Cast of Half-baked Drama Adaptation of Bride of the Water God Attend Wrap Party

Lightning in a bottle is impossible to replicate and even trying something similar in genre is a risky move to make the comparisons all the more stark. tvN finished airing the K-drama adaptation of fantasy manhwa Bride of the Water God this week and the entire thing went down like me munching on a bag of somewhat stale potato chips on a lazy weekend afternoon while watching funny animal videos because I have nothing better to do, i.e. the drama was passable consumption but ultimately unsatisfying in every way other than as a time fill.

The cast of Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, and Krystal attended the wrap party earlier in the week, with Gong Myung and Im Joo Hwan absent but actually fared better in the drama in terms of character and acting than the three who attended. If tvN wanted to capture fantasy like hit drama Goblin then it failed miserably with Bride, but the drama was also not the total hot mess it could have been based on the cast and moving the setting from historical fantasy to modern day. In the end I didn’t like any of the leads or connected with their acting, and sadly proves yet again that nothing can salvage a drama where the script is simply missing half the components of depth and breadth. Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk Trades in Laughable Fantasy for Modern Good Looks in New Stills and Preview for Bride of the Water God

Nam Joo Hyuk was one of those who made it out alright in the hot mess K-drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, looking a dash more modern as the 13th prince but still suitably decked out. He should be the … Continue reading

Bride of the Water God Releases Moody Drama Poster Contrasting with Slapstick Episode 1 Preview

Talk about whiplash in moods as the first group drama poster for Bride of the Water God arrives followed by a completely different tonal one for the episode 1 preview teaser. It’s like the static posing of the cast promises … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk Shows off his Water God Prowess to his Bride Shin Se Kyung in New Drama Teaser Set in Verdant Greenery

Goodness is tvN selling the romantic drama heck out of the upcoming adaptation of Bride of the Water God. There hasn’t been a couple-centric drama teaser that isn’t centered around hitting audiences over the head with oh so much super romantic … Continue reading