Gu Hye Sun Makes First Public Appearance Since Leaving K-drama You’re Too Much Due to Illness

It’s been over a month since K-actress Gu Hye Sun unexpectedly and unfortunately had to bow out of weekend drama You’re Too Much due to needing hospitalization and treatment for a serious allergic digestive disorder. Her role was taken over by Jang Hee Jin and I’m not sure if the transition was seamless for the drama since I wasn’t watching, but on the personal front I’m happy to see Gu Hye Sun back in the limelight after resting and recovering for the past month. It’s even more reassuring that she’s married to hubby Ahn Jae Hyun who by all accounts dotes on her so she had someone by her side this entire time to take care of her. She made her first public appearance this weekend at a department store signing event for a painting exhibit called “Honeymoon Stories”, where her work was chosen for display along with those of a handful of other K-stars. I actually like her paintings though her pale peach color dress washes her out and I loathe the stylist that gave her such shoddy bangs and dried out hair tips.


Gu Hye Sun Makes First Public Appearance Since Leaving K-drama You’re Too Much Due to Illness — 12 Comments

  1. she’s pretty, her style sometimes looks so off, but this one is acceptable as long she’s not standing behind white wall,i guess. maybe she should wear some accessories to make the dress stand out and not too pale.

    i feel that she done her own make up and she did not go to hairstylist, so the hair looks a bit mess.

  2. Her hair and makeup is really bad. I get that pale skin is the standard of beauty in Korea, but she should add more tones and blush to her makeup. She looks like a geisha in some of these photos here.

  3. I know she’s been ill, but man she looks like a corpse in those pictures above! The effect of her paper white skin and long unkept looking hair and the subtle sickly look on her face make her look like a corpse or a goth doll

  4. Poor thing, she probably just threw this together with whatever energy she had. She really does look sick (and not because of her skin, you can see it in her face). Hope she feels 100% healthy soon.

  5. I think, she really likes this kind of makeup. She should hire a better makeup artist, maybe pony can make a change. I mean, we see so many k-actresses and not all of them look this ‘white’. She has this look since forever.

    Well, get well soon. She looks a bit tired. Her eyes tho. But u know, at least, she’s an actress.

    • Not sure with all the comments about her being so white due to make up. I think GHS has always been known for her extremely milk white skin (even her hands looks the same color as her face and neck). Maybe, with her being not in a good health couple with BB cream + the natural skin color..makes it even whiter.

      • But she has a professional makeup artist. When you look so tired, using makeup to make you cheerful. When you have some fat on face, makeup can make your face smaller. You know, when you have that milky white skin, there’s always a way to make you not look like a ghost or too pale. Makeup can make someone prettier. I wonder if there are some ppl who comment about her makeup or not. Or everyone around her thinks she’s super pretty with this makeup? Cuz i think, she’s prettier with natural makeup. Just saying.

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