First Teaser for Lost Love in Times with Liu Shi Shi and William Chan Heralds Stylish Romantic Angst

It’s weird how much I still love Liu Shi Shi considering she hasn’t made a single drama or movie I’ve liked in five years, yet the love from Bu Bu Jing Xin and even earlier in Legend of the Condor Heroes is sustenance enough. I always have hope her next drama will be good and this upcoming period romance Lost Love in Times taps from the same well. It doesn’t look bad and I want it to be good, but the excess pageantry and gorgeous but overly costumed and posed scenes are a tad concerning. The director Lam Yuk has helmed plenty of period C-dramas to varying degrees of success including BBJX, Song in the Clouds, The Journey of Flower, and most recently Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. It’s the most recent Three Lives Three Worlds that gives me the most excitement to see the same nuanced sophistication, and William Chan is giving off some Mark Chao vibes here while Shi Shi looks intensely ravishing.

Teaser for Lost Love in Times:


First Teaser for Lost Love in Times with Liu Shi Shi and William Chan Heralds Stylish Romantic Angst — 20 Comments

  1. Arghhh, I can’t stand William Chan. I generally enjoy time traveling genre though I am quite worried with this one, since this would be Liu Shi Shi’s second foray as a time traveler but the male lead simply turned me off.

    • I’ve tried to watch many of William Chan’s dramas, as he’s in many as male lead now days but I can’t finish a single one of them and it’s usually because of him. I think I really dislike his facial expressions, but I’m not sure. However, I’m generally ok with the drama if he’s not the male lead.

  2. My favorite Chinese actress is always Liu Shi Shi. Not only because BBJX is my all time favorite drama but also because of her personality. She is the only actor that doesn’t try to create gossip and drama… even though I don’t like how she is never on variety show and how she hardly ever update her SNS or take selfie. But I think this type of freshness is what attract a lot of people.

    • Am not a fan of LSS but I really like actress that never bothered to become a celebrity. Over-exposure is never a good thing and I admire her for keeping herself in the news for all the right reason. Because really, I am done with celebs begging for privacy when all the time, they are the one who exposed their personal lives to the public. Despite not a fan of LSS, I admire her for her classiness.

  3. Shishi is indeed the “ancient drama goddess”. She looks stunning.
    I like William as well. This summer is gonna be super busy while I try to juggle this, Princess Agents and Rush to the Dead Summer.

  4. Im not feeling this tbh, but LSS is absolutely gorgeous. I like XHQ more as an actor compared to Wc. I do like WC, but not as leading man and definitely not for any large-ish production, no way. I get that he’s popular but all these leading roles are so undeserving. I would have liked Chen Xiao opposite LSS but too much wishful thinking I guess.

    Now the teaser for Princess Agents on the other hand totally sold me. That cast is perfect. The acting and production is gold.

    Also saw last month further teaser for Tribes and Empires. I loved it as I felt it gave a more intimate look into the characters. Hope this drama delivers because I’d feel so cheated if it doesn’t because the cinematography and cast and everything about the trailers promise so much epicness.

  5. Can’t take this show seriously cos of their ugly hair…… why does it have to be so TIGHT??? Even hottie William Chan can’t pull it off.

  6. Looks riveting. I just can’t take this show seriously with the awful hair. Why does it have to be pulled so tightly? Even hottie William can’t pull it off.

    William is gorgeous, especially in Mystic Nine. He needs to have the right role, hopefully this one is. But…I will only know if I can sit through watching him in that horrendous hair. LSS is still gorgeous despite the hair.

  7. Like the actress, love the director and have never heard of the actor. But how about the writer? That’s really what will make it work. This looks like it is really well done so I will give it a go.

  8. I love Liu Shishi, so I can’t wait for this. William Chan is a hit or miss with me, but hopefully he does well in this. This looks like a romance that is going to rip my heart apart.

  9. Does anyone know when this will air? I really want to check this out because of LSS. I knew about her before BBJX but BBJX made me love her. So much that I will check out each one of her dramas. BBJX has definitely been her best work but I really hope it is not the only work that defines her, would love if this one becomes another hit

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