Unattractive Outfits and Makeup Steals the Spotlight at the VIP Star Premiere of Real

The VIP movie premiere for Kim Soo Hyun‘s summer 2017 thriller movie Real is as much a hot mess as early critic reviews of his movie has been. Namely, a whole lotta raw material but presented all wrong. Even weirder is having some attendees glowering or grimacing through their photo ops, as if being there is against their will and they will all be wearing ugly outfits and even more horrendous pasty makeup jobs to protest. This movie is clearly not boding well for the continuation of Kim Soo Hyun’s big screen hit streak with Thieves and Secretly, Greatly, but maybe it will be a blip on his resume and a lesson learned in picking a script and casting a costar less divisive than Sulli. I hope the movie is at least entertaining enough otherwise I think this roster of star attendees are going to leave looking much glummer than they arrived.


Unattractive Outfits and Makeup Steals the Spotlight at the VIP Star Premiere of Real — 40 Comments

    • I agree. A couple of the ladies actually look really good, and the others are ok (like the girl in the green skirt and black tshirt)

    • Agree with you, Park Shin hye always look fresh and glowing, and here she and the others look all very tired as they were coming just after filming a drama. “Real” critics are no joke. But KSH is Young and has a long career ahead him. Sometimes a flop makes you stronger and Wise. But it proves that picking a hit project is not something that one can predict.

    • PSH’s should never have thick bangs, they make her look stuffy. Thinner bangs she had in Doctors (after she became a doctor) suit her better. Her shoes were the only good thing in her attire. Her premier fashion was much better last year I think. The only one who looked good in the premier was Yura. Park Seo Joon needs some sleep and a matching foundation. But then, FMW filming is still going on and it’s live shooting so it’s understandable why he looked so terrible…

  1. Not only casting Sulli and bad script was the problem here. also business 101 don’t do business with family..it rarely produces good outcomes.I heard his cousin was the director..Newbie with no credible works to his name..I means it’s fine and good to give new blood chances..but family..nah things usually get blurry and harder to resolve conflicts if unprofessional due to family affection or respect for older relative.

    Also the cameos instead of Suzy and IU..he should have asked his noonas GHJ and JJH(she wasn’t heavily pregnant at the time of filming right?)and let only the rookie actress do sulli’s part.

    I bet you the reaction wouldn’t have been so terrible and would have raised the profile of the movie even with bad script.How did a movie starring Lee Sung Min and Sung Dong Il flop so bad.

    As for the fashion, koala unnie has said it all????.They all look ?.Poor Park Seo Joon, he looks so tired..like he did even smile or brighten his facial expression.He looks like ‘why am I here?’

    • Even though I agree, I’d still like to add that they came to support their colleagues there and not look pretty but whatever I guess..

  2. Han ye seul looks fine. This jie has her own taste in fashion. But IU, isnt it her style? Hehe..

    Aigoo kim soo hyun. Declined some dramas’ proposals for this movie yet it’s a total failure. Hopefully he learns from this. Goodluck.

    I wonder, after this failure, will any producer out there cast Sulli? She’s not even good in acting, not an idol anymore yet her attitude towards media and knets are still not friendly, i wonder if SM will give her another chance.

    • Some have also blamed his agency for losing their eye for good projects.From METS and YWCFTS and those hit movies to what some consider ‘underwhelming’ producers drama, (didn’t watch it so I have no say on this)and this movie.Not only KSH but Lee Hyun Woo too.As you can see, LHW hasn’t been so lucky starring in dud after dud since I don’t know when, when we all know he is a good actor.

      • I like producer. The first four episodes were bad but after that i did enjoy watching it. But for getting daesang was a lil too much for him. I still thought Jisung in KMHM more deserved.

        Btw if there was any bed scene, so was he naked? Such a regret doing that scene and failed.

        I like Lee Hyun Woo but i stopped watching liar on ep 8 (?). His acting wasnt that good. And probably bcuz i’ve watched Jmovie so couldn’t help but comparing both.

  3. Controversial as sometimes her actions are, this time I feel Sulli is definitely not the reason the film flopped as badly as it did. I had my doubts when she said she had to read the script 6 times to get it, but turns out none of the audience get it either and even KSH himself said the movie could grow on you but at, guess what, the 6th watch. That’s the formula for flopping lol. Nepotism should be banned for the good of all involved. At least one good thing is that Sulli’s assets are niiiiicee.

    • Plus the selling point and hype during the promotion being Sulli’s 30 sec nude scene and antics during press conference and interviews,not the main characters of the movie or plot.

