Code Blue Poised to Break 10 Billion Yen Mark at Box Office Becoming 2nd Most Successful J-dorama Adapted into Movie

Dang, looks like the Japanese appetite for the helicopter docs are way higher than expected so a big congrats to the cast and crew of Code Blue. The three season running medical dorama set in a countryside hospital about a crew of ER docs doing helicopter medical assistance duty got a movie treatment this summer and it’s a runaway hit. The Code Blue movie premiered in late July and has been number 1 at the box office 3 weeks running, poised to break 5 billion yen in receipts. The production company anticipates it will break 10 billion yen eventually to become the second highest grossing J-dorama turned into movie after Bayside Shakedown. The success of the movie goes to the strong chemistry of the five leads Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika, Asari Yosuke, and Higa Minami. Continue reading