MBC 50-episode Drama Bad Thief Good Thief Premieres this Weekend

This weekend is the arrival of new long weekend drama Bad Thief Good Thief, adding a thriller-esque element to the traditional weekend family drama fare. There’s a long childhood portion so those wanting to watch leads Ji Hyun Woo, Seohyun, Kim Ji Hoon, and Im Joo Eun will have to wait a few more weeks but hopefully the childhood portion will be narratively engaging and set the stage nicely for the adults to take over. The drama comes from long time MBC weekend drama screenwriter who wrote May Queen, Golden Rainbow and Glamorous Temptation, I like his works with the right cast and the mood to settle in for a long haul story like I’m geared up for this one.


MBC 50-episode Drama Bad Thief Good Thief Premieres this Weekend — 8 Comments

  1. Seohyun’s acting is a nightmare. She could not even nailed the minor role in Scarlet Heart. May be I am skeptical but I have no confidence even when the male leads are amazing especially Kim Ji Hoon.

  2. UGHHH Im Joo Eun still stuck being the second female lead when Seohyun got a lead role.. what nonsense

  3. Im Joo Eun is seriously underrated, why is she stuck doing supporting roles to bad actresses when she’s a amazing actress.
    I wish someone would just give her a great meaty leading role already!

    • I agree ! In What’s up or Wild Romance she was so good and fun. I don’t understand why she’s always the second lead when the first leads are Suzy or Seohyun. Maybe she should leave her agency and find a new one.

  4. I was skeptic about Seohyun in this but after watching the first ep she was in, the role fits. She might even have been typecasted for it since its a bit reminiscent of her in Ruby ruby love (w/c was good btw). Give her a chance. Idols are usually given polished roles (coz of image stuff). This character is meatier and destroys her image completely, but in a good way. I only hope they continue writing her as an oddball. Seo Joohyun’s quirks shine here. And people shouldn’t just underestimate idols or be prejudiced without watching the show. Peace y’all.

    • Her character was strong initially (as a child and in high school), but became less important after they turned into established adults. In fact, you could argue she made all the dumb FL mistakes that put the ML in bad situations. Really wish they had casted a more experienced actress for this role, because this drama was so suspenseful and fun to watch. Finished it in 2 days.

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