The Talented and Mismatched Cast of Battleship Island Featured on Bazaar Korea

A misfit crew isn’t a derogatory observation especially when it comes to underdog tales of escape from oppression. We root for the random comrades to beat the odds and use their uniqueness to complementary advantage. That’s the feeling I get from the casting of upcoming period movie Battleship Island, the very different acting aura and visuals of the four leads Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, and Lee Jong Hyun¬†are really heightened in their fresh off the press Bazaar Korea pictorial. Aside from a snuggle pool around So Ji Sub, the smart move to focus on the talented cast while shooting the pictorial against gray concrete walls provides synergy to the movie about Korean escaping indentured servitude. It also does a fantastic job of highlighting each of the lead’s styles, I particularly love So Ji Sub in solitude, that’s so how I picture him lounging around.



The Talented and Mismatched Cast of Battleship Island Featured on Bazaar Korea — 5 Comments

  1. Haper bazaar has done tremendous job with this photo shoot . Jungmin looks hella cool, sijub gives strongest aura, joong ki looks so handsome and intense and jooghyun looks so beautiful‚̧.

  2. It’s my dream to see so ji sub and song jong ki in one project. i really can’t wait to see battleship island. please joong ki pick another acting project.

  3. swoon worthy and supremely talented cast.10 million+ admission here we come.congratulations in advance to cast and crew.

  4. Harpers Bazaar is love (thought all their photos stopped working for me all of a sudden, has that happened to anyone else).

    Also, how does Song Joon-ki looks so fresh faced?

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