      I bet most people didn’t really know what the movie was all about until the reviews came out.And man did the movie take so long to be re released..By the time,the movie came out. Everyone was already like yeah whatever..

      All ingredients for a flop.

  4. Don’t get the hate toward sulli. Movie still would have received harsh words from critics even it was someone else playing her part. Movie looked mess from the trailer itself but nobody thought everyone will literally trash this movie.
    And I don’t get it Korean celebs are already fair and blessed with good complexion why they messed their face with all that white foundation? Most of the time they skin looks oily.

  5. IU and Park Shin Hye look fine, PSH looks tired but her outfit is quite stylish in a relaxed way.

    Park Seo Joon looks like death warmed over but he’s in the middle of live shoots for Fight My Way so I won’t criticise him.

    Incidentally, Fight My Way is a really good drama.

  6. Sulli’s tits are the only memorable thing about the movie apparently. Also, everyone would already guess that this movie would do bad because the articles revolving around ”Real’’ only ever talked about sex and nude scenes. Not to forget all the mediaplay around Sulli’s antics and nude scene in her attempt to portray herself as an actress. Sulli is nowhere near Kim Taeri’s level in acting so she should have stuck to SM produced idol darmas instead of cosplay as a ’’serious actress’’. Also, everyone looked terrible in the premier, except maybe Yura looked ok, but the rest of them have had better looking days.

    • The Handmaiden had a unique storyline and excellent PD. This just proves the point no matter how great an actor or actress you may be. If all the important ingredients don’t come together, a film/drama will flop

      • @ABC that being said and you are right.But you can’t dismiss Kim Min Hee as an actress despite her controversial personal life or the acting of all the other cast in that drama.Poor acting in that drama would have probably resulted in the same outcome as “Real”.

      • Storyline unique, yes, and director legendary, yes. Sometimes an excellent and renowned director and PD can cover up acting flaws, but they can do only that much. If an actor or an actress doesn’t have that intrinsic or natural talent or they have no strengths or redeeming qualities in them, no matter how excellent a director is or how good a co-actor is, eventually they will reveal their weaknesses and lack of skills. Sulli has been terrible in the last thing I’ve seen her in (Hana Kimi anyone?), and Real isn’t helping her to get that leverage in the acting industry she probably was hoping for. On the other hand, we have Reply PD who is simply excellent, making all actors shine. When some actors (like Go Ara etc.) went on to other dramas, They haven’t been able to shine like that anymore. Kim Won Suk is an another exaple who did an excellent job with Misaeng’s actors, but couldn’t immediately make Lee Je Hoon’s acting natural in Signal. LJH acting was a bit bothering at first but as the drama progressed, he toned it down a bit, meaning the PD took some notes from the viewers.
        Even great actors have flops in their portfolios, so Real being a flop shouldn’t be a too big issue. Except that KSH invested so much in it for couple of years already and his compulsory service time is coming close. Will he be able to recover? Of course he will, he is KSH after all. Kim Soo Hyun is a good actor (although not Daesang worthy imo) but this film was a total miss. He invested millions of his own money and worked with a cousin on top of that. He should have focused in big productions or arthouse films with big name directors and high profile production teams instead of going into this Real mess. Even Sung Dong Il’s and Lee Sung Min couldn’t save this apparently.

      • @RubyRed, that Abc has a personal vendetta against all adulterers, based on their other comments in Lee Byung Hun article though. So you won’t hear anything unbiased from Abc regarding Kim Min Hee!

      • @RubyRed, I agree that KMH acting was good in The Handmaiden. I haven’t seen Real yet to compare the two.

    • Ha!serious actress my foot.If she doesn’t get her act together. Ain’t nobody gonna take her seriously as a professional actress.Girl left her idol group to focus on acting in 2015.First offer she accepts is a role, asking her to flash her boobs, for a 30s nude scene acting gig.In a script she couldn’t even understand.How is that for a serious actress?I dont think if she really put herself for auditions, that is the only role that was available to her and she has the backing of SM too.

      She is beautiful, she generates buzz..it would have been easy for her agency to stick her in one of these web dramas until she gets back into the acting groove. Is acting in a nude scene a bad thing? Not really but its better to do those kind of things when you have firmly established yourself as an actress.And especially for her, her SNS image was very strong in the minds of people so that was a very bad move on er part.Does the hate she gets or is getting because of the real movie, mostly unwarranted?of course it is.some of the bullying is ridiculous.But some of it, she fuels it herself.

