Kim Eun Sook Takes Television Daesang and Gong Yoo Best Actor for Goblin at 2017 Baeksang Arts Award

The top Korean actors and actresses were out in force on a Wednesday night in Seoul but the fashion gods were once again in absentia. The majority of the beautiful and handsome once again went the safe route in what I now call the white/black/gold/sequin/lace rotation, it’s like bold patterns, edgy cuts, and innovative embroidery is the enemy of the state. Suzy and Yoona stood out for their contrasting navy and fuschia strapless gowns that delivered the welcomed pop of vivid color to the proceedings otherwise it was nap time.

The big winners of the night was Kim Eun Sook for her television section Daesang for Goblin, which seems like a repeat of last year but it wasn’t as last year the drama Descendants of the Sun itself took the Daesang. This year it was a solo win for her and I don’t recall if any other screenwriter has won the television Daesang, which is usually split between a drama wining or a particular actor/actress in the drama. Dear My Friends won Best Drama, Gong Yoo was award Best Actor for Goblin while Seo Hyun Jin won Best Actress thanks to Another Oh Hae Young. On the film side, director Park Chan Wook took the Daesang for The Handmaiden while Song Ye Jin and Song Kang Ho won Best Actress and Best Actor respectively.

Television awards:

Daesang – Kim Eun Sook (Gobin)
Best TV Drama – Dear My Friends
Best Director – Yoo In Sik (Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim)
Best Actor – Gong Yoo for (Goblin)
Best Actress – Seo Hyun (Another Oh Hae Young)
Best New Actor – Kim Min Suk (Doctors)
Best New Actress – Lee Se Young (Laurel Tree Tailors)
Best Screenplay – No Hee Kyung Dear My Friends
Male Popularity Award – Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Female Popularity Award – Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
Best Style Award – Kim Ha Neul (On the Way to the Airport)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Kim Young Ae (posthumously)

Movies awards:

Grand Award – Park Chan Wook (The Handmaiden)
Best Film –  The Wailing
Best Director -Kim Ji Woon (The Age of Shadows)
Best New Director – Yeon Sang Ho for (Train to Busan)
Best Actor – Song Kang Ho (The Age of Shadows)
Best Actress – Son Ye Jin (The Last Princess_
Best Supporting Actor – Kim Ui Sung (Train to Busan)
Best Supporting Actress -Kim So Jin (The King)
Best New Actor – Ryu Jun Yeol (The King)
Best New Actress – Lee Sang Hee for (Our Love Story)
Best Screenplay – Yoon Ga Eun for (The World of Us)
Male Popularity Award – Do Kyung Soo (My Annoying Brother)
Female Popularity Award – Im Yoona (Cooperation)


Kim Eun Sook Takes Television Daesang and Gong Yoo Best Actor for Goblin at 2017 Baeksang Arts Award — 59 Comments

  1. Haha you got to include a pic of moonlight couple, they are just adorable.

    I think Yoona and Suzy have same stylist. At Asia Artist Award as well, their dresses are quite similar. Or they are following a trend, Park Bo Young has same material of the dress as well. China always go all out with dresses. Korea is not interested in couture or fashion? Korea does care more about style than brand names.

  2. I thk this tym ard there was actually more colour and variety. Somtyms 80% of the ladies r in bridal way. This tym not so much. But quite a number went for long sleeves and demure look.
    Congrats to Dear my friends, Gong Yoo, Seo Hyun Jin and all the winners.

  3. I cannot believe that Gong Yoo won over the great Han Suk Kyu!!!!
    Once again, HSK being passed due to popularity contest. Now, I can’t even take Baeksang seriously.

      • Goblin was just an average drama and Gong Yoo’s (even though he is so charming) role could be played by array of other charming actors. It was not challenging at all. IMO there are lot of actors who were much more deserving but on the end looks like Baeksang award people also care for only popularity.

      • Han Suk Kyu was snubbed twice. First for Kim Soo Hyun and now Gong Yoo. These actors are no match to his acting greatness. To me, Gong Yoo is a fine actor and he won totally because of the popularity of Goblin.

      • No actually some people are trying to be resonable. Some of the k drama fans are matured level headed people who don’t loose their sleep over such things but they know how to appreciate qualities of different people and weight there pros and cons against each other.?

    • Totally agree. At least that plastic, enoki mushroom nosed Lee Ducksuck didn’t get nominated or awarded. It would have eaten the credibility of Baeksang awards 🙂

    • Baeksang normally don’t award popularity over acting skills (e.g: They gave Best Actor to Yoo Ah-in over Song Joong-ki). Perhaps they felt obliged to give more awards to Goblin :/

  4. I’m so happy Dear My Friends got the Best Drama, totally deserved! Can’t say the same for Gong Yoo. He’s a talented actor and he was pretty good in Goblin, buuuut I think Jo Jung Suk was phenomenal in Jealousy Incarnate. Oh well, maybe next time.

    • @ Koncerci Agree with you about JO Jung Suk even if i super like GY his role wasn’t challenging at all. As for the writer, it’s all about popularity. Still don’t understand her success !

