Ady An’s Wedding Party of the Year Moves Back to Taiwan for Star-studded Banquet

The festivities have moved from Hawaii back to Taiwan for the final stop in TW-actress Ady An‘s wedding extravaganza of the year. Celebrity weddings can be lavish and over-the-top and Ady’s definitely is up there in terms of how much money she and her billionaire hubby must have spent to pay for everything, including all expenses for the Hawaii wedding guests. It’s their money to spend and I’m just here to gawk at more famous Taiwanese stars attending her Taipei wedding banquet held at the exquisite Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Decked ouut in red, black, and whites, the guests clearly got a color code for the event in their invitations and everyone looked fabulous including both Shu sisters Da S and Xiao S, Ariel Lin, many of Taiwan’s famous leading men including Chris Wu, Ming Dao, and Mike He, and even the presence of another An being K-star Ahn Jae Hyun who did the drama Perfect Imperfection with Ady. Nice to see so many famous faces and once again another congrats to the happy newlywed couple!


Ady An’s Wedding Party of the Year Moves Back to Taiwan for Star-studded Banquet — 13 Comments

    • The guests were probably given a few colour choices to wear. You’re probably thinking of Korean weddings where it’s considered impolite to wear white, but quite a number of chinese don’t really follow the traditional weddings nowadays where wearing certain colours are considered taboo. Most weddings I’ve been to recently generally specify certain colours for the guests to wear or not to wear.

      • Chinese traditions do not forbid guests to wear white, it’s a common color as others.

      • @Anyanya – White is only worn in funerals according to chinese traditions, but the modern chinese no longer follow that.

      • I am of chinese-descent and black is more frown upon to wear in a wedding than white (which is weird considering how white is the funeral color and not black). But again, in modern tradition and especially in cocktail party theme weddings, no one will give you a hard time for showing up in black. Unlike Koreans (netizens) that hate white like no other.

      • @Anyanya I’m not sure how being of chinese-descent or not matters in the discussion, but if it does, I’m of chinese-descent too 🙂 I think we can both agree that black and white were taboo colours in the traditional chinese weddings, and it still is among some of our older generations. I’m not too sure about Korean traditions but from the comments I’ve seen on internet so far, they were mostly against the idea of stealing the bride’s limelight (who’s wearing the western white wedding gown).

    • That’s for the spender to decide if they are wasting their money or not. If they were asking for help from you, that would be a different question, but since they’re not, you have no right to say that. They worked hard for all the money they have. They can do whatever they want with it

    • Having spent ten years doing social service work in third world countries I can not agree with you more. Such a waste of money….

  1. Ady looks gorgeous (when does she not), and I love the mix of stars at her banquet. I love Joelle’s red dress on her, although I wish there had been more people who chose to wear white or red versus black for a better balance.
    Is that Figaro in the pic with Chris Wu? Both such shuai guys <3
    Never thought I'd see Ariel and Mike in a photo together again, but glad to see their smiling faces together at Ady's banquet (now both happily married – how time flies!)

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