K-netizen Claim Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Min Suk are Dating But Agencies Deny the Rumor

Sudden wedding announcement and surprising pregnancy isn’t the only relationship bombshell this week in K-ent, on the same day Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee took their relationship to the next level there was news that a new couple had been formed. The rumor started that 29 year old actress Oh Yeon Seo was dating 27 year old actor Kim Min Suk after a netizen claimed to have spotted them out on a date in Seoul. They were seen walking closely together as a couple with Kim Min Suk taking care of his lady love. Put aside the Oh Yeon Seo looks like Kim Min Suk’s cool but strict noona, this rumors comes straight out of nowhere and reeks of random mistaken sighting or putting names into a jar and picking out two random ones to pair together. Their respective agencies have quickly responded by saying this isn’t true, the two aren’t dating, and frankly don’t even know each other.

Even being such an unbelievable and random dating rumors, it’s still worth posting about on the off-chance that it’s true and some time later these two admit to dating. Then I’ll genuinely tip my hat to that eagle-eyed netizen who claimed to have spotted them on the date.


K-netizen Claim Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Min Suk are Dating But Agencies Deny the Rumor — 8 Comments

  1. This rumor seems so far fetched. I never would have connected them together. But only time will tell if it’s true or not. OTOH Kim Min Suk should be happy that his profile is gaining more recognition. To be the subject of dating rumors isn’t a bad thing if you’re an up and coming star. It means people care enough to talk about you.

  2. I saw some comments on naver saying that they saw in Itaewon Kim Min Suk and his real girlfriend, a non celibrity who looks like OYS.

  3. Dang didn’t know she was this young and he was that old already? funny how she comes off older and him younger lol

  4. No worries for the fans. After some years ..they will declare that they have indeed been dating. This seems to be the trend of south korean celebrities dating. ??

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