So Ji Sub Models Eclectic Fashion Tastes for Marie Claire May Edition

The career of So Ji Sub hit the 20th anniversary milestone this year, and in many ways he’s remained a man who prefers his own beat than one clamoring for a piece of the Hallyu pie. His arguably buzziest drama was The Master’s Sun with Gong Hyo Jin, but he really rocketed to the top actor tier a decade earlier with I’m Sorry, I Love You. I think he needs to work with screenwriters with a solid track record, dramas that are narratively weak waste his slow burn acting because there isn’t enough grist to keep the viewer hooked long enough to connect with his roles. He doesn’t have a drama lined up this year yet but can be seen on the big screen with Battleship Island with Song Joong Ki comes out later this year. For now he’s on the road for a series of 20th anniversary fan meetings which will hopefully show him the dedicated and growing fan base he’s amassed during that time. His China stop of the fan meeting can’t happen due to THAAD fallout but he’s in the pages of Marie Claire China for fans over there.


So Ji Sub Models Eclectic Fashion Tastes for Marie Claire May Edition — 7 Comments

  1. This man looks good in anything. Seriously, it is amazing how he can pull these off (I think he is the most handsome among all the actors in Korea so I may be biased 🙂 )

  2. This is not Marie Claire China, this is for Marie Claire Taiwan. Korean stars are still banned on Mainland China publications.

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