Shin Se Kyung Featured in Awesome Throwback Inspired Album Cover for Seo Taiji

Oh man, this is such a great connective moment in Korean pop culture, and also an undeniable visual confirmation on how looks change growing up. Korean actress Shin Se Kyung, currently all over the news promoting her upcoming K-drama Bride of the Water God, is also making waves in the music industry after music veteran Seo Taiji revealed the album cover for his latest work. The Taiji 170902 album drops on September 2nd, of course, featuring Shin Se Kyung in the exact same expression and pose as when she was the album cover girl as a child for his album back in 1998 (the Taiji 980707).

Many don’t remember that Shin Se Kyung was a child actress and has been in the industry for nearly two decades and it’s startling to see how she went from an adorable child to a beautiful woman and all her features still look exactly the same except just matured. Totally strikes a dagger into all those actresses who claim growing up or losing weight caused their eyes/nose/jaws/forehead to completely morph into a different shape, lol. Congrats to Shin Se Kyung for being a natural beauty and for this fantastic throwback tribute.


Shin Se Kyung Featured in Awesome Throwback Inspired Album Cover for Seo Taiji — 13 Comments

  1. True! Clear that there hasn’t been any surgical intervention and she has just matured into a beauty from an adorable little girl.

  2. She looks like Taylor in that second picture in school uniform! Lol but yes, always thought SSK was extremely beautiful! She underrated as an actress to me.

  3. Acting-wise she looks the best out of the 4 main leads of BOTWG.

    Also she was a pretty little girl who grew up into a very pretty woman.

  4. She looks beautiful and nearly the same. I wouldn’t even have a closer look, if it wasn’t for the ‘all naturally claim’.

    Now I’m unsure… *taking another closer look… thinking*

    … isn’t the part of her nose between her eyes enhanced? like it’s not that flat anymore than it was as a child? Like it has a more of non typicall Asian look?

    • I was thinking the same! Don’t meant to demean her or anything but the nose bridge becomes more prominent and clearly define

    • And her double eyelids have been deepened. It is a common practice in Asia for girls with light double eyelids to make it more prominent. You can notice it when she closes her eyes… she was a pretty child, but the surgery can enhance her complexion especially when shown onscreen…

    • I agree she is beautiful and I don’t see anything wrong enhancing one’s beauty through surgery but the thing that is really annoying is actresses parading as their beauty is natural and denying (to death) that they had plastic surgery. I admire those who admit to it.

  5. Would a 14 year old still be considered a child actress or a teenage actress? Checking Wikipedia, her first project was back in 2014.

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