  5. As for the red carpet, why such a beautiful lady like PSH stills wearing such dresses.! Just imagine her in a dress like Suzy or Lee se Young…

    • Maybe she needs to give a speech on the late Actress Kim Young Ae, so is more appropriate to wear such colour.

    • @cahill, you are so critical of her. To me, PSH actually wore the most interesting dress because it wasn’t plain one-coloured dress like the rest of the ladies at the event. The dress was interesting and respectful of the late KYA at the same time.

      • @Abc, I agree with you. I actually loved the floral print, but then, I love floral prints in general. It was extremely appropriate for her because she presented the posthumous lifetime achievement award to the late Kim Young Ae

      • @abc, sorry i didn’t know she was there for KYA. So, yes yes her dress was appropriate. I’m not critical about her. she’s a beautiful lady but i think that sometimes wearing something more daring will show another side of her. And no i’m not into the war of Suzy / Psh fans. I’m still only a YEH fan !

    • @cahill lmao suzy/psh fanwars 😀 I didn’t know it was even a serious thing, until I started seeing instagram posts.. it all started, I guess, when Lee Min Ho announced that he was dating Suzy and certain butthurt MinShin shippers couldn’t handle the reality
      But I agree, her red carpet fashion is oftentimes too repetitive and dull, but so is like the 95% of other Korean actresses fashion. Only this time I think her gown was approppriate, and also loooved the floral print

    • Kim Min Hee worked so hard to build her career and she got to work with some of the best Korean movie directors but I think her acting capabilities are still not top notch. She is bit stiff and she seems to use brain instead of the heart while acting. I can’t empathise with her on thr screen. So in this way she may be overrated as an actress.

      • @Doit, I completely agree. The Handmaiden was Kim Min Hee’s breakthrough. Her acting before was just.. okay.. She was good in Agassi but I had a hard time to get into her acting and Kim Taeri, who’s a rookie actually, was more impressive imo. Kim Min Hee was lucky in a way that the role of Lady Hideko suited her and that Park Chan Wook was the director. The directing was the actual gem of this film. She does tend to act with her brains rather than with her heart.

      • A lot of actors do that. They make a strategy for making calculative moves from one emotion to another to express themselves. I prefer the actors whose emotions make transitions like a free flowing stream.
        Even though actors like KMH can be considered technically right but their tendency of imitating emotions while saving their souls unlike a genuine actor who lets his/her soul be immersed into the characters irritates me. I cant emphatise with them.

  6. I’m waiting on these gorgeous ladies to stop with the typical boring whites, blacks, pastels and nudes! They can all do so much better. Or is this a Korean thing? I know they value modesty but they could be so much more imaginative than this surely.

  7. Yay for Dear My Friends! I really like that drama and it was the best drama from last year. But omg who took those red carpet photos? It’s horrendous lol.

  8. Look really plain and not much accessories!! Hey, come on this is red carpet. Gives them some rubies and diamond or any jewelleries to shine.

  9. How come that so many K stars, despite their stellar presence on screen, often look extremely stiff and awkward on the red carpet, with this deer-in-the-headlight look. Like they have no idea where to put their hands, so this ubiquitous hand wave.

  10. I really bored with their hairdo. The hairdo in the K drama are more awesome than all the red carpet of K awards.

  11. Red carpet in korean awards are boring. I like Son Yeh Jin looks the most. Simply gorgeous.Hope to see him paired with Gong Yoo. What on earth Han Seuk kyu didn’t win. And Ji sung not even got nominated? Anyway congrats to all winners.

  12. Yet again K-fashion delivers in being staid and boring!

    It is also sad to see that no K-designer has an inventive and wearable take on their traditional clothing which can be sported by celebs on the red carpet. Odd for a country that churns out so much historical stuff and yet its style seems a slavish copy of other stuff.

    • Some of them wore international designers, like Maison Valentino. I guess it’s a cultural thing that they prefer the ’’boring, pastel, wedding gown and promdress-y’’ look?

      • ikr they do prefer that look be it an international or Korean designer. Don’t know why they stick to just that though.

        The sad bit for me is that they have such a rich clothing history and that this is cultural for them now.

      • Wouldn’t it be cool to see them in gorgeous hanboks on red carpet, like Indian actresses oftentimes wear saree/ salwar kameez / anarkali on their red carpets? At least these Korean actresses aren’t wearing those horrible see-through/fishnet rags that some Hollywood stars wear, like Rose Macgowan in Academy Awards red carpet. Also, can Zuhair Murad or Eli Saab finally save Korean red carpet??

      • Hollywood fashion seems to be just skin or prom. But you do see some cool fashion now and then. But in Korea there is no one who is different.

        That illusion/net thing needs to die.

        Yes it would be great to see a hanbok on the red carpet. Can’t be that hard to do a contemporary take, I have seen them in photoshoots for magazines.

