First Look at Nam Joo Hyun in Fantasy Period Attire as Habaek in Bride of the Water God

Taking a period fantasy setting away and moving the narrative into modern times is fraught with peril even if done carefully. Even if it works there will be fans of the original story that miss watching it as the source material presented. I’m on the fence with the upcoming tvN drama adaption of Bride of the Water God. So far the teaser previews just show typical drama romantic moments, under a cherry blossom tree or straight up recreating a fish tank moment from a famous movie scene. Leads Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung are extraordinarily beautiful to look at in character but their staring at each other doesn’t exactly impress. That’s why it’s such a relief to finally get source material context in the latest character teaser showing Nam Joo Hyuk’s water god Habaek in his fantasy god glory, complete with blue-silver hair and plenty of guyliner smolder.

Haebak Character Teaser for Bride of the Water God:


First Look at Nam Joo Hyun in Fantasy Period Attire as Habaek in Bride of the Water God — 12 Comments

  1. Mmmmmmm Don´t like it at all…. I was expecting another thing when the news of a making drama from my favorite manhwa and behind of the drama was TvN my expectections when up, but now :(, well lets wait for the 1st ep.

  2. Ms koala, i think NJH’s character name should be Habaek.

    Anyway, with so many new (good) dramas on my plate, i’m not sure if i’ll watch this. Perhaps i will, if ppl give it good word of mouth.

  3. Give it a break people, this is only a glimpse of a teaser. Remember “Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” people were so judgy and I remember reading comments about How the male lead was not going to cut it for the role. Look what happened. Give this drama a chance. Peace out.

    • Different strokes for different folks.

      I guess everybody has his/her own bet who will be god to play the water god; but guys, some actors simply pass up not knowing how great the material is. Others are simply not available or unreachable — time and budget wise. Some are simply bound by their talent contracts and can’t or will not be able to serve most of your wishes.

      We have out bets and we have our wishes but let’s not put them down until we get to see what they can do. Let’s be excited about the series — drop it if you find it to hard to swallow, support it and market the drama by word of mouth if you find it adorable.

      Some glitches in a series can’t be blamed solely in the choice of actors. Some have great stable of leads and support but turns out to be epic fail. Some are mixed of mostly fresh faces and a few seasoned supporting actors yet delivers one hell of a series.

      The above pictures are just teasers. a glimpse. not the full drama. not even an episode…

  4. honestly,the make up is great but it’s hoo ye style,i don’t understand why they used that for habaek. it’s ironic but up to them! i just hope nam joo hyuk get the habaek aura, even g dragon has that in his new mv.

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