in a relationship when he was caught using paid sex services (which he did not even pay for) in a room salon toilet during his public duty.. this guy is a mess. Of course its very much probable that most of these ’sweet’ and ’nice’ male actors have used paid sex services, even if they were in more serious relationships, because that seems to be a quietly accepted reality in the ent business world, but.. well, he deserves backlash and criticism for his reckless actions

    • I might be remembering the situation incorrectly, but I thought the news broke when he was enlisted. I thought the dirty deeds were done beforehand. It’s all icky regardless, and I have only followed casually so could be I’m wrong.

      • hmmm… some were before, but one (with Ms A) definitely happened on his June 4th birthday this year while he is serving (during his day off)

  5. with his toilet scandal his career is almost over in korean with china ban his only option left is japan. he didnt want to go japan o make money so he decide to married a woman. bet he got that woman knock out so he have to marrie her. or his career going take another hit. if he didnt marrie her. she might release more dirt on him. the last thing he want is another scandal on him.

  6. The agency even reported that he’s thinking of retiring. Ya right…..sure he is. Something sure is fishy. Probably wants to clean up his image through marriage. It’s like implying that he was innocent for his past allegations, otherwise why would his girlfriend wanna marry him?

  7. His agency even reported that he’s thinking of retiring. Ya right…..sure he is. Something sure is fishy. Probably wants to clean up his image through marriage. It’s like implying that he was innocent for his past allegations, otherwise why would his girlfriend wanna marry him?

  8. I just think its an action try to clean up his image. Whats the best way to get out of sexual image? Get married. Hes been in military for two years plus lots of sexual accuse in between.When did they meet? Date?

  9. People are free to do what they want. But i don’t understand people who waste lots of money on fan meetings to ear their idol speaking about their ideal girl…and none of them date or get married with an average girl! Lee jun ki with jun Hye Bin ( classic beauty) and yoochun with a chaebol grandaughter!!! Yes looks does matter !!! Bunch of hypocrits. I’m a little feminist !

    • Straight men want a hot woman the world over. Now their specific definition of hot might differ but it is what it is and, truth be known, woman have their lists of what they look for as well. The minute the silliness of questions about their “ideal” woman ends, the better. I really dislike the whole hidden relationship thing which I realize is often foisted on them by management companies but it feeds the illusion. I am surprised people didn’t know about LJK…I’m sitting here in America, and I figured out he was dating her long ago. It was mentioned on his own Instagram last year by long term fans.

      With regard to Yoochun, he paid a high price for apparently not paying for services rendered. I don’t see him in a drama anytime in the near future; however, if he keeps to the straight and narrow I could see a movie director eventually putting him in a movie but not as a lead. I know nothing about his music, but he’s a good enough actor.

      • Sure everyone dreams of having the whole package ! But why women are willing to pay to ear always the same lies. I love a lot of actors but i ‘ll never pay to see them in a fanmeeting. What i love is their acting , don’t care about their ideal woman, what is their hobbies…It’s not like paying to see a concert of Coldplay, Celine Dion,…

      • There is too much fangirling over actors in Asia. they should be able to do what they want in their private life, dating publicly without prejudice. It would end the silliness of “scandals” . I read that Lee Jun ki has lost a lot of followers . Why ? is dating making him a less good actor ? Absurd!

      • I agree. I don’t get it. I guess in the US, we have the whole ComicCon thing but that’s a different animal because it is whole genres of entertainment not just one entertainer. And it would take a lot to get me at one of those.

      • @Kat You are from American yet you worry about someone private life? Thought only the low lives paparazzi invade celebs privacy, didn’t know ordinary citizens, like you, do too.

  10. congratulations,well i hope it will be happy ever after for them and they not make a marriage seem like a joke. remember how she finally confess as the bride (with Minnie mouse picture lol)

  11. it’s hard to believe that he’s getting set to marry in september tells me that while doing his stint in the military, he’s managed to reflect on whats been happening in his life and now what’s to settle down, he’s through living in the fast lane so to speak, he’s not getting any younger. but what strikes me before this is why didn’t he do it sooner before those alleged sex assault charges that really put him in the limelight. even though charges were eventually dropped or resolved, it will always be there for the rest of his life, he can’t undo or erase it, its already done, so now past this, he wants to live, live a decent life, nothing wrong with that. he has a lot of demons still yet to face but he wants to be happy, wants to live life and not have life live him. he wants a fresh start and if this young girl wants to marry him then congratulations, just hope she is strong and stable enough to stand by him, won’t be easy, there’s a lot she has to digest and spit out but will need to endure and face whatever comes their way, i think he can do it. wish him all the best, much peace and happiness to them in their new life together.

  12. I heard the girl is his die hard fan. So, I could sense why she’s willingly wants to marry him despite all the mess he made. And though the whole family against it, no one could say ‘no’ to the girl because they love her. Wow…sounds like perfect korean drama.

    I think they will get win-win solution. Yoochun could use her family’s power and marriage to ‘clean up’ his image and get back to the entertainment industry while the girl get the man who has been her bias for long time.

  13. i agree with you all,yoochun is taking a page out of lee santa cheating scandal recovery.lee santa was able to convince his wife lee min jung to forgive and stay with him and that save his career.if there was a divorce i think it will have made it difficult for people to forgive him thus making it very hard to make a the same way if yoochun marries a chaebol daughter no less then many people will reacess him and give him benefit of the doubt making it very possible for him to sing and act again.

    asians except indians being very possessive of their stars are exactly like hollywood of 1930-1960.hollywood stars of that period used to hide their relationships and it was deemed a scandal too as korea now.
    i wonder why bollywood is different,nobody bat an eye when a celebrity is dating infact many top stars like shah rukh khan and aamir khan married before debuting yet they have maintain their superstar status upto date,whiles in korea it a career suicide and most celebrities marries in their 40s when they loose their physical appeal.

  14. Wow! I felt like it wasn’t that long when the last storm passed. This time it sure surprise me like last time. Hopefully it will pass by nicely.

  15. turn out the woman he want to married is his fan no wonder sh want him after the scanal.only a blind fan would still want can kbet knet going have a fild day with his wife. he must been ating her for long now if she his fan. his career is over so it might be a goo idea for him to married her when she still want him. he already look like a uncle without makeup.

    • “look like an uncle without makeup” is so true… He has aged so much since his Tohoshinki days… I trust that his musical & acting talents are still there, but his looks… sigh… glad that the GF still wants to marry him despite all the scandals… must be true love…

  16. No offense, old 5 DBSK is a nonfactor in Kpop industry now. Not many Kpop fans care about them anymore.

    It always puzzles me some human beings can separate love from sex. This JYJ guy is a very good example.

  17. puzzle me how he deicde to go after prostitute when he already have a gf. why not just have sex with her. why risk getting caught in a sex house. it must be one of those night were he want sex his gf say no so he go after prostitute without paying them.

  18. Ha!?! PR narrative redirect. I wonder if will have a slew of ‘fake marriage’ after scandal storylines coming in our fall-winter line up. Perhaps a certain idol on the DWI burn list needs to get hitched quickly and turn out some John Legend-esqe ballads in his new wife’s honor too.

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