Whisper Breaks the 20% Ratings Mark in Final Episode and Successfully Continues SBS Mon-Tues Dominance

An achievement on the final day is still an achievement nevertheless so the cast and crew of Mon-Tues SBS drama Whisper can pat themselves on the back for finally crossing the 20% AGB nationwide ratings mark. The final episode 20 hit 20.3% ratings, well below it’s predecessor Defendant’s last episode ratings of 28.3% or even earlier with Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim which got 27% in the final episode. But it stills continues SBS’s dominance in the Mon-Tues time slot which in the last year was only marred by the misfire that was Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo while Doctors was a big summer hit. Up next is sageuk remake My Sassy Girl which doesn’t look like a hit but is also going up against weak ratings in new arrival competition of Fight My Way and Lookout. It’ll be interesting to see which relative newbie comes out on top next week.

The second episode ratings flipped between the second and third place dramas – Fight My Way came out in second place for episode 2 with a slight rise to 6% ratings while Lookout fell as it’s bifurcated episodes 3 and 4 took in 4.6% and 4.8% ratings respectively.


Whisper Breaks the 20% Ratings Mark in Final Episode and Successfully Continues SBS Mon-Tues Dominance — 6 Comments

  1. My Sassy Girl will still be no 1, may be start something like 12% because its sageuk and joo won. From the first 2 episodes, Fight My Way wont be a huge hit, the drama is ok, the rating might increase a bit. For now I prefer wed-thu dramas.

    • Fight My Way may gets good mouth to mouth review in the coming weeks (it’s a breezy watch with good looking casts) and I am hoping it will surpass 10% like Shopping King Louis did. For youth romcoms, I think it cannot surpass anything a lot more than that.

  2. hmm its hard to predict for next week. Maybe 9% for Sassy Girl and because the viewers fro, Whisper needs to decide what to watch, the other 2 dramas from MBC and KBS may benefit. In a perfect world i did be glad if all three drama get 10% each. Lookout may still be rough around the edges but theres intrigued and alot of story to tell. im looking forward to watching them perfrom vigilante wonders as a team

  3. I didn´t watch the drama.
    But I guess I´ll just watch the first episode, evn though legal dramas aren´t my forte.

  4. Joo Won seems to be in positive light nowadays because he enlisted to army.Not to mention his Good Doctor getting US Remake,which was hot topic once and everyone is feeling proud abt it.So,I think Like most of his any other dramas(minus Nodame remake),the drama might get quite a good ratings for episode 1.If that continues or not depends on drama itself.I hope it does,because JW is my bae and his drama needs to do well to continue his success.

  5. Now if you want to watch a drama like Whisper, many sites want you to pay…the actors lose some of their audience because of this.

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