Dispatch Snaps Pictures of Yoochun Cozy with Fiance on a Date

Dispatch is either bored or out of K-couples to out because it’s target this week is a star that has already confirmed his dating status. The tabloid caught disgraced idol-actor Yoochun on a date with his fiance, looking chill and casual as can be. I can totally image K-netizens annoyed as heck with his laissez-faire composure and smoking a cigarette while his lady love gives him a hug. I don’t mind what he does and how he haves in private, and if his honey is good with the way he treats her then that’s fine with me. I’m still curious how he plans to ever have a career comeback with a scandal that may not have legal consequences or reveal an actionable criminal transgression, but still entails the public learning too many salacious and rather kinky preferences about him.


Dispatch Snaps Pictures of Yoochun Cozy with Fiance on a Date — 30 Comments

  1. Eww. He’s holding a cigarette while hugging his fiancée.. how.. romantic. Wasn’t he supposed to have asthma, for which he was exempted from active duty? Seriously, Yoochun just gets disgusting the more articles come out and expose him

    • I personally know 2 asthmatics who smoke. I asked them why they do it and they say they like how it makes them feel (whatever effect nicotine has).

  2. Many asthmatics smoke for some silly reason according to my allergist. Smoking even used to be classified as an asthma treatment! I personally don’t understand the “benefit” of making breathing harder for myself in the future, but some people do.

  3. To Koala * Laissez aller composure. My English is terrible ,so thanks to let me write my comments here. But my french is better.

    • I think, she used it in the way it is used in English! It might be French origin and wrong in French. Nevertheless, it’s common to say it like that. It’s kind of a loan word used differently than in the original language. Let me give you a similar example (’cause I can’t think of another right now). “Handy” is not a mobile phone in English. But it’s exactly like it’s used in German for mobiles. There is no other German word for it. English person might say that’s wrong, when it’s actually very right in German!

      • Thanks @eJc for taking time to explain it. I like to learn things. Sorry Koala. I understand what you mean. “Laisser faire” in France means : to let someone to do what they want.

  4. Well, why bother ? he has nothing to lose now. He can do what he wants . His co stars have always praised him so i guess he is not that bad. Just a person who failed to maintain his image in a conservative society. But i’m not saying that i like his preferences ! If he it was in Hollywood it wouldn’t be such a “drama” … Brad Pitt, JDepp, Ben Affleck…

    • Agree. I am not his fan but he has nothing to lose at this stage since he pretty much has lost everything. Every skeleton has been rattled out of his closet so I believe Yoochun is much more relaxed now – he has no more image to maintain and no matter what he does, the public is to continue to be skeptical and judge him. And I am really annoyed with those comments about smoking. Asthmatic or not, it’s completely ones’ prerogative. My mum has quite a number of illness but she still smokes. She said it is a habit for her to relax. Does smoking equate to one being perceived as an immoral person? Smoking is not even illegal so why the heck?

      • Quite annoyed? I lost my aunt and my cousin to freaking cancer. I have seen many cancer patients, their painful sufferings and their families. Little children vomit all day because of chemotherapy and look like shadows after that, and I’m still just an intern. Sure, just get annoyed.. get annoyed that people have the rightful reasons to hate smoking or cigarettes. My dad is a smoker too, but he’s activly trying to quit and not even trying to excuse it with some bs. I still understand him though, because he grew up in times when smoking for children wasn’t even prohibited

      • Are implying that my mum’s excuse for smoking is pure bs? What annoyed me is that the comments made that “He is asthmatic and he still smokes.” Hey come on, the consequences to be borne by he himself. That is his rights. It’s not even illegal. It makes no sense that people criticize people with sickness for smoking when at the end of the day, they themselves having to bear the aftermath of it. So yes, I am ANNOYED.

