Yoochun Moves September 2017 Wedding Locale Due to Fans Booking Up Available Hotel Rooms

I know K-ent is on a wedding roll in 2017 to more than make up for the lack of nuptials in 2016, but one of the upcoming weddings is strange and disconcerting beyond belief. I’m talking about scandal-plagued former topi idol-actor Park Yoochun, who’s rise to the top of the past decade has all but completely erased with a prostitution and sexual predilection scandal in the past year. The legal mess was recently concluded to Yoochun’s favor but doesn’t erase all the salacious tidbits revealed during the process, making many ordinary drama and music fans rather turned off by him. His hardcore fans have stuck by him through thick and thin and apparently love him so much they are descending en masse to his upcoming wedding in September. Yoochun was planning to tie the knot with chaebol granddaughter and blogger Hwang Nana in September at the Shilla Hotel but due to his fans booking up all the rooms for that wedding weekend he has changed the venue. I personally can’t figure out if his diehard fans are there to support oppa getting married or to disrupt the wedding because they can’t handle oppa getting married. Either way, low key is a good idea dude.

Yoochun’s fiancee Hwang Hana has the inglorious distinction now of marrying a young man at the low point of his career and with plenty of bad news baggage. Good luck to her but oh what timing means for everything – if she married him two years ago the world would be impressed with her ability to snag one of the most eligible bachelors in K-ent.


Yoochun Moves September 2017 Wedding Locale Due to Fans Booking Up Available Hotel Rooms — 44 Comments

  1. She might be one of his die hard fans that stick by him through thick and thin. I don’t know whether I should congratulate her or pray for her. Love should never make one blind of the shortcoming of the other person if after knowing it all she still loves him just the same then so be it. She’s the one who is going to enjoy him for assumingly the rest of her life.

  2. And she is the one who told the fans where n when it will be held. She’s a piece of work also.. Good luck to them!!

  3. I think she wants to make surprise that “I’M THE GIRL” but it failed and then she tried to confuse his fans by saying “wrong person” and it’s still not working. So now she agrees to show up??!!

  4. I still think that if it wasn’t for his scandals he would have stay single for a while and continue his promising carreer as an actor . i read somewhere that he talked about retirement… What about his “brothers” of JYJ. From what i see friendship doesn’t exist in this industry ! Only when you’re successful !

    • JYJ is successful in their respective careers. I don’t think being married or retiring could end their friendship or their individual careers.

  5. I’m middle of the road about him, but – sure – I’ll wish them both happiness in their marriage. However, there is no way I believe he would be getting married without the scandal. The whole thing is odd but whatever.

  6. Thought she denied being engaged to him though. Quite confusing.

    Also how did his fans find out the venue. Probably hoping to crash his wedding. He is still shady AF,even though the court ruled in his favour. Within a year he moved from soliciting prostitutes to getting engaged, talk about 180° in life choices. Anyway if they is any bride who needs good wishes and luck it’s her.

  7. What a mess but it’s his life to do whatever he wants with it as long as it’s not criminal. This girl – all I can say is good luck to her. I can’t really understand why you’d want to marry him but it’s her life. Being part of a chaebol family does give you a lot more liberties in life.

    Hopefully these life changes are for the better.

  8. I have been a cassie for so long, and I support all 5 of the boys yet I was terribly disappointed in yoochun’s shady and questionable conduct. I cannot ever accept or condone prostitution because despite its consensual nature, it’s illegal as it is basically taking advantage of a woman’s financial perils while relegating an intimate act to a mere business tradeoff. I was seriously shocked by his indecent and offensive decisions and starting to doubt my preferences in celebrities… tbh this was the first time that any of my long-time favourite entertainment figures had been in a scandal of these proportions and it shows how people can wear a mask and you are truly none the wiser. However everyone deserves second chances and if he really does want to turn over a new leaf, and marriage is for reals and not a crass strategy to salvage his reputation, then I genuinely hope he can turn his life around for good.

  9. Sorry to say this but the girl looks deranged in all of her pictures. It’s not about the physical beauty but her strange aura. Any woman in her right mind would not want a husband who frequents to the prostitutes regardless of how rich, powerful and handsome he is.
    Surprising thing is her family and well-wisher are not stopping her from doing so. Is she really a chaebol’s offspring? How come she suddenly fell in love with this guy. I don’t believe in genuinity of this relationship.

