Yoona Happily Single and Vibrant in Red for Grazia Magazine

I can’t help but simultaneously chuckle and cringe at the massive cover tagline for Yoona‘s May Grazia Magazine pictorial. The all caps “I am single and happy” is fine and dandy as the refrain for the empowered single lady as beautiful and successful as the singer-actress, but knowing that she dated Lee Seung Gi for over a year and it didn’t work out makes me a teeny bit sad that she’s trumpeting singlehood so directly. Nothing wrong with her being single and happy right now, it’s just my little shipper heart still being sad that my baes didn’t work out. Yoona remains one of the tallest and most slender female stars in Korea but in recent years her lankiness has seemed less awkward giraffe and more comfortably gangly. She’s wearing a Christian Dior red gown for the cover while the inside magazine spread follows her trip to HK for the Dior store opening in March.


Yoona Happily Single and Vibrant in Red for Grazia Magazine — 4 Comments

  1. I absolutely love the vibrant red colour of that Dior dress. Only if those straps didn’t look so cheap like bra straps. It’s funny because when Sulli wore the grey Christian Dior, she looked great too but the straps didn’t bother me so much.

  2. Who knows when LSG is discharged from military service they may get back together. Never say never haha….

    Looking forward to her chemistry with Im Siwan in their new drama.

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