Yunho Signs on as Leading Man in New Drama Melo Holic from PD of Another Oh Hae Young

My timing now seems spot on when I covered Yunho‘s return from the military recently and first magazine spread in this month’s Arena Magazine. I mentioned that he’s likely going to return to his acting side job along with his idol day job as a member of the duo DBSK and mere days later it’s confirmed that he’s going to tackle acting soon. Yunho will be the male lead for upcoming K-drama Melo Holic, adapted from the same name Korean webtoon. It’s about a male lead with the ability to sense people’s thoughts and feelings through touch which makes his cold and cynical, but one day he meets the female lead with a split personality right after she loses her first love and falls for her. It sounds like a typical webtoon type romance and will his first such male lead role as in recent years he tried out more dramatic fare like Queen of Ambition and The Night Watchman’s Journal.

The PD for Melo Holic is definitely on my check out list, having directed Introverted Boss, Another Oh Hae Young, and Marriage Not Dating. No word yet on what network Melo Holic will air on but an early pick for tvN seems like a smart guess.


Yunho Signs on as Leading Man in New Drama Melo Holic from PD of Another Oh Hae Young — 15 Comments

  1. I read about this yesterday, I suddenly remember your posting about him a few days ago.. and I was like.. Omg..Ms Koala jinxed it!! Lol..

  2. Gosh!!!! He’s such a terrible actor and he’s carrying this drama? He can’t emote AT ALL. Can’t imagine him trying to act cold and cynical. Especially when he had been in the army for 2 years, and having no chance of him improving his acting, unless he had acting lessons in the army lol. Although the PD’s past works were good, but I think I’ll pass.

      • Oh… she was not particularly good there… not bad, but she didn’t shine like the leads… What do you think of her as a lead here?

  3. He has done a Rom/com before. It was a SBS/Naver Cast one “I Order You”. 12 Episodes about 25 min each. I found him kind of flat in that but I like the PD so willing to give it a shot.

  4. actually I thought he had improved a lot as an actor in record of the nightwatchman. I also like the fact that he keeps trying to act maybe he hopes he will get it right one day

    • I am not sure if he is trying to act or his agent needs him to work. Since his other group member is still serving, his agent has to sign him up for something to bring in the money!! Sigh… ?

  5. I don’t understand the choice of the Directors… I really like Yunho as a person but not as an actor. If he wants to act to get better, it’s ok. But why as a lead ?

  6. Slick, sexy and the beast when performing. I didnt hate his Heading to the ground with Go Ara as much as other people. I think it is rare chance to such big idol to watch in a drama for 16 hours, lucky fans i think. I also love Paradise Ranch with Max Chang Min and Lee Yeon Hee strangely enough that drama is my reruns drama folder.

  7. Let hope he took some intense acting classes from a few fellow soldiers. Although he wasn’t so bad in the action department of he’s last drama. Maybe he should stick those kinds.

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