      She seems to want to remain in the showbiz industry.Her peers suzy and iu both get hate because of their acting.Suzy also receives alot of hate comments because some think she is overexposed.IU has been in numerous controversies, most I consider trivial but everything to do with her dating life, her music..etc.But you can not fault these two for their professionalism.Even the way, they conduct themselves on SNS shows a certain level of maturity that sulli lacks and they are the same age as her.

      • @RubyRed – good points. Honestly, most of these idol girls strike me as wanting to go into acting solely so they can have the ‘actress image’ which is I guess classier than being seen as an idol.and helps get more endorsement money down the line (other than IU, who is massively successful as a musician in her own right and actually seems to treat that as her primary line of work).

        And honestly, exposing her body alone would not have been something that sinks this girl’s career – look at Kim Go Eun or even Lee Yoo Young, they had such scenes in their debut but gained excellent reviews for their performances and now have respected careers as actresses. The problem is that Silli doesn’t have the talent, and neither does she have a good eye/a decent team to pick scripts out of the offers she gets (and she must be getting them, like you said she’s pretty and gets attention, there’s no way this was the only offer she got but it’s very likely she took the part based on nothing more than Kim Soo Hyun being attached to this project and assuming it would be a hit because Kim Soo Hyun’s projects are usually a success)

        And her messing around on SNS doesn’t help either, she doesn’t seem to realise that she can’t have her cake and eat it too – if your talent is questionable and all you have is a pretty face, it’s best to try and build up a nice public image like Suzy. Her SNS antics don’t make that possible for her.

      • I think Sulli’s public image is basically trashed… it is better for her to take on a bad girl image or do action movies. It is too late to become a second “Suzy”, I don’t think she can get any CF offers … what products can she sell?

    • @prettyautumn,@teacake and @candycane.You have all made good points.

      I will never understand the new ‘faux feminism’ going on in the celeb world these days.This strange phenomenon where some female kpop idols or pop stars/ child actors like here in the west.Engage in covert sexual antics whether via sns or in their music.In efforts to shed off their cute child or idol image and prove their “grown” and “independent women” and can do whatever they like.Or serial dating sometimes with controversial guys or deliberately choosing to date a guy, they know damn well they are incompatible with,just to generate some mediabuzz. To me, there is a kind of seductive, sexy attitude or sexual gestures in music and movies that is classy and can create girl or woman crush, and again in movies that help with the narrative of the story.Then there is the other kind that is trashy, cringe, fake, looks tryhard, cheap and makes one become a subject of needless ridicule and scorn.

      Then their fans egg them on saying slay queen slay.You are creating a platform where women can freely express themselves blah blah.But isnt true feminism a movement that is meant to debunk that very thing, that women were not created just to be men’s sexual objects or slaves of sex, but are capable beings who have a role to play in society no matter their age or status in life. Then they wonder why the public reacts so strongly and their bias continue to get hate and not really making significant visible progress with their art.

      These sexual antics to me prove that, they still have alot of growing up, to do which is the opposite of what they want to show. Even in a liberal society like America. Miley Cyrus learnt this the hard way and she tone it down.She has some minimal acting and singing talent in her, nurtured well, along with her image she would have been reaping good results, much more than she is reaping now. Ariana Grande and Serena Gomez are also girls who overdid this faux ‘feminism’concept.To date in the eyes of the public.There are just pop stars who make bubblegum pop music.Nothing wrong with being a pop star they make bank too loads.But actually what these girls really wish for, is to be considered as more than makers of bubblegum pop for 12 years old fangirls and less. and be those women musicians who can be sexy and appeal to an older audience too and be taken seriously in their music and acting too.

      • I really do think your so called ‘faux feminism’ has been going on for years though in the west with the mother of all this Ms Madonna. Total turn off.

    • This is also why its naive to think that kmovie, kdrama and kidol audiences and industry operate on the same rules.5 years spent in enjoying k entertainment has shown me that there are basically three elements that make or break a k celeb entertainer’s career.Beauty, talent and image.

      1.In k-movie industry and audience.The ones who make it to the longest and achieve great things are the ones with massive amounts of talent.Image comes second but if you have trashy image but rich and powerful or have strong backing, you can still survive that’s how we have actors like LBH, KMH. Beauty doesnt matter, unconventional beauty or conventional beauty old, young..all is fine if you have the talent and ok image. Thats how you have arTists like Song Kang Ho, Bae Doona, and the other k movie greats.But no one in the kmovie audience and industry is going to worship a beauty who cant act.People are paying money or travelling distance to go to the theatre and see the movie.Lots of investment money will be lost if a movie flops or receives negative reviews.

