Sung Yuri Marries Pro Golfer Ahn Sung Hyun This Past Weekend in Surprise Wedding

I’m so glad I cover dating and weddings in my blog otherwise I seriously can’t even remember who got married with so many nuptials in recent months. Actor Ahn Se Ha married his high school girlfriend sweetheart this past weekend which was covered by the media and attended by K-stars, but on the very quiet side former idol turned actress Sung Yuri also got married this past weekend to her pro golfer honey Ahn Sung Hyun.

Sung Yuri as a member of Fin.K.L. was one of the most recognizable girl group idol members of the late 90’s Hallyu era alongside the likes of Eugene from S.E.S., Yoon Eun Hye from Baby V.O.X., and of course her fellow Fin.K.L. member Lee Hyori. Sung Yuri had been dating Ahn Sung Hyun for a few years but their wedding really came as a surprise simply because they didn’t announce it but it’s certainly suitable timing for the late 30’s couple to settle down. Congrats to the lovely bride and her new husband!


Sung Yuri Marries Pro Golfer Ahn Sung Hyun This Past Weekend in Surprise Wedding — 14 Comments

  1. She looks so beautiful!! Her gown is a change from the normal wedding ones and its looks gorgeous on her.And if the article hadn’t mentioned the groom’s proffesion as a pro-golfer, I would assume he was a actor. With his hood looks and physique he can be mistaken as one.

    Wishing them a happy wedded life.

  2. Congrats and my Best Wishes to Yuri and husband.. As Kang Ji Hwan fan it was my dream for Yuri and Ji Hwan to be married in real life but I guess can happen only in kdramaland.

    • She ever dated Song Seung Hun? I thought SSH dated Choi Ji Woo before she dated Lee Jin Wook? Must have gotten something wrong somewhere.

      I always think Sung Yuri is the most beautiful K-actress of her generation. And she is classy. I am happy for her big occasion and wishing her all the success both in personal and professional life.

      • Yup..only for about 8 months. You can read here :

  3. @emilie.yes song seung hun is her ex boyfriend,at that time she was best friends with song hye kyo who was dating lee santa who is best friend to song seung hun.soo 2 best friends dating 2 best friends,whiles ssh and lee santa are still friends to date i dont know what happened between sung yuri and shk,they are not friends anymore.

    i agree with you that her beauty is underrated.she is soo stunning and is in my korea top ten greatest beauty of all time and i am glad that she finds her happiness.

    congratulations to the couple and wishing them a long and prosperous marraige life.

  4. Beautiful dress ( Peace and love vibe). Beautiful couple. Sometimes “less is more” dixit Gabrielle Chanel. Congrats… SES are married, FINKL casi all of them … Baby V.O.X (my fav’s) only one!!!

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