      • @Emilie, I did not say your mother is a bad person. I did NOT say that PYC is a bad person because of smoking. He can smoke all he wants, but I’m just a little bit sickened that he would predispose his fiancée to cigarette fumes. I’m sickened by anyone who smoke and predispose other people to that toxic fume. As if we already don’t have impure air to breathe, as if illnesses like cancer aren’t a serious thing. Cigarettes are the biggest contributors to cancer and they also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, worsen asthma and other obstructive lung diseases. Go ahead and stay annoyed, because the truth is too hard for you to swallow apparently. Also, excusing habitual smoking with anything is PURE BS. It’s like excusing habitual drinking (re: alcoholism) or other habitual substance abuse. But that still doesn’t make smokers bad people.. but making others suffer from your cigarette fumes is a garbage thing to do, which was my point

      • My mom also smokes, I don’t like it either, but I long ago stopped offering my advice. She is the Most beautiful, loving person. You do sound extremely judgmental, life is not so black and white, so if you are going to be taking care of people, you better try to understand them. Nobody is ever going to stop smoking when they perceive that you judge them

      • @Judy, I love my dad too who is a smoker. He is a loving and caring father. I don’t hate smokers at all, rather i hate the tobacco industry. Rest assure, we are taught how to handle different patients, and I would never be judgmental of a patient even if their illnesses are caused by lifestyle choices, because, as you said, nothing is black or white. I also consider myself empathetic, even if it may have come across here that I’m small minded and judgmental. My issue is that most smokers know how harmful cigarette fumes are and if they still choose to directly blow in front of someone then you really can’t expect me to feel good about it. Anyone who excuses people who predispose their loved ones (or supposed loved one in this particular case) to toxic fumes are just doing a disservice to all those people who are suffering from the illnesses caused by second hand smoking. I don’t even understand why anyone would feel annoyed for me being sickened by smokers who are inconsiderate lmao

  5. Off of topic : Sung Yuri hold a very private wedding ceremony . she married a pro golfer. Simple yet very beautiful . Every actor i know since my younger days are getting married.

  6. Agreed with Pretty Autumn.To do something cos u have the right to do so without regard to other people is a very arrogant n selfish attitude. I too have witnessed people suffering from lung cancer cos of smoking. It’s a painful death, bringing pain not only to
    himself but also those near him n loved him.

    • Some people are so self absorbed and ultra individualists. Nothing else matters except themselves and their needs. Again, I’m not saying smokers are bad people at all. But if they smoke near other people and blow that fume straight to their faces intentionally, then they’re just selfish. My friend is a smoker, but she’s the most considerate person to do it somewhere where there are no other people in her vicinity. That Emilie got pointlessly annoyed just because I called out PYC for predisposing his fiancée to cigarette fumes….

      • If those are your views, and you are making vastly important point, I would not get offended if you elaborated on what exactly you thought. My mother is a seamstress who after working in a factory hunched over sawing machine eight hours every day, and traveling 4 hours a day on public transportation still came home and sawed for free for our neighbours is a very considerate person, very kind and very loving person. You are judging people through one dimension, how so dehumanizing. First understand the human complexities and vulnerabilities then people might be interested in your medicine.

      • Did you read my comment at all, or did you just straight jump and started making assumptions of my intentions? I do not hate people who smoke. However, I’m not particularly fond of smokers, *who smoke around non-smokers* (!) and possibly cause them different obstructive lung diseases or even cancer. Most smokers should know the effects of second hand smoking and the health issues related and if they still blow those toxic fumes near to their supposed loved ones then I find them very self absorbed

    • @Prettyautumn
      These days, smoking in public is pretty much prohibitted here and there esp in a strict country like South Korea. They even have smoking areas here and there. I believe Yoochun was lighting up at the place where he was allowed to. So, his fiancee came to him and hugged him when he was smoking and all of a sudden he was being considered as disgusting for exposing her to the smoke????? I don’t get you. My mom also a habitual smoker and just because she oftenly smokes around me since those are the times when we were both relaxing and chatting so is it fair to assume she is ignorant? That she could not care less abt my health? This is where tolerance comes in. She does what she enjoys and I don’t mind. I trust the same case with Yoochun and his fiancee here. If the other party is willing, why should she be considered a victim?