    • PBY is a sweetheart, but WTF?! How did she even get that many votes from jury, for SWDBS which wasn’t nearly as good as her other characters, or even the other nominees?? Seo Hyun Jin deserved her award, and Oh Hae Young >> Do Bong Soon, because SHJ basically saved the whole drama with her acting. Also, PSH’s Yoo Hye Jung and KGE’s EunTak were better than Do Bong Soon. Why couldn’t they nominate PBY during Oh My Ghostess, because her acting in that drama was exponentially better

      • Agree with this, Park Bo Young and Seo Hyun Jin are both my favorite actress in dramaland but her performance in SWDBS was not as good Seo Hyun Jin. PBY should have received a nod to her acting in Oh My Ghostess where she played 2 characters brilliantly and so believable, she even mimics Kim Seul Gi to the T.

      • Nope. Another Miss Oh worked because of all the casts. Not only Seo Hyun Jin alone. There is Eric though his character is so gloomy but the hot chemistry of this two is undeniable and matching well. Being honest, one of the reason I stay till finish was because their hot kisses lol. There is Kim Ji Suk and Yeh Ji Won the scene stealer. Even the parents of Oh Hae Young were so fun to watch. I think OHYA team is strong in every area except the extention of 2 episodes.

    • Oh Hae Young really make us can relate to our self. That’s why this character got so many loves from girls including the actress potrayed her. Most of girls would be embarrassed to confess that we imagine our self as Hae Young who has negative vibes, sexual intention to the guy he loves and loved by her close friends and parents. Personally I think Seo Hyun Jin won’t get her hit if there were no other casts such as Eric, Yeh Ji Won, etc. Those casts help her to shine. And the chemistry between her and Eric was one of the reason why this drama succeed. The ratings hit their marks after the kiss in episode 9 which was totally due to Eric’s skill. And the side love story between the trash lawyer and weird noona also very interesting one. So, no matter how good Seo Hyun Jin, as fan of this drama, it’s unfair to say she’s the only reason why people watch. A big NO for me.

  13. Although I am not a fan of son yeh jin BUT she always amaze me. She is very pretty and her acting is FABABLOUS, she is an awesome actress.

    I love son yeh Jin gown best. She always hv gd taste when choosing her outfits. Her figure never change a bit, sexy and healthy. And most important, she always look STUNNING.

  14. Seems like all the actresses shop at the same stores all the Celestial Ladies from Ten Miles of Peach Blossom get their fabrics from…

  15. I read that PSH gown was a Valentino and haha googled it, seems like that collar is the theme for 2017 pre-fall collection as well as the flowers. You can see the version here towards the end of video, they used like a blush pink for lining, color of the collar. The design is actually interesting , it must looked gorgeous in person with those small details. I wonder if they get to wear those kinds of gown for free? I thought it was appropriate for her role of the night. It looked actually unique compared to the usual type of gown.

    • Yes, the Valentino dress worn by PSH had intricate glittering embroidered green leaves and small white flowers sprinkled on black with blush pink collar that lifted it out of the ordinary. She gave it her own take with black under dress.
      She looked absolutely graceful and perfectly garbed for presenting posthumously the lifetime achievement award to Kim Young Ae….her grandmother in the drama Doctors. One can never fault her for doing and saying just the right thing according to the occasion.

  16. what gong yoo beat han san kyu, i said before dear my friends should have swept the awards,its the best drama in three years in korea and the part where lee kwang soo was comforting his screen mother and realizes that the role has change from his mother to him is heart wrenching and the best shot this decade.dmf director should have won best director instead of romantic doctor.

    i recommend it to those who has not yet seen it.eventhough i love seo jin hyun very much she OVERACTED in another hae young,kim ha neul should have won it.

    its better kim eun sook got daesang for writing 2 back to back huge hits dramas than globin or gong yoo winning it. i think they wisely avoided criticism since just like last year the best drama winner should have won daesang instead, in this case dear my friends.

    contraly to most people i love the stars dresses,they look lovely in it and most importantly they avoided unnecesary scandal with their attires.

      • Seo Hyun Jin acting type reminds me Jung Yoo Mi, Gong Hyo Jin or Jun Ji Hyun. They can pull off bad character to the good one in people eyes. If not Seo Hyun Jin, I think Yumi can do Oh Hae Young character really well especially when the male lead is Eric.

  17. on the movie front,i am ok with the results with the exception of son je jin beating kim min hee for best min hee in my view is the rightful winner,her performance in handmaiden is bold and flawless whiles syj performance whiles good is pedestrain like many biopics and she won because
    1.she was playing an important person in real history.
    2. the judges couldnt look past kim min hee scandals.

    if we compare strictly on their performances,there is no doubt kmh is the superior one.

    • I disagree. Judges don’t really care about scandals in awards shows. Kim Min Hee won a best actress award in 37th Blue Dragon awards and it was when her scandal was really fresh. Sohn Ye Jin deserved her award. She was the heart in The Last Princess. The Handmaiden was a piece of art put together by the director, and Kim Min Hee wasn’t exactly the main central factor in Agassi, like Sohn Ye Jin was in The Las Princess

    • FYI, Comment from knetz” even though i don’t like her dress, I turn to love it after that know the reason park shin hye wear this might because she will represent special award for late kim young ae, so wearing a black dress for respect late KYA. Such respectful artis. crt YYSY…

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