Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Starts Treatment

I don’t even have words for this surreal and truly upsetting K-ent breaking news story – Hallyu model-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with cancer and has halted his activities to start treatment. It’s shocking to hear that at 27 years old Kim Woo Bin is suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, but luckily it’s just in the early stages which is always a sigh of relief in the maelstrom of any cancer diagnosis. This sad news has a reel to real feel to it since in Kim Woo Bin’s last drama Uncontrollably Fond he played a young top actor diagnosed with a brain tumor coming to grips with all the unresolved love and life matters he tries to resolve. I’m not saying Kim Woo Bin is about to perish but the word cancer remains a scary spectre no matter how early it’s caught so my deepest wishes go to Kim Woo Bin on a full and complete recovery.

Those curious about the exact nature of the cancer:

“Nasopharyngeal cancer is a rare type of head and neckcancer. It starts in the upper part of your throat, behind the nose. This area is called the nasopharynx. Thenasopharynx is precariously placed at the base of your skull, above the roof of your mouth.”

The high risk group is apparently men, with Asian men in a greater percentage, and unhealthy eating and life habits such as drinking and smoking can have an impact. But like all cancers it can also be genetic with family history of the cancer playing a part.


Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Starts Treatment — 20 Comments

  1. Its always difficult to digest the news of one having cancer whether celebrity or not.

    Hoping that treatment goes well for Kim Woo Bin and receives a full recovery.

  2. Working with cancer patients and once having cancer brings this so close to home for me. Praying for Kim Woo Bin. Be strong

  3. This is awful, he must be so scared. I hope the treatments are successful and that he makes a full recovery.

  4. i feel awful right now. i was actually waiting for another drama project soon from him. get well soon woo bin ah

  5. He is so young to have this diagnosis. My heart goes out to him. Luckily it is in the early stages. Get well soon!!!

  6. When I read the news i was wow he is so young and then I remember his last drama and I was in awe how life can be this ironic.

    The good thing is that he is young, seems pretty strong and have good humor, staying positive is key to survive any illness. I will keep him in my prayers so he can dind the strength he needs to survive this cancer and for his recovery.

  7. it was surreal when i read it yday. I almost hope it was misreported. Prayers for him and his loved ones. Cancer no matter what stage is hard to digest, and hard to imagine the emotional turmoil him, his family is feeling. Hope for a succesful treatment and be cancer-free n in remission soon

  8. I’d seen enuf of cancer patients to be surprised and convinced that the willpower is the TURNING POINT!
    I’d seen a friend who’s in the fifties, who survived 4th stage cancer.
    They all faithfully go for treatment.
    Those that survived confessed that they wanted to stay alive because they refused to leave their loved ones behind. They must live on so that their loved ones won’t be alone in this world. Somehow this confession became their willpower.
    This is the TURNING POINT!
    Kim Woo Bin, who says you can’t kick this “stalker”
    I witnessed cancer patients have their TURNING POINT!
    You too!

  9. Until now I can’t seem to move on with KWB diagnosis of NPCA. I hope he will get through this. But knowing the prognosis.. ??

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