    • I am glad you said that… I am not sure if she will change “husband” as often as she changes her plastic face and body… Love must be blind! But this no longer concerns the general public if YC decides to “retire”, we won’t be seeing anymore of his drama/music and we should leave him alone. He has talent, great talents.. but too bad, he got himself into this big embarrassing mess…

      • I don’t understand why people keep saying that she has a plastic face…have you seen her photos from when she was little? You should see them and then you will understand that is wrong to say that about her.

      • @aya – have you seen her Instagram? Please do more research before you say people are wrong!!

      • @aya – “people keep saying that she has a plastic face” for a good reason. I believe you are the only person who says the opposite… and you are wrong!…. LOLOL…

      • @candycane Yes, I’ve seen her Instagram, I’ve seen her photos from when she was young and I can say that I don’t think she has a plastic face…From those photos you can see her double eyelids, her big eyes, her small chin and everything else. So yes, I don’t think she had ps. Btw, I’m not the only one who thinks that she doesn’t have “a plastic face”, there are others who think the same, especially those who saw her photos from when she was little.

      • totally not convinced! I think she has had many ps’s and not just on her face…

      • @candycane It’s obvious you haven’t seen those photos because if you had seen them you wouldn’t be saying that “she has had many ps”. I’m curious, what makes you think that “she has had ps not only on her face”?

      • @aya, I have my eyes and you have yours. I have already stated what I believe and I will not be convinced. You are so ridiculously annoying! Get off my back and CASE CLOSED!!

      • @candycane You know what, I thought it’s a pity that I can’t post those photos here, but from what I see you are not interested in seeing those photos because it doesn’t matter for you if she had or not ps, you just want to call her “a plastic monster”. I wonder, how would you feel if someone who doesn’t know you, insults you, says bad things about your face and your body based on some photos they saw on your sns account…I bet you won’t like it! And why am I annoying? Because I tried to make you understand that it’s wrong to call this girl “a plastic monster”? Have an advices for you, before insulting people you don’t even know, at least make sure that what you say about their face/body is true!

    • I have to agree the girl does look a bit strange. Everything about this wedding seems more like a publicity stunt than a marriage ceremony. He was partying with prostitutes regularly until he got caught-now all of a sudden he wants to settle down? Hmmn. And his bride-first she denies the engagement, now she doesn’t? Quite surprising that her chaebol family are OK with this marriage to a man who likes to do it in bathrooms with prostitutes. If this really is legitimate, then I feel for his fiancee. Why on earth would you want to get involved with such a man? I can only hope for her sake he doesn’t return to his behaviors.

    • @aya – You are the one calling her “A MONSTER”. I never use such a word! You moron. You must have lots of time defending her. You keep coming back here trying to convince me. I have told you I believe she is plastic and I keep my words. This is not an insult. This is what I see. She is not natural. A lot of people are calling her plastic all over the internet! I am not the only one. I don’t need your advices. Go away!!

      • @candycane You said that “she has had many ps and not just on her face”, so yeah, indirectly you’re calling her “a plastic monster”. In case you don’t know, “a plastic monster” is called someone who has had many ps and that’s what you said about this girl. Are you really trying to say that it’s not an insult saying about someone that “she has had many ps and not just on her face”? Is this a joke? You insulted this girl the moment you said that! How nice of you to call me a “moron” when I never insulted you. I guess insulting people makes you feel better…

      • @aya – your definition of “insult” is certainly very twisted. I am a very direct person, I don’t write things indirectly! Only morons think in an indirect way, and yes, I mean you! I don’t like people twisting my words. There is no winning for you in arguing with me or trying to change my views. She is plastic!

      • @candycane The only thing that’s twisted is your logic! I don’t know if right now you’re just using the “i’m a direct person” card or you actually think that being disrespectful means being “a direct person”…Or maybe that’s how you call nowadays those rude people…I guess we should all throw insults left and right and say that we just tried to be “direct people”. lol I already understood that you don’t care if this girl had ps or not, you just want to insult her!

