Ha Ji Won Voted Worst Onscreen Kisser in Hilarious K-netizen Poll

This is a rather ignominious list to win but it’s a pretty funny worst list to be on and also plenty of opportunity to improve. K-actress Ha Ji Won was voted the worst onscreen kisser but a huge margin, with second place going to Kim Tae HeeKang Dong Won coming in third, and a gaggle of straggling kissers in 4th place including Han Ga In, Jung Chae Yeon, Gu Hye Sun, and Park Shin Hye. I can’t say I disagree with any of the names on this list but more like I would re-order the list, and if list was broader there would be many more names I would toss on as dead fish puckers onscreen.

It does ruin a romantic moment when the kissing sucks, sometimes it’s due to the PD directing the lovers to just peck, but other times it’s supposed to be a passionate deep kiss and the lack of movement and participation of one side sucks the air out of the romance. Poor Ha Ji Won just seems stiff and unable to relax in her kissing scenes, and acting opposite majorly awesome kissers like Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Lee Jin Wook, Ji Chang Wook, et. al just makes it more unfortunate. Maybe she’ll get better once she gets married in real life and uses that experience for onscreen realism.


Ha Ji Won Voted Worst Onscreen Kisser in Hilarious K-netizen Poll — 74 Comments

    • What dramas have you seen of Park Shin Hye??? Don’t tell me your judgement is based on Heirs only. I actually agree with k-netz, HJW is a stiff kisser.

      • Does it matter which dramas? Every kiss up to Pinocchio is cringe worthy.

      • PSH is pretty bad a kissing tho. I thought LMH was a bad kisser then I watched LoBS then I realized it’s BBC he didn’t have much to work with in Heirs

      • Bcz those replyers didn’t see pinocchio nor doctors nor flower boy next dramas to admit she is willing to kiss Bcz they are haters so don’t reply on non fans called themselves as the philosophers of Korean dramas they will keep commenting “she can’t kiss” Bcz the ignorance

    • I agree. PSH looks always looking like she’s cringing. I’m sure the direction she’s given in every kiss scene isn’t “think creeper’s got you”. She’s an actor, she’s supposed to pretend to like the lead. Not only when she actually likes the lead (Pinocchio). And I like her as an actress, I see her faults. Some can’t cry, emote anger without bug glare, or play drunk (seems to be the first thing to learn), PSH can’t kiss.

      • Are you saying PSH was good with her kiss scene with LJS  only because she was supposedly dating him?? Lololol, okay she must be dating Kim Rae Won now because Doctors kiss scenes were even better hahhahah

    • Agree with you @Nilechocolate, it’s almost like PSH is the most famous Korea actress so let’s jump on her and name her. They are biased on their perceptions. They haven’t watched enough of other Kactresses acting.

      • You think , no the exact word is you Didn’t see or won’t admit she is kissing like a normal person in doctors but haters don’t have minds to think .

    • Why keep sterotype PSH is a bad kisser? Maybe in her early days drama, she was but she’s improving in Pinocchio and especially in Doctors. Thanks to KRW, he’s a great kisser and he lead her well but good kiss scene is a give and take, both actor and actress have responsibility so please watch the drama before any judgement and highly recommend to watch the dcut version of Doctors. Their kiss is sensual.

  1. I wouldn’t call HJW’s fridge kiss with Lee Seung Gi TK2H a dead fish pucker though. I fact she was partcipative in most if not all the kisses in TK2H.

  2. Park Shin Hye definitely deserves to be on this list though. Ha Ji Won is a great actress though, I love the way she looks at her leading men…

    • My TOP 5 :

      1) PSH
      2) Han Ga In
      3) HJW
      4) Shin Se Kyung
      5) GHJ – although I saw some lip movement in Jealousy Incarnate otherwise she would have been one of the TOP 3.

