Yang Mi Headlines Fantasy C-drama The Legend of Fuyao With Reported Leading Man Ethan Ruan

It might not be a stretch to say that C-actress Yang Mi has set the bar for how to properly and perfectly portray a fantasy period heroine with mythical powers. Her three character take in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) may not stand for all eternity but for now takes the goddess throne as confidently as her Bai Qian musters with a single shooting glance. It’s no surprise that she’s going to headline the next huge fantasy period C-drama The Legend of Fuyao (Empress Fuyao), with time-travel and copious amounts of period intrigue, action, and angst. What’s enormously exciting is hearing that her male lead is reportedly going to be TW-actor Ethan Ruan, hilariously allowing Yang Mi to go from one Golden Bell Award winner in Mark Chao to a Golden Horse Award winner with Ethan. Not to mention the two being friends and costarring in hit movie Monga. Ethan is not fully confirmed yet but Yang Mi has already begun early costume fitting for the drama, expect a lot of red, crimson, and burgundy.


Yang Mi Headlines Fantasy C-drama The Legend of Fuyao With Reported Leading Man Ethan Ruan — 11 Comments

  1. Love her from Ten miles of peach blossoms, she has some charisma that makes her likeable. I will keep an eye on this drama.

  2. I love how’s a lot of movies or serials around the world starting to raise a girl power theme, It’s really refreshing watching a strong female character.

    I’m a fan of Yang Mi ever since her on point acting in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, can’t wait for this. Although i must said that her battle costume looks like come from a game. (It’s not a bad thing though, just saying hehehe)

    • The Chinese Entertainment have always had strong women centric drama’s..China did have a Women Emperor at one time afterall…I am used to watching Steong women-centric drama..grew up watching Hong Kong drama’s and movies..?

    • Actually, the pictures in this post are NOT from the upcoming drama (don’t think they’ve started costume fitting yet). These pics are from quite awhile back when Yang Mi was shooting a commercial for a video game. 🙂

      Anyways, I’m super excited for this drama, the novel plot is supposed to be really good so hopefully they do it justice. I’ve been a big fan of Yang Mi for years (since I saw her as Xiao Qian in Liao Zhai 2006) and also loved Ethan in “Fated to Love You” (the only drama I’ve seen him in) so I would be totally on board for this pairing!

      • Now that explaining why the costume looks like come from a game, because it is hehehehehe. Thank you mango_cake.

  3. I’ve missed Ethan Ruan. What has he been up to recently anyway? This sounds like an interesting project but I don’t think I will like it with his voice subbed.

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