tvN Drama Bride of the Water God Releases Second Fish Tank Romantic Meeting Teaser

The powers that be at tvN better have a good reason for doing a teaser scene for upcoming drama adaptation of Bride of the Water God that straight up ripped off a key scene from the teen angst adaptation Romeo+Juliet. The moment a fish tank came into play I was transported back to Leo and Claire and their magical eye meeting moment, but something so iconic can only be used as inspiration and never copied nearly exactly. But that’s what it appears here as leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung admire a fish tank and then find themselves admiring each other. I find these two drama leads pretty and continue to give them a chance to improve their acting and impress me, but even a beautifully filmed scene with a charged moment feels less impressive when I see it lifted directly from another work. Do better next time, tvN!

Second teaser for Bride of the Water God:


tvN Drama Bride of the Water God Releases Second Fish Tank Romantic Meeting Teaser — 17 Comments

  1. I do like Nam Joo Hyuk. He has proven himself having that leading man quality in Weightlifting Fairy but nothing about NJH speaks Habaek. He does not have the god-like features and larger than life charisma like Lee Jun Ki. As per K-netz’s choice, I still think LJK would have been a perfect Habaek.

  2. Copying a scene like that is a slippery slope. It should either work as homage or for comedic effect. Otherwise it’s simply stealing. I think Supicious Partner pulled it of perfectly with The Usual Suspects by directly referencing it.

  3. ….even in this scene there is something missing…like the chemistry between these two…feels like a noona dongseng relationship…

  4. this teaser is very disappointing… it can only pass as a jewellery CF, the eye-catching flower-shaped earring…

  5. I will never forget that scene from R+J. It felt like I was genuinely watching those two fall in love. Beautiful scene w/ fantastic score in the background. It was exactly how love at first sight would work…

  6. unimpressed with both teaser. the first one was pretty but the background overshadowed the otp. and the second one was unoriginal n felt rip off from R&J. that plus im not feeling anythg. i worry for this drama

  7. they dont need to impress you, since you like prototype kind of acting. which mean you get the same character over and over again poor but optimistic like comedia del arte mask that they put on they always act the same.
    and just to make a point, on this specific teaser
    in R&J claire danes as Juliet look was bold ans even sassy, she is young and full of life and wanting to experience it without fear, she looks strait at LDC and long without looking away, she is bold this is puppy love.
    while SSK as SoAh is timid and reserved she doesnt prolong her stare and look aways quickly, she was hit in the past so she is now weary.
    her look say “i know your here but i need a minute”
    it is so obvious im so exasperated
    havnt thought why there are NO acting students in any of the forums?
    didnt you once think that if Kdrama acting were considered ood there would have been lots of acting students since the dramas themselves are so popular?

    • I would beg to differ. If you’re an actor your main role is to impress your audience, not other actors. For you to be exasperated because the audience “just doesn’t get it” because we are not actors seems a little shortsighted. K dramas are not made nor acted for other actors. They are made to entertain the masses. That being said, a good actor can still do a lot with trite material and make the audience love the performance and vice versa. These two actors specifically still have a lot to learn regarding their craft. Most of the commentors here have seen lots of dramas with varying degrees of acting talent. I think you’re doing us a disservice when you dismiss our opinions with just “you non-actors just don’t get it.”

  8. and i dont know if i wrote this bf
    but this is the reason most kdramas can be awarded only in the Hallyu category and not drama
    as KMHM was in Halyu While Misaeng was in the drama category with dramas from other countries which it didnt win.
    why is understanding acting and meaning of script is so hard for kdramas audience?

  9. also Luhrman had no specific meaning for the fish tank itself
    he wanted something to show as transparent wall between 2 worlds and he chose the tank for aesthetic reasons. the water and fish have no real meaning
    unlike BOTWG where it is a wall between worlds but also more relevant bc he is a water god also she unlike R&J where you see them both from both sides you only see here from the God side SOA is shown through the water only – till the end where it is no longer part of the scene.
    please learn to read between the lines and try to understand what the scene is trying to say

  10. The scene in the movie was magic because of the song Kissing You by Des’ree. Until now, what i watched for the drama doesn’t remind me the parts of the manhwa I read…

  11. Yeah, they lost me when they decided to set this in the modern world and not even attempt to recreate the source material, when the entire appeal of the manhwa is the elaborate, beautiful fantasy world the artist was able to create. Guess they were too busy ripping off other things lol.

    • Sorry, post error. But yeah, I agree this is a rather pointless take on the manhwa. Why set it in modern times? Just odd. It would have made a great fantasy “saeguk.” So disappointed.

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