      • i wouldnt list GHJ- she had such hot kissing scenes in It’s ok thats love, opposite Jo In Sung. Yes to all the rest on your list. I maybe would say its a tie among the top3

      • U r right. How could I forget about IOTH!!! Awesome kisses. I need to take her off the list now.

  3. On the contrary, I don’t enjoy passionate open mouth kiss scene for Asian actors. I have no issue watching Hollywood actors in total making-out scenes but I really do feel uncomfortable watching Asian actors doing so. So yeah, I like what HJW has been giving us and she still sell the romance to me even with that constricted kiss.

      • Hahaha I laughed so hard with this statement.

        Those actresses don’t do open mouth kisses. I think we are talking arms hanging limply, lips still, eyes open or closed kissing. Some participation even pressing lips towards the male would be movement. We are not ambitious about open mouthed passionate kissing. It won’t pass the NC 15 rating for the 2155hrs dramas.

      • God, this made me laugh so hard. But in Korean films we do get proper kissing , so I guess it’s a dramaland thingy?

  4. I always found it weird as to why fans would get so worked up on how a drama would have couples kiss, and then go on to say it wasn’t hot enough. Funny how back in the early 80’s Hong Kong family drama including wuxia such as the ’83 condor heroes or other hit Hong Kong dramas that are considered classics today did not have anyone kissing, and yet those are the most memorable dramas and the ones that are held as a barometer to >30 years later.

    • Kang dong win had a passionate kissing scene with Song Hye Kyo in Camellia, Love for Sale.

      But if his other movies, he doesn’t prefer to have romantic scenes.

      Camellia is the exception?

  5. The problem isn’t lack of deep kissing. Even without kissing you can make your audience hot and bothered:) The problem is the basic male-female structuring of K-dramas which gives a woman very little agency, even suppressed sexual longing is not allowed. Plus the ridiculous style of shooting kisses.

    Despite this actresses like YEH, Shim Mim-a, Park Bo-young and Yoo In-na bring both spunk and passion to a romance (YEH being the best, girl knows how to commit to a role even in the worst cases). Actresses like Moon Chae-won seem to be able to convey passion without much kissing. On the other hand I adore GHJ but her one fault is her prudishness with kissing. She is a good enough actor to cover it up but there is no denying her inability to truly bring out a passionate side.

    I haven’t seen many K-dramas so my list is not definitive. Movies are different of course, especially K-movies which tend to Restricted rating.

  6. I am not a good kisser to my hubby as well so I’m not complaining. I agree with HJW as a queen of worst kisser every single kiss were cringeworthy. lmao! PSH has redeemed herself in her last drama so she improved a lot kudos to her

    • I have this feeling that PSH skipped all the acting classes, just showed up to a class that had agonized emotion to portray. She is exactly same character in all her dramas…

      • Wow, Judy. You have this *feeling* wow, you must be 110% right because you have a feeling!1! She is completely different in her dramas, except You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings, but the only thing similar in her characters is that they have a similar outer appearance and same voice lol

  7. but best kisser actresses havent got hit dramas and they will seem cheap by the every drama role coz of making out with many actors. You could argue. but this is the logic going on. actresses are saving themselves for the their long careers. For me kisses doesnt have to so good but they look good whey they have feeling to their kisses.

  8. Also only project i dont like much of Ha Ji Won is her last drama where she lacked chemistry with the main actor. Others are such good works, doesnt matter the kisses are bad. Her every co-star got famous after working with her and other actors dream to work with her. Ha Ji Won is a queen of acting for me. I didnt like the deep kiss between Choi Ji Woo and Kwong Sang Woo in Temptation, would have liked if they had one in Stairway to the heaven though.

    • Yeah an actress doesn’t have to be a good kisser to be a good and successful one. Fans act like some people are the worst actress just because they can’t kiss, when that is only less than 15mins out of 10-20 hours of screentime.