      • @aya – why would I CARE about her? Maybe you are paid by her to defend her, maybe you are related to her, maybe you are even her! I don’t care!! All I said was she is plastic and SHE IS PLASTIC! If you equate calling someone plastic as an insult, then just don’t go for ps’s. Surgical centres are all over Seoul, aren’t they? Having ps and not admitting it show someone with low self-esteem. You are the only person who keeps coming here trying to twist my words and convince me that she has not had ps’s, but you are wrong. SHE IS PLASTIC!! Your thought process is totally different than mine, that’s why you cannot see nor you cannot understand. FYI – She is plastic, and I keep my direct words.

      • @candycane How is not an insult saying about someone you don’t even know that “she has had many ps and not just on her face”? Or when you made that tasteless joke about changing her husband as often as she change her plastic face and body (or maybe it wasn’t a joke and that was you being “direct”…again). Seriously, do you know her? Were you there when she had ps? I’m asking you because you seem so sure that she had ps. The fact that I told you that there are photos from when she was young that proves that she didn’t have ps but you still didn’t care only shows that you just want to insult her. Why? I don’t know…You tell me! Insulting a person you don’t know just because you can, or because you think it’s fun doing it says a lot about what kind of person you are.

      • @aya- why are you defending for her? Are you her?? This is a joke. As a spectator, I can comment on any pictures that are posted online. I can call this pig fat or this cougar ugly! You are the disrespectful one, replying to my comments everyday trying to defend for her. She is plastic and You are ridiculous!

      • @candycane Wow, I didn’t know that someone can be seen disrespectful just by having a conversation online with another person…interesting…

    • Whoa! I Didn’t know my innocent comment will be fetilizer for a cyber war.
      I just wanted to say her aura seems strange and her family’s approval to this marriage is unbelievable.
      Whatever, if this war helped to release your stress then it’s fine but if it made you more stressed then I’m very sorry. I hope you people are fine.

      • Hi Doit, I am totally fine, I got a good laugh everyday… I didn’t realize my observation would stimulate such a defense from a stranger… so weird!… I cannot believe anyone would defend a stranger in such a persistent way… there are worse comments I have read in the Internet about this woman… maybe I have hit the nerves of one true plastic… LOL…

      • @Doit You don’t need to be sorry…It’s not your fault that @candycane doesn’t know the meaning of the word “respect”!

      • @candycane Are you trying to say that you think that maybe I’m plastic? lol I thought you’re “a direct person”…Why didn’t you tell me directly what you thought about me? Or maybe that’s another one of your tasteless jokes…lol

    • Well I don’t want to intrude into your feud but you should read all of your comments proceeding mine.
      Even though they are loaded with malice but more you read them more you may find them funny. It’s the great paradox.

  10. @aya – You never answer me why you defend for her so much. You always ask me lots of questions with “Why, Why, Why”? Your comments do not deserve any respect from me! I don’t need any advice from a stranger.

    • Why are you so bothered by the fact that I’m defending this girl? You don’t seem to be bothered by those who leave mean comments about her, actually you are using them as an excuse to justify what you said about her. Btw, I’m not the only one who’s defending her, there are others who leave comments on other sites/forums defending her. I guess from your point of view only those who insult her have the right to post mean comments, those who think otherwise should just shut up…right?

      • @aya – another Why question from you? Still you are not answering my question. Why are you so bothered by the fact that I said she is plastic? ?

    • @candycane Don’t pretend like you didn’t ignore my questions. lol I’m defending her because I find ridiculous and unnecessary the amount of hate and insults she’s receiving. And believe me, i’m not the only one who thinks like that. People don’t know her, she didn’t do anything to anyone, yet some people treat her like a person who deserves to be bashed.

      • @aya – I find ridiculous and unnecessary the amount of comments I’m receiving. I do not and will not believe you. You can think all you want. Go defend for her all over the Internet. Do you know her? She looks odd and unnatural. She is plastic.

    • @candycane Well, it’s clear we see things differently. You think she’s plastic based on some photos you saw on her instagram…btw, if you don’t care about her, why did you go to her instagram? I bet this is another question you won’t answer. Lol Anyway, I think she’s not plastic because I saw photos from when she was young and she looks the same. Based on that, I strongly believe she hasn’t had ps. I don’t need to convince you of anything, because it’s obvious that even if you see those photos you will still call her “plastic” just because it doesn’t matter for you if she had ps or not, you just want to insult her because you saw others doing it and think it’s ok if you do the same.

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