Script Reading for tvN Fall Drama This Life Is Our First with Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min

Cable network tvN is now no longer the sole player in the paid to watch market with rival jTBC making huge strides in the last two years in airing popular and critically well received dramas. That doesn’t mean tvN is on the downward trajectory and I hope the network continues to churn out interesting dramas without succumbing to the fallacy that high profile means guaranteed ratings, and the dud that was Bride of the Water God proves recently yet again.

The Mon-Tues slot will now be taking over by Argon¬†with Kim Joo Hyuk and Chun Woo Hee starting next but my interest has already leap frogged over to the fall drama This Life is Our First after Argon starting in October. Starring Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki, it’s a cohabitation drama with the male lead who carries a huge mortgage on his house taking in housemates to defray the cost and starts cohabiting with female lead and romance ensues. It’s from the PD of Let’s Eat and Bring it on Ghost and the screenwriter of Ho Gu’s Love, Queen of the Office and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Can’t wait! Continue reading

Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama Doctors

I never thought I’d see Park Shin Hye in a doctor genre drama, and conversely I’ve wondered why Kim Rae Won hasn’t done one yet since all his generational male colleagues have wielded the scalpel already. Filming started on upcoming … Continue reading