  9. Lol for all the shit fans give to PSH (see above), it turns out that she isn’t the worst. You can’t argue about her popularity giving her more negative criticism either, since Ha Ji-won, Kim Tae-hee and Han Ga-in are as popular, if not more, than her.

    • There is no evidence HJW, KTH and HGI are more popular than PSH. That is just your opinion. My own opinion is 95% if not 100% of the current Kdrama audiences would have seen a drama with PSH because she just happens to have acted with the current IT males. However, only 60% of audience would probably have only seen HJW, HGI dramas because when was the last time they had a big impact drama? This means PSH has a bigger audience and more people naming her. People Shouldn’t discredit her improvement in kisses.

  10. Oh interesting, I never thought that Ha Ji Won would come in first but then again I haven’t really watched her dramas. The first person that came onto my mind were Park Shin Hye and Song Hye Kyo LOL but i guess they improved. I remember Song Hye Kyo kiss scenes were horrible back in Full House. Maybe she got better after dating Hyun Bin lol xD I’m also surprised Kim Tae Hee got second place; I remember her kisses with Kim Raewon in Love Story in Harvard were so swoony for 2004 haha

      • song hye kyo and song joong ki dated??? where in the world did you read that, was there a proof? pls verify what you read before believing it’s true…

      • Song Hye Kyo had passionate kissing scene with Kang Dong Won in Camellia, Love for Sale.

        From there she improved a lot

  11. Agree, they are no good kissers ! But it doesn’t affect their popularity and the fact that they always have projects. Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Sun Ah , still the best for me ! As for the actors they are casi all good kissers !

  12. To shitty haters please don’t bark like dogs if you don’t watch park shin hye’s dramas doctors , pinocchio nor FBND to defend your bias or to make her cool please don’t act like you know everything bcz you don’t know anything .

  13. I think YEH and Kim Sun Ah are both great kissers, I also like Gong Hyo Jin. And I don’t think Song Hye Kyo is a bad kisser either.

    I concur that Ha Ji Won and Kim Tae Hee are both bad on screen kissers

  14. PSH fans need to calm down. We are not haters because we’re stating our opinions. PSH did improve on her kissing but that’s mainly because her male lead has always been a great kisser. We acknowledge that she has been trying to do better. Just because someone share a different opinion as you doesn’t make them a hater. We know you love Unni so much but PSH is pretty and is a great actor. She is not going to be perfect at everything since she’s human after all. Damn y’all are quick to label hater this, hater that after one criticism. I’m starting to see that you are too liberal with the word.

    • ’’but that’s mainly because her male lead has always been a great kisser’’ Lol you first said that Lee Min ho is a good kisser in LOBTS but now you say that she kisses good only because of her male lead and I’m assuming you didn’t like Heirs kiss scenes. What is the TRUTH then. Did she kiss good because her male lead is a good kisser or is Lee Min Ho a bad kisser?? I can’t believe we live the year 2017 and people are (mainly international kdrama fans) are bitching about PSH being such a bad kisser and therefore a bad actress and any improvement she has made must be because of -welp- the swoony ’’goodkisser’’ male lead !1! Also people looovee to forget that she does according to what the directors want. She had bad kissing in YAB and HS, well guess what? So did her male leads. Let’s stop blaming only her when it takes two to tango!

      • It’s obvious this person is a hypocrite. LMH handled that Heirs kiss scene really badly. He admitted in interviews that he’s an actor that concentrates on himself only. YAB was bad editing because from the BTS, JKS and PSH actually kissed without that wide-eyed stare and at the time there was so much gossip about passing a candy between them during the kiss imitating the Iris kiss.

      • First of all ive already acknowledged that she’s a beautiful and good actress. Heirs was a drama that aired years ago. I was actually talking about Her recent drama doctors where her male lead has alway been a great kisser so probably followed his lead showing that she has actually been trying.
        The director can tell you the feelings a kiss is trying to convey but they don’t actually kiss for you. Previous to Pinocchio the girl has alway like she is a statue being kissed. She was a terrible kisser and again that’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree or like it. That’s why it’s an opinion everyone is entitled to it.

