Suzy Slays in Fashionable Off Shoulder Top and Skinny Jeans at Guess Event

Dang, Suzy is legit goals this week at the Guess denim event making all the recent trends work together masterfully. Suzy is the face of Guess jeans in South Korea and showed up to a CF event as a walking masterclass in how to look pretty and comfortable at the same time. She’s back to long hair, likely extensions, paired in a casually sexy shoulder baring smock top that is all the rage this summer. The front tuck inside a pair of skinny jeans with not too much fraying looks fantastic, and she completes the whole look with colorful sandals in hot pink and silver. Not to mention she looks as good in person as her cardboard brand cutout. Nice to see fun and fashionable attire on point with the brand.


Suzy Slays in Fashionable Off Shoulder Top and Skinny Jeans at Guess Event — 11 Comments

  1. Maybe I don’t get fashion but that top looks like she’s wearing a fancy pillowcase with a hole at the shoulder part. I don’t really like this trend, most shops just make those tops totally shapeless just because they expose the shoulders.

    • Same, hate this Bridget Bardot off-the-shoulder trend. Not every girl can pull it off. The quicker this trend dies the better.

  2. I liked her short hair more actually, she looked more mature then. I guess the words of k-netz on her hairdo must have been harsh enough, or maybe it’s the look Guess wanted her to have?? Anyway this outfit looks so cheap and ugly, although it’s probably designer outfit… and whoever drew her lips should go to reflection because they did a terrible job

      • Lol I’m not her fan you dumb hoe, but I still can be rational about dating ’’scandals’’ unlike you pea brain.

  3. The kind of look that i like . Simple yet feminine. It’s Brigitte Bardot and not Bridget @Abc . No need to pay a stylist to wear that! She must has extensions to fit the image GUESS whants and netizens were very harsh towards her short hair cut which i found more actually and fresh . Moon Chae Won was the target of the same comments ! An actress shouldn’t be criticized for her looks but for her performances.

    • Oh yes, it’s Brigitte. Apologies, not French. But still not impressed with off-the-shoulder and a pregnant looking top.

    • just to add the inverted triangle, I knew it this Suzy is a Satanic sell out, a mediocre in eveything gets that fame, only dark magic can pull that off.,tsk.tsk.

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