Jung Eun Ji and Kim Ji Hoon Join Season 3 of jTBC Who-Dun-It Variety Show Crime Scene

I still rarely watch K-variety shows and the ones I do check out are invariably due to the cast consisting of an actor or actress I like. Cable network jTBC is celebrating the biggest drama hit to date with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon but apparently it’s variety show Crime Scene is also doing well enough to head into the third season. Crime Scene 3 premieres next week with the addition of idol actress Jung Eun Ji and actor Kim Ji Hoon and now I’m interested. The show is a crime scene mockup investigation show where each week the cast and guest stars are tasked with solving a crime with the clues provided. It’s basically live-action Clue with plenty of Korea-centric twists, and likely a fun way to check out how productions stage crime scenes for the ever popular procedural genre in K-dramas.

Crime Scene 3:


Jung Eun Ji and Kim Ji Hoon Join Season 3 of jTBC Who-Dun-It Variety Show Crime Scene — 3 Comments

  1. I need Jung Eun Ji to return to doing actual dramas, Sassy Go Go was wonderful but sadly underrated thanks to being a high school drama aired during Korean exam season.

    I also agree with everyone who says she needs to reunite with Ji Soo in a future project, as OTP this time – she had wonderful chemistry with all her costars in SGG, Lee Won Geun, Ji Soo, Chae Soo Bin and even N.

  2. I love this show and Eunji is my bias so I’m really excited for it to start. Like the comment above, I miss actress Eunji and really wish after Apink comeback she’ll be able to concentrate on her acting career. and yes she needs to reunite with Jisoo in the future, idc if it takes years. For now i’ll just have to calm my thirst by watching crime scene.

  3. This was a real sleeper hit for me, it’s really fun. In addition I think it’s a great way for personalities to exercise their acting chops with the ad-lib performances they have to commit to in order to win each week.

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