Lee Seung Gi Has Six Months Left of Military Service Before October 2017 Discharge

The best part of being ahead of the curve is getting done with something before all your peers. I’ve always been a go-getter and it’s great to see born in 1987 Lee Seung Gi do his mandatory military service earlier thann many of his born the same year entertainment industry colleagues. Notable ’87ers enlisting now or later this year include Lee Min Ho, Seo In Guk, Yoo Ah In, Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook, and Jang Geun Seok, so while all those leading men are away for two years come this October Lee Seung Gi will be back and likely have a broader selection of movie and drama roles. My baby boy has been looking majorly fine in the army in that buff and healthy way, basically not star handsome but instead real life boyish good looking with a dash of ruggedness. He’s occasionally popped up in the media during his enlistment whenever he’s called on to perform for the army, as seen here in recent pictures.


Lee Seung Gi Has Six Months Left of Military Service Before October 2017 Discharge — 12 Comments

  1. Koala, I was just thinking about him this morning!! Thank you for the post! Really been missing him and hopefully he pick a good drama upon release. Counting downnnnnn

  2. only 6 months to go? wow! time flew by really fast. hope he picks a good drama, preferably a rom com. i’m also hoping he gets to act with lee yubi again. they were cute in gu family book even if they were not the OTP.

  3. I want him to be paired with Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye or Park Bo Young for his comeback drama. For me, he has best chemistry with Shin Min Ah among his onscreen partners.

    • oooh… park bo young and him would make an interesting pair. hope we can see that one happen.

      agree with shin mina, they really had great chemistry. though, to be fair, i think she manages to have great chemistry with whomever she’s paired with.

  4. He’s been in the army for like, forever. Why does his service time feel so long. Other actors just go and come out in n time but he has been away for so long T_T

  5. I miss this puppy. I thought I’d get over him when he’s away but nope. I keep counting days to hus discharge.
    Since you’re already talking about his comeback drama, I will put my wishlist. So I want him in a drama with Moon Geun Young. A slice of life super duper cute one. A bluckbuster movie wih some big names with tons of bromance, for his movie Marital Harmony to be good. I mean,they’re waiting for him to promote it to release it, it better be worth the wait.
    I also want him in varieties, but most importantly, for an album. I adore his songs so much.

  6. Time really flew by quickly. I’m interested in what he does when he’s out. He didn’t get to do a final drama before leaving and by the time he gets back and working again it would be about 4 years since his last drama.

  7. I really really miss him so much. I’m waiting his back love him the most support you forever brother lee seung gi. I will go to korea to join fan meeting to see you after you discharge from army. I wish when brother lee seung gi back from army gain more popular.

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