Oh Yeon Seo Beautifully Pulls off the Cheese in the Trap Hong Seol Hairstyle

The movie version of Cheese in the Trap attempts to rectify the sidelining of Park Hae Jin‘s male lead character and propel the story forward into the college years beyond. Too bad movie productions take time because a year ago this release would have scratched the itch and mollified many frustrated Cheese fans. With that said, the time gap calms everyone down and allows the movie to arrive on its own terms later this year, and judging from the frozen in time exactitude of Park Hae Jin as male lead Yoo Jung to K-actress Oh Yeon Seo aptly taking over for Kim Go Eun as Hong Seol the movie is starting off on the right foot. The new stills of Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Seol continue to look fantastic, she has less of a deer in headlights vibe of Kim Go Eun’s college era Seol, and the more fashionable less frizzy hairstyle helps place her as a confident working woman.

Oh Yeon Seo doesn’t just have the movie Cheese coming out, this week she debuts as the sageuk version of My Sassy Girl, also trying her best to create a new or updated version of a character that another actress has first played memorably. Wishing her the best of luck and keep rocking both the modern and sageuk looks so beautifully!


Oh Yeon Seo Beautifully Pulls off the Cheese in the Trap Hong Seol Hairstyle — 9 Comments

  1. She’s really beautiful no doubt but I think Kim Go Eun was more like the character in the manhwa younger and ordinary.

    • Really? I never watched the show just clips of the kiss scene she initiated in the car and I though wow this is so not her. Seol is super trendy, very girl crush don’t mess with me, don’t take no BS type of girl. Especially the way she stands up to Jung is 100% OYS

  2. I didn’t understand why the drama production made Kim Go Eun have that frizzy hairstyle. It wasn’t even Hong Seol hairstyle.
    I’m not really feeling the movie adaptation. Is it good enough for it to be a movie?

  3. Maybe it’s because it’s been awhile since I read chapter 1 and 2. I breezed past thru 3 and I’m on 4 right now. Seol has great fashion sense and her hair is really pretty. I wouldn’t describe her as shy at all, she does a good job standing her ground especially against the psycho gold digger which impresses me.

  4. I actually like Kim Go Eun’s portrayal as Hong Seol. But I also like Oh Yeon Seo as an actress and wish that her version of Seol will be good, too!

  5. Luv OYS and she’ll slay the role of Hong Seol. One of OYSeo’s monikers is “Chemistry Queen”, so I’m excited 2 see how her w/ PHJ.

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