Whisper Nearly Breaks 20% in Final Week as Lookout and Fight My Way Premieres to Low Ratings Start

Three new K-dramas premiered this Monday and it wasn’t even a close shot for the direct competitors in the prime time slot. SBS is airing the final week of legal thriller Whisper and nearly broke 20% ratings in this second to last episode, garnering 19.2% AGB nationwide viewership to set itself up nicely to maybe break the barrier tomorrow with the final episode. KBS had Fight My Way and MBC aired Lookout, and neither episode posed a threat to Whisper’s lead. Lookout barely edged Fight My Way for second place, taking 6.0% ratings to Fight’s 5.4% premiere. It’s actually over on cable that a new drama made a meaningful splash as sci-fi K-drama Circle: Two Connected Worlds got 2.883% in its first episode, which is nearly a double jump from the average ratings of predecessor The Liar and His Lover

I’m traveling for work so haven’t had a chance to check out all three new arrivals but plan to by this weekend. Which ones look the most interesting after the first episode?


Whisper Nearly Breaks 20% in Final Week as Lookout and Fight My Way Premieres to Low Ratings Start — 12 Comments

  1. This Mon-Tue timeslot of SBS always win in these years with legal and medical dramas, but new drama will be a rom-com sageuk. I still think SBS will win again with My sassy girl because of rating magnet joo won. They can always bring a rating magnet from jisung to lee bo young to joo won.

  2. I have predicted the result tbh. None of the two premiering dramas have that inviting factor. I predict My Sassy Girl is to continue SBS’ leading streak in this timeslot.

  3. So happy for Yeo Jin Gu (hope I spell his name correctly). It is time for him to show that he is an ardent actor who relies on his prowess acting than his look to be popular. Drama God, please let the drama has a steady rating throughout its run.

  4. I really thk Whispher can cross 20% in its finale. And somehow total viewers on weekdays nowdays tend to linger below 35% of total household in total in korea. if Whispher nears 20, theres only like 15% or less to split between the other two drama.
    Sageuk tends to do quite well but sassy girl is a romcom so i dont know. I hope Lookout increases in rating because the storyline is pretty gd and i like the team vibes n vigilante premise.
    I’m happy circle premiered to awesome ratings. nearly 3%, which is the ratings promise the cast promise to deliver coffee to first 300 people. will e cute if they reach this feat tonight although i read comments that Naver netizens complained some in ep2 (which was bit disjointed n feels diff to ep1).

  5. Foe now, nothing can beat Suspicious Partner in my mind 😀

    But I will try Circle, Lookout and Fight My Way. For Sassy Girl, I’m not sure…

  6. Fight my way is so much fun. Both the leads and the secondary cast have solid acting and the chemistry between our OTP is great too.

    Didn’t go into the drama expecting much but I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I was enjoying it, 1 hour flew by in an instant.

    I hope it continues to go up from here on.

  7. Im surprised that Rebel was actually holding Whisper audience, hence the jump. Surprised that My Way comes last.

    Circle is messy. But Yeo Jin Goo is amazing. Like the director said its perfect acting. He is better Yoo Seung Ho. While YSH is messy crying on Ruler, YJG crying in control, he does everything just right. His feature is amazing. He has come so far on just few years.

    I like Kim Ji Won acting on this. You can see she is very capable lead. I love Ji Jin Hee and Kwak Dong Yeon cameo. Ji Jin Hee looks so pretty, i hope she gets her chance soon. I wonder why KDY didnt get much jobs after moonlight, hes quite good.

    One thing does bother me is the color tone of all three dramas. They are all blur, not clear like Ruler. Kdrama use it color tone so much lately. Whats wrong with using just bright color?

    • Ssam My Way cast is good and PSJ is okay, KJW acting is good but the timing of this show is unfortunate…

    • Rebel is actually really good, for a sageuk drama with rookie leads and no A list or super famous cast to have scored 14 percent without a romance centric story, is quite something.

      Fight My Way was at 2nd place for ep 2, it had 6 percent while Lookout got 4.8 I think. Modern youth trendy dramas don’t get high ratings anyway so I won’t be surprised if FMW isn’t a ratings hit.

      But I really enjoy watching Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won together, they have great chemistry and she is so good as a lead.

  8. Whisper is just ok, I’m guessing Koreans just like this genre.

    I really liked all 3 of the newer dramas and I think their ratings will continue to increase. What .matters .most is that they are good so far.

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