Crystal Liu and Yang Yang are Ethereal in New Movie Posters for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

New movie posters are out for the upcoming theatrical adaption of fantasy romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossom and it continues to look engaging in its own way. I really don’t stack it next to the mega hit C-drama version with Yang Mi and Mark Chao, a fifty-some episode longer narrative is apples to a two hour movie orange with Yang Yang and Crystal Liu that condenses it all. Mark Chao did a great job of selling the long flowing locks of Ye Hwa and Mo Yan while Yang Yang’s clean high crown nicely creates a visual distinctiveness. It’s Yang Mi and Crystal Liu battling it out as the high goddess Bai Qian and I love both equally in terms of looks but Yang Mi really seared her incredibly rich performance in my mind so I’m hoping Crystal hits all the major emotional points while looking amazing on the big screen. These new posters are adorable and pretty enough to continue the excitement train.


Crystal Liu and Yang Yang are Ethereal in New Movie Posters for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms — 12 Comments

  1. I am looking forward to the CGI. I’m not impressed by the costumes and the hair design. The costumes just doesn’t scream regal, ancient Chinese mythological Gods and Goddesses. Maybe off the runaway, perhaps. Yang Yang and Crystal Liu are incredibly beautiful people so I tend to think less is more/better(?) The hair design, ugh, I hate Crystal’s hair, it just looks unkempt and Yang Yang’s costume has too much color. Yes, I read the book and I shouldn’t hold it to a 2-hr film but the book was rather short as it is.

    • I agree, I think Yang Yang’s outfits have too much color. But it makes me wonder if the bottom poster is suppose to be of him as Mo Yan.

    • I think the movies version outfit of Yehua looks great. I also think Crystal Liu’s hair looks great..she is from the wolf clan after gives her this wild wolfish look, but still look very pretty. Her dress might be a question..but then again I thought Zhe Yan’s outfit was bad until I saw the previews and he looked perfectly fine against the vivid backdrop.

    • Agree 🙁 the costumes are too much LOL
      Yang yang expressions and costumes in these posters doesnt fit ye hua image 🙁
      And i began to doubt liu yi fei because eventhough she is very pretty but her gaze doesnt have any deep emotions and feel charismatic as bai qian
      As the most viewed chinese drama, lots of fans have high expectations for this movie but now i began to think that the movie use their hot idols image to gather younger fans which mostly only care about pretty faces or visual 🙁

  2. I read they will release in USA in 3D format on Aug 11. I’m not a fan of 3D, but for this one I will definitely watch.. And please be good!

      • I’m not so sure. But from what I understand, asian movies are usually shown in selected theater (at least in my state). Unless if you live in CA, I think you’ll have plenty of options.

  3. crystal liu and yang yang are both eye candies and incredibly gorgeous in saquek drama esp crystal liu whose beauty suit custome drama to a tee so eargerly awaiting it and hoping for a great adaptation.

    • Let’s not use the word “Seguek” to describe Chinese Ancient dramas. Since that is a term for Korean historical dramas.

  4. Not a fan of either the book nor the author, although I carefully read the novel when the news of this movie adaptation was released. There are plenty of C romantic novels online penned by more talented and creative writers with more addictive writing styles and powerful language. As a fan, I’m not particularly excited about this movie of Yang Yang. I just want to see how he’s growing into a well rounded actor since I’ve been following him when he just started with very minor roles. I wish him success and another blockbuster this time again. His looks and aura really go well with the description of heroes in many romantic novels. I hope C showbiz will have more capable script writers who can portray many interesting stories on screen again. So far, failures of great disappointment dominate the C adaptation market. Nothing much to rave about.

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