Korea Prepping Drama Remake of Popular J-dorama Romance Rich Man, Poor Woman

Before I watched the wonderful J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman, I teased that the title better suited K-dramas since nearly every romance for the greater part of K-dramas was between a rich man and a poor woman, i.e. the Cinderella story. The J-dorama turned out to be much more interesting, nuanced, and fun than the title suggested and remains one of my all-time faves, and turned leads Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi into must watches for me.

The original aired 5 years ago in 2012, with an SP episode set in NYC in the following spring of 2013, so it’s not like the dorama is riding current buzz so it’s a bit surprising to hear that Korea is readying a remake for later this year. The K-version is scheduled for late fall or early winter 2017, with casting and the network to commence in due course. I can’t say I’ve got high hopes for the remake but hearing RMPW back in the news gives me a great reason to go watch the original.


Korea Prepping Drama Remake of Popular J-dorama Romance Rich Man, Poor Woman — 26 Comments

  1. I always thought this looked like a Kdrama. Which is why turning it into an actual Kdrama seems like a bad idea.

    Why doesn’t Korea adapt more unique Jdramas? Le sigh

  2. Thought I left a comment, probably got eaten up.

    Eh, seriously, why does korea keep remaking J-dramas? Has korea run out of material of its own? Not funny at all.

  3. I watched this Jdrama thanks to you Koala. It has become my most fav since. I just can’t bear the thoughts of them butchering this gem. At the same time I’m also excited to see who will be casted. Any thoughts?

      • Omg No!not LMH it will be Heirs or BOF version 2, he doesn’t need roles that will remind people of Goo Jun Pyo or Kim Tan. and especially not HB.

        HB has been crucified many times for playing Chae Bol roles in dramas.That is not to say he doesn’t play other roles but his most memorable ones, in Dramas were mostly the chaebol ones..and

        No!! to PSH playing poor woman.She has done that too many times already.Girl needs more challenging dramas like “Doctors” to continue making progress.It would be a downgrade from her latest drama and they would probably pair her again with 90liner or late 80’s liner hallyu oppa and that’s not good for her.HB is alright too for her but in another drama.

        Jo In Sung is fine though but I’d grab my popcorn to see the extra drama if he were paired up with YEH.One of the most loved and respected actors in Korea with one of the most hated actresses in Korea.

      • LMH in MS, Binnie is filming a movie. JIS will be great, I would like to see him pairing up with Kim Ji Won after she is done with Fight My Way 🙂 I really like her nowadays… hehehehe…

  4. No, please no! Everytime Korea adapt a jdrama, they destroy it. Every single time! Please, leave mangas and jdramas alone, kdramas are fantastic, there is no need to do this again. And RMPW is one of my fav jdramas of Oguri Shun… seriously, s**t.

    • The remake of My Wife is Having an Affair this Week by JTBC is EXCELLENT! Have you seen it? That is one remake done right as the story is improved from the original.

  5. The Koreans are running out of ideas… adapting is a better-sounding term than copying 🙂 Just curious who will be casted… hmmm….

  6. Korean remake tend to fall flat compared to other countries. Remake such as BOF, Playful Kiss, To The Beautiful You, The Times We Were not in Love, etc are not on par. Countries that remake korean drama on the other hand is really good such as Thailand Full House and Princess Hours, Japan The Devil and Misaeng(although it is actually a manga adaptation) and China She Was Pretty and Women Of The Sun.

    Korean does have decent adaptation such as God Of Study, Liar Game, Solomon Perjury, The Queen Classroom and Witch Romance. I hope both Rich Man Poor Woman and Ice World have good pace of everything.

      • I watched the first 3 episodes. It sucks terrible, IMHO. Ananda has been directing/producing dramas with targeting teenagers (I don’t think this is bad) but the story gets messed. Like the version he did of Itazura na kiss; it was soooooo terrible, so different from the manga!!! the lead actor didn’t even remind me of Irie Naoki.

      • Really? I just plan to watch the drama after it finish airing the last 3 episode. Never mind then, it appear i can save more time with other good drama.

  7. I’d rather they didn’t. The Korean version will most likely ruin it. only way to make it less painful is by having a cable channel pick it up then choose I’m Si Wan as the lead actor or Kim Soo hyun. Get a traditional director who doesn’t like to spice things up like the moon lovers director attempted and failed.

  8. Oh I really loved it so I’m not sure to be happy for that… Solomon Perjury was a great surprise, I loved it, so maybe it will be nice too. Korean producters often miss the important thing in a drama like in To the beautiful you, the friendshhip in the dormitory and their loyalty, The Time we were not in Love again their friendship and her way to think. They always made people more richer, more beautiful, etc.

  9. With a trail of unsuccessful remakes in Korea…I’m not sure about this one…I LOVED the Japanese one…Gonna go rewatch it lol!

  10. I actually don’t like this jdrama and hope the remake improves the material and actors.jdrama tends to annoy me there’re either too wierd or sad.kdramas and cdrama are more my style of storytelling. The princess hours is so terrible I expected better after the full house remake all the thia remakes have gone downhill with the quality of acting.

  11. koreans remake of jdrama rarely good because, I think, jdramas always have uniqueness that cant translate well into kdrama.
    for viewers who dont familiar with jdrama, this uniqueness can be weird 🙂
    but I think romance jdrama can translate well into kdrama. because thats what kdrama excel.
    Since I rarely watch kdrama, I dont have strong opinion about this remake.
    just dont make makoto give up her carrier for her love or change her personality into candy tipe.
    and, since ogushun is my fave actor, Im little curious whos gonna play his part in this remake

  12. Rich Man, Poor Woman remains special to me although not my absolute favourite because it introduced me to Ishihara Satomi. She was so cute as the smart and a bit geeky heroine in this one and she had good chemistry with Oguri Shun. I wonder whether the Korean remake would be able to find such good partners. I agree with the others that I would have preferred other Jdramas to be remade instead. For example Dear Sister, also a drama of Satomi’s, which is one of my Jdramas.

  13. Also one of my favourite J-dramas, the title sounds so cheap and shallow. I decided to try watching it only for Shun Oguri, expecting cheesy love story. It turned out to be far better than that, cemented my love to Oguri and make me a fan of cute Ishihara Satomi.
    I hope the K-remake and the casting could be on par with the J-version.

  14. This is one of my most fav jdorama ever so I hope the K-adaptation will do it justice. Hate to see such a good drama get ruined by the adaptation

  15. Please may I know where one watch it with eng subs?
    Thanks! 🙂
    The rave reviews makes me want to watch it but cannot find a link.. 🙁

  16. Please….if remake again with korea…toru hyuga is yo seung ho and makoto natsuki is kim so hyun. Like YSH wish make a drama again in modern drama with KSH.

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