Song Seung Heon and Go Ara in Talks for Grim Reaper Themed OCN Drama Black

This casting is certainly eye brow raising for reasons that will entail a bit of poking fun at the leads. K-net is reporting that upcoming cable network OCN drama Black, which got news coverage last month due to it’s subject matter being about the grim reaper, is courting as leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara. My first thought wasn’t the age different, at 13 years between 40 year old Song Seung Heon and 27 year old Go Ara, but about their similar acting trajectories as very insanely beautiful people who have a reputation of being completely unable to act. Go Ara managed one good drama with Answer Me 1994 but since then she’s underwhelmed in You’re All Surrounded and Hwarang. I don’t recall ever seeing Heon oppa do a single decent drama performance and his last with Lee Young Ae‘s comeback drama Saimdang: Light’s Diary was by all accounts pretty blah. I always fret when acting talent with a bad track record get cast, and that unease is magnified here in a the blind leading the blind trainwreck to come.

Neither Song Seung Heon nor Go Ara are confirmed yet but if they sign on Song Seung Heon will play a haughty prickly grim reaper who gets his memory erased and sent down to the human realm for his attitude, inhabiting the body of a police officer and having a romance with a human woman. Writing is the screenwriter of Ijimae and God’s Gift: 14 Days and directing is of the PD of Voice. The drama is slated to air on OCN this October.


Song Seung Heon and Go Ara in Talks for Grim Reaper Themed OCN Drama Black — 35 Comments

  1. I feel like if they both confirmed it’ll be like Song Seung Hoon with Park Min Young in Dr. Jin. (Before PMY’s amazing turn in Healer).

    • Song Seung Hoon is actually not that bad, he just doesn’t pick the right dramas that play to his strengths. Go Ara on the other hand, over acts, and isn’t really captivating on screen (not sure how to say that properly). People over hype her turn in the Answer Me series, but even there she was one of the weakest links in that drama.

      • I agree. I didn’t much care for her in Answer Me 1994. I don’t think she has a commanding screen presence.

      • She did her best and still doing her best. If she’s not your type it’s ok. At least she’s improving to make herself better.

  2. Go ara is only 27? Wow i thought she’s 30’s something because she seems debut long time ago. This casting news is not very exciting. Both don’t have the best rep in acting. It would be wonderful if they cast lee dong wook and yoo inna but i know it’s impossible.

    • Haha. If it had been a romcom, it might work but looking at the premise, there will be some melo and emotional moments, which both can’t pull off. Go Ara was cringeworthy in Hwarang.
      Anyway, who in the world can top Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper?

      • LDW isn’t daeksang worthy actor per se. He just happened to have the best role in that drama

        He over-reacted most of the time there too.

      • Lee Dong Wook is just ok there. Jung Il Woo is still the best Scheduler. Ha Jung Woo also a contender.

      • Han Jung Soo, the guy who played as Mu Yong, the grim reaper in Arang and the Magistrate did well.

      • Woods have many uses. It can be used to make a fire and used as light. So these ” wooden actors” you call can make the audience “fired up” and inspire them in a way Go ara did to me because of her performance.

  3. I think SSH’s acting is not that bad,he just bad at picking drama project. He was sooo adorable in his rom-com drama My Princess..

  4. SSH did a good job in Saimdang, very moving in the love scenes, judging from netizen buzz and comments. The action scenes were good, too.

  5. Don’t think SSH’s acting is as bad as u made it out to be. Sometimes too good looking is a hindrance rather than promotion of acting power. Would be waiting for the launch of the drama. Storyline seems interesting.

  6. perhaps i’m one of the few who actually thinks that go ara is not that bad. she’s a hit and miss, yes, but, i do think she can deliver given a good script and character.

    i’m more wary of song seung heon. i haven’t seen any of his work where i ended up loving him. another thing, can’t they cast actors/actresses with less than a decade age difference between them?

    on the positive side, visuals would be very pretty with these two.

    • What drama she act did you like. Beside Reply 1994(even though she’s the weakest), i can’t think of anything. Seung Hoon is at least ok, the character description match him perfectly.

      • i think she did okay in you are all surrounded. i heard that she also did well in who are you?

        for reply 1994, i didn’t really think she was the weakest. they were all on the same footing for me.

      • oh… she also did fine in the movie with yoo seung ho. just can’t remember the title. chemistry was just not there though.

  7. SSH may not be a versatile actor but imo he can act really well for certain roles. I can definitely see him a cool grim reaper!
    As for Go Ara, I just can’t warm up to her acting. I am one of the few who doesn’t find her drop dead gorgeous, just pretty at most.

  8. Say whatever you want, but Song Seung Heon is an eye candy and I would watch him all day long πŸ™‚

  9. your poop stinks cat dog black noodle train bird black cat cat train is the stupidest person in the world! Just like your fav ???

  10. I love black and Im sorry it ended. But I have it constantly in my queue…watch it daily!I absolutely love Song Seung Heon and think he is an incredible actor and such a doll baby. Go Ara left sumthin to be desired but for 27 she did a good job and is on her way to a successful acting career if she just opens up a little more. I really enjoyed his sidekick grim reapers and thought they were hilarious especially the older grim reaper. All in all one of my favorite shows. Love the comedic relief for such a serious drama. Looking for more like this! Watch Vagabond if u love action, suspense and drama. Its turning out to be really good! Got me talking to my tablet! Lol!

    • I think for the script they gave her she did well. I just think it should have been a little more romance. I was attracted to the show because of the 2. I think they should have had her more assertive, when he was hurt and he would come 2 her, but that was on the director, she should put her arms around him to comfort.

  11. Well, since I have watched Black, I have tried to watch other kills, it seems as if they are all kind of like carbon copies of Black. Now, the female leds and male leads are very weak. I have not been interested in Asian films since my man Bruce Lee who I loved ❀ and here comes Go Ara and Son g Seung-Huen and now I am back in love again….lol.kudos, my 3rd time watching it.

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