Lee Yeon Hee and Yeo Jin Gu Up for Romantic Leads in SBS Mon-Tues Drama Reunited Worlds

A huge difference between romantic drama leads is always a point to be noted regardless of the way the genders are swapped, but in this upcoming drama it’s the central premise that will need to hinge on amazing onscreen chemistry to pull off. SBS has scheduled Reunited Worlds for the Mon-Tues slot to take over from Suspicious Couple, and right now the offer for the leads have gone out to Lee Yeon Hee and Yeo Jin Gu. Their age difference of ten years in real life, she’s 29 and he’s 19, will be magnified further in the drama as she plays a 31 year old and him an 18 year old. Their love story starts in their teens but someone she grows older and he stays the same age, so in the narrative she’s 31 years old but he’s still 18. Idol Jung Chae Yeon is reportedly going to play the younger Lee Yeon Hee. This is all sorts of perplexing so I’ll have to wait for more information before rendering any further opinion.

The production team behind Reunited Worlds did a drama I quite enjoyed with The Girl Who Sees Smells, and the PD and screenwriter most recently worked together on Beautiful Gong Shim. The drama will premiere in early July.


Lee Yeon Hee and Yeo Jin Gu Up for Romantic Leads in SBS Mon-Tues Drama Reunited Worlds — 12 Comments

  1. This trend of May-Dec love affairs in K-Drama is getting old where the guy or girl is in their late teens and the other character is in the late twenties or early thirties. I hope they can think of some other plots.

      • If you look up the def of May-Dec, it’s an age gap of 11 yrs or more. If the female char is 31 yrs old and the guy is 18, that’s 13 years diff, what compounds it is thatthe guy is in his teens. I meant the age gap for characters, couldn’t care less about the age of the actors/actress as long as they can portray the role convincingly.

      • @Kate: I don’t know where you got that definition. But May-Dec romance doesn’t only defy the age difference, but also the age of the persons involved. May = spring in life (rather young) and December = Winter, therefore of considerable age.

      • @Kate: I am sure they have a point. But I honestly cannot agree with it, when they do not consider the age of both.

  2. Lee Yeon hee honestly never really improved for entire acting career. Her performance in Miss Korea while everyone praised it but i found it bland and one note. Its amazed me SM choose to promote her over really talented actresses under their rooster.

  3. There are still plenty of opportunities so I hope Yeo Jin Gu can pick a better drama.

    He is doing fine in Circle so take your time to pick your next drama.

  4. Lee Yeon Hee is my personal fav. She wasnt that bad people say. i liked her everything i have seen of her East of Eaden, Gu family book, Miss korea and most fav role of her in Paradise ranch. i like her in timeless mv of junsu too.

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