First Look at Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in KBS Drama Fight For My Way

This drama totally slipped my mind as coming up soon so it’s nice to see the first drama still and be reminded of something that still interests me. KBS is languishing in last place in its Mon-Tues slot for three dramas running, after the hit Moonlight Drawn by Clouds the network hasn’t brought in viewers with The Man Living at My House, Hwarang, and now Ms. Perfect. One of the disappointing dramas starred Park Seo Joon as the male lead but he’s diving back in for the upcoming Fight For My Way (Third Rate My Way), a drama billed as an underdog achieves their dreams and love story. This drama had a few leading lady changes before Kim Ji Won signed on and her casting actually seems quite spot on for the role and the onscreen pairing with Park Seo Joon. I definitely see the frisson of chemistry in the first drama still above of them seated at a park bench. The drama premieres the first week of May after Ms. Perfect finishes airing.


First Look at Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in KBS Drama Fight For My Way — 27 Comments

  1. I’ve always thought Park Seo Joon was quite handsome (and also a good actor) and they look really, really good together! I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. will sure check this out… my kdrama world has been blank after SWDBS was finished. any other suggestions for me will be very much appreciated 🙂

      • Oh yeah! I forgot the liar and his lover. To my surprise given that so many ppl doubted and criticized the casting before its airing, the story and chemistry between the OTP are so adorable. Joy and Lee Hyun Woo kept me hooked. I kept craving for their scenes together. Yeah, this is currently the only K drama I’m watching after SWDBS.

    • Me the same! Don’t know what other K drama to watch after SWDBS. I’m basically just recycling some old dramas or reading online novels.

  3. I like Park Seo Joon but not so liking Kim Ji Won but I will check this drama for him. He is a good actor and if anything, it’s Hwarang’s underveloped writings that failed him and the entire talented actors in there. I don’t quite like the description of this drama, sound kind of cliche but we don’t have that much piece of life primetime drama lately, so I believe if this is done good, the drama will thrive eventually. Good luck to PSJ.

    • agree with this regarding hwarang. not really a fan of go ara but gotta say that she’s the biggest casualty from the writing.

      as for this drama, i might give it a shot. hope it will be good.

    • Looks like a nose job to me.. But who cares, as long as it doesn’t disturb her acting. I’m sure she’s gonna out act PSJ, whom I find a little underwhelming

    • She doesn’t look different to me, if she had anything done it was very minor.

      She has a strong nose but that’s what makes her features balance so well, I hope she never makes it smaller.

    • Disagree. KJW is way better… how can you compare her to Suzy? I don’t think PSJ needs to “carry” this drama at all… given that his last drama “Hwarang” was not all about him! When did PSJ ever “carry a drama”??? Give me an example please…

    • KJW is sometimes overhyped by some k-drama fans, but she is way better in acting than Suzy, and I actually like them both. But it’s great that KJW is finally in a led role. I also have to say that if I watch this drama, I’m gonna watch it for KJW, not PSJ. I’m also gonna watch While You Were Sleeping for Suzy, not for that Ducksuk or whatever he was again.. Well, at least PSJ is better than that fake enoki mushroom nosed Duckie 🙂

  4. Idk what’s wrong with PSJ. He is a good actor. He is very charming in Witch’s Romance and interesting in Kill Me Heal Me. But somehow he’s boring to me in both She Is Pretty and Hwarang. A lot of ppl agree with me that Park Hyung sik stole thunder from him in Hwarang. I hope this new drama will regain his appeal to me.

    • Agree. PSJ has not had any interesting dramas lately… Some of his crazy fans may disagree with me… Witch’s Romance is mostly under UJW’s spotlight, and KMHM is totally Ji Sung. I think PSJ is a good actor too, but I cannot name a KDrama which is “totally his”!!

  5. PSJ is such an underwhelming actor. I can see from the pictures already that KJW is gonna contribute to the chemistry much more than PSJ lol. I’ve watched KMHM, She was pretty and Hwarang, and he’s just so bland and unmemorable. Seriously, I fall asleep in his scenes, he’s that uninteresting. Kim Ji Won on the other hand is much more interesting, even if she is a bit of one note, her emotional scenes are believable. She’s also pretty.

  6. KJW sux she cant act. that why she dont have lead role. saw enough of her drama to tell.she only get by cuz the lead carry her drama she in.

    dont even comepare that talentless actress kjw in the same breath as PSJ.

  7. not a fan of PSJ but I like KJW since heirs and recently after finished watching high kick, I become a fan, she really can act!

    • yeah, I couldn’t believe the girl from What’s Up was the same one as the one in High Kick and Heirs. Kim Ji Won had some incredible range even as a young actress, she does well if a script gives her anything to do.

      I’m just worried about Park Seo Joon, he seemed bland in his last two projects as leading man so I don’t know how his chemistry with KJW will be. I hope she manages to pull it off though – she had great chemistry with Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin, Jin Gu, Lee Joon etc so I hope it works this time too.

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