  15. Holy shit, I watched Doctors and I gotta say that those kiss scenes would make any girl pregnant! I wonder if KRW and PSH are dating, cause especially episode 18 kiss was really hot..
    And Ha Ji Won deserved her first place with that kiss scene with Lee Jin Wook, that was possibly the worst kiss scene I have ever seen and Heartstrings kiss scenes come right after. At least Heartstrings excuse is that it was a teen drama and Jung Yonghwa was more horrible, whereas HJW and LJW were adults in their thirties…

  16. Taiwanese actresses are the best hands down when it comes to kiss scenes in Asian dramas… It seems to me that in kdramas women are meant to be devoid of passion, wanting skinship with your man seems to be taboo… Body language says it all: still body like a I, hands glued on the kisser’s shoulders, lips permanently closed and head tilted to ONE side. Overall there are maybe 5 actresses in kdramas who actually ENJOY kissing…

    • Only the male lead is allowed to show his desire. If a female lead shows desire and passion, then she must be a promiscuous woman. Nothing bad in being a sexually confident woman, so I don’t understand why directors insist making the actresses open their eyes and act shocked and surprised when they get kissed. K-dramas need to slowly evolve from this and make female leads initiate and be as wanton as the male lead.

    • Omg, Taiwanese actresses are miles ahead of Korean actresses in terms of kissing skills…Most of them are passionate in their kisses and you might start wondering if they are dating IRL because they are so damn convincing. Obviously there are still a few deer-in-the-headlights kisses, but it’s usually due to actual surprise in that scene or played for laughs.

  17. Agree, HJW, so bland in kissing. PSY, was good in Doctors. Yoon – In Nah Queen In Hyun Man, was the best kiss for me. Runner-up Oh Hae Young and Romantic Doctor kiss. Ah, the girl friend of kim wo bin was also very good in her kissing sceness in her last drama. Go Ara should also win in that worse kiss.

  18. I want best kisses , but i dont disagree with the list , but in asian dramas taiwan drama have the best kisses , then tvn dramas,and coffee prince and lie to me

  19. The kisses should be evaluated by the context of the character….if one is a HS student or naive /innocent ….then having the wide eye,conservative kiss is acceptable. If one is more mature, more sophisticated, then the kisses should also show….but I agree, it’s the director who directs, the actors act, right? Or should they disagree with the director just to show us that they can kiss! ? People should probably watch PSH in Goong 2, she did kiss like a vixen she was supposed to be,although still a young one that time. Most comments are because of TH drama probably because it was seen by many, but should watch other dramas as well to form a more honest evaluation. I haven’t noticed HJW in her kisses but I will, now!

  20. i think for every drama the 1st kiss should get a pass, because it is usually the guy forcing it and the girl acts shocked liked she had no idea. We should judge on the 2nd kiss. Still I think the bad awkward kissing after the first is the actor’s problem. I agree with ha ji won and park shin hye’s earlier works.

  21. PSH haters everywhere. There’s still room for improvements you guys and she’s redeemed herself in her last drama so, #ztopthehate

  22. Who cares about ha ji won kissing skills. She has alot more skills that’s useful and fabulous skill as an actress. Besides tittle for worst kisser is cute 😉

  23. Kim Tae Hee on the list!? Wtf !? What about ‘Love story in harvard’, ‘Iris’, and the kiss in airplane from the drama ‘My Princess’??? She is definitately a great kisser, at least better than me!

    • I remember Secret Garden, the party kiss and honeymoon kiss were nice… with Ha Ji Won in it. But Then I saw Ha Ji Won in ‘the time we were not in Love”, and the kissing scene with her was super awkward! She never responded.. I guess she didn’t feel enough comfortable with her co-star?*

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