      • Okay whatever. I’m just someone who lost family members to cancer. I’m someone whose brother gets bad asthma episodes because of cigarette fumes aside from strong scents and pollen, and he won’t be able to breathe without an inhalator. I’m also just someone working in a field where I have to witness patients going under cancer treatments, which are often pretty painful. I’m also someone who is going to have to tell the family of the patients that there is nothing we can do when chemotherapy or even stem cell treatments won’t help because the cancer has metastasized. I would have thrown away that cigarette stump and then hugged but whatever I guess, because me, me and my own convenience and pleasure. Never have to sacrifice anything for anyone.

  7. If that scandal didn’t come out and he still has that image that he potrays back then. I will be furious right now LOL
    Sigh.. just get married already so that there will be no news. Live a normal life already away from the entertainment circle.
    I find them both annoying.. are they getting married for media play? They are always in the news..

    • media play is my suspicion… someone probably tipped Dispatch to take those unflattering pictures of his bloated face. Ugly!

  8. Give the guy a break. Acting indifferent or exposing his fiancee to smoke is totally lame reasons to continue penalizing him. He still would be excused from heavy duty military since he has asthma whther he smokes or not. Smoking just happened to be a cause to worsen his health. And the fiancee could still develop cancer even when he’s not exposing her to the cigarettes smoke. Being asthmatic and still an occassional smoker myself, I definitely don’t smoke in public but if those people (like my family members) would still clam around me when I smoke, does that even make me a disgusting selfish person at all? Pictures sometimes only tell you part of the story.

  9. Lmao, I was just giving MY opinion how I felt about the situation I saw in those pictures and just wrote sarcastically ”how romantic’’ and people her getting *annoyed* and triggered and calling me judgmental and that I’m seeing things black and white, hinting that I’m immature ad small minded. I already listed MY reasons why *I* felt this way and y’all dimwits still felt the need to misinterpret me and disregarding and looking down upon MY reasons. I had no need to judge your views. I even assured you guys that it’s not all smokers I dislike, it’s the INCONSIDERATE smokers who smoke around non-smokers that I dislike.

  10. Does anyone know if she smokes? Not holding a cigarette in these photos does not mean she is a non-smoker… just curious

  11. @prettyautumn, I’m with you on this topic. I totally hate smokers even if they are walking down a street and by chance I am the one behind him/her. I wasn’t given the choice to inhale or not inhale their cigarette smoke so I just cover my mouth and nose and run ahead of them. Working in healthcare, I have seen too many COPD/cancer/cardiac patients. Their quality of life is just not worth living at their end-of-life but yes, some continue to smoke. It’s their personal choice. I’m fine by it just as long as they smoke within their vicinity. I have heard of all the reasons for continuing to smoke before such as people die anyway, so why be so serious? But, these same people don’t understand me being a non-smoker don’t want to inhale any of your cigarette smoke by choice or no choice. So please do me (and others alike) a favour and find a little cabin to smoke your life out.

    • Thankyou! Finally a perspective from someone who hates it when inconsiderate people blow their fumes to others faces even by accident, and also from someone who’s working in healthcare. It’s as if you can’t even write out your opinion enforced by facts to ultra individualists because apparently to them people have only rights (to do whatever they want with their bodies). They forget that with rights come also the responsibilities….

  12. Smoking is addictive and causes cancer in many cases. There are people who smoke around others knowing that second hand smoke is worse for the person breathing it in, than for the person doing the actual inhaling.

    I have watched Yoochun dance and sing…now that was heavy duty work…so why again was he exempt from active duty? Smoking affects his lungs…were the night clubs, he attended while in the service, smoke free? There are contradictions going on here, which make people wonder…that is all. Who knows why he didn’t think more of himself and his immediate family before he screwed up his life. Maybe he thinks marriage will make him mo re respected/accepted again?

    Smokers are rather selfish, who do they think will help them out when they get cancer? Yes they will need help. Right now they do not require an oxygen tank to breathe, or have a plastic cord being pulled after them…all the time. Or have to wear the plastic tubes up their nose to breathe. at some point, no more vacations or long walks, no more traveling by planes or playing at sports. They won’t feel like going out to eat because it will be just to much trouble. They will have problems with drippy noses too. The list is endless. Oh by the way, asthma is a disease, some people go into remission but the disease never goes away. And yes you can die from asthma attacks….yoochun is careless and reckless….or so it seems….

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