      2.In K drama the ones who make it the longest and achieve great things are the ones with 35% beauty, 35% image and 30% talent so all in equal proportions.If you have only beauty, but no or little talent and trash image, you end up like sulli and have no chance at all in public television prime time until you get your image clean.The ones with only beauty, but little acting talent and good image, end up like Song Seung Hun, Kim Tae Hee and Han Ga In, who are considered top stars, but not credible actor and actresses.No matter how many projects they work in, or how many awards they receive.They have to go on acting hiatuses after a project, till their acting and award criticisms die down.After a while, they get replaced with actress like suzy and seolhyun, who will go through the same cycle, until they work on their acting.

      The ones with only beauty and mega or ok talent, but trashy image get booted out or go on kdrama acting hiatus, until they somehow fix their image.Because there are many other beauties, with ok to great talent, who are also professional and likeable image to boot. That’s why LBH and PSH comeback news was met with hostility. Kdrama audience and industry will not worship you, if you have just mega or ok talent but with a severely tattered image. Kdrama is watched by whole family and since its free, and also your bias might be in there.The story could be nice or good director.But no one wants to see on their screen for weeks; an artist with corrupted morals, or a huge ego, or unprofessional and isnt afraid to show it.When rebuked, show no remorse for their attitude, and have to be forced to apologise.

      You dont want to see this kind next to your bias, who is working hard to protect their image, because he or she will be slaughtered too, just by association which is unfair.Its also unfair to the staff, PR who always have to keep the person in check, to lessen the impact of their attitude.Its also problematic for the production team, since they lose out alot if affected, by negative publicity caused by problem artists.Those who are mega talented and good image with unconventional beauty can still achieve great things like GHJ,JJS etc.The examples of ones with arguably equal proportions of talent, beauty and image with no known SERIOUS controversies for kdrama purposes can be Gong Yoo,Park Bo Young, and many many more its endless list but just to give an idea..

      3.In the K idol industry i would say those who survive and achieve the great things are 80% beauty, 15% image and 5%talent.The reason for this disproportionate figures, is because they are just way too many beauties groups idols and k idol personalities in this industry, who get by with the cookie cutter ‘cutesy’ or ‘sexy’ concept or oppa or unnie image, but with very little talent.Or they dip their toes in too many forms of musical art and entertainment, and are mediocre at all of them. So its hard to say what they are really gifted at.It doesnt help that its oversaturated. so those with dominant personalities and some talented individuals, or overwhelming visuals in the group are the ones, who shine the most while the others remain nugus/unknowns.The mega talented ones with ok visuals like IU and G dragon have survived well and others like them can survive too.A group of idols like this for me would be girls generation, super junior etc..

      • Interesting take. However, ‘idols’ eventually want to shed that idol image because they may be getting too mature for it so how does the percentage work then? Also, famous film veterans are coming back to act in dramas for channels such as TVN and JTBC. For example, Bae Doona and Im Soo Jeong. It’s too difficult to generalise. Talent is talent, whether in film, drama or singing. Audiences can tell and they shouldn’t think we are stupid. Some big agencies love to plug their ‘stars’ and the media-play gets too much.

  7. @abc ah I meant movie for HandMaiden. Sorry my mistake.Frozen Flower, and to a lesser extent, The King and the Clown also had unique plotline with nude and controversial scenes but did well or the criticisms weren’t overload like real.

    Song Ji Hyo was only 26 when she did sex is zero 2 and 27 when she did Frozen Flower.She also got considerably amount of hate thrown at her after Frozen Flower.The plot and directing of frozen flower was also meh but had all good actors.

    I am not a huge fan of hers so don’t really follow up on her activities so I could be wrong.But I think because of her professionalism and good public image.She recovered just fine and can do variety shows, family friendly dramas or rated 18+ movies if she so wishes and not too many people will be bothered.

    Put an ok PD and mediocre scriptwriter or poor script but good actors with a positive public image and professional attitude can still produce good results or if it flops, the backlash will be much much less than what is happening to “Real”.Kim Eun Sook dramas has proven this over and over again.

    • You put it into words. A Frozen Flower is an excellent example how a great actor (Jo In Sung) saved a mediocre plot and so-so direction and a stiff co-actress and that film still managed to come out clean.

    • That’s definitely not Go Ara but I also don’t know who that is. Why did she bring a book/novel to a movie premier anyway. Did she know from the reviews that the movie was going to be a dud and brought her own personal entertainment. Haha.

    • It’s Shin Se Hwi, I need to look other article because I do remember someone comment “who bring books to a premiere?”

  8. It’s actually only Sulli’s nude scene and sex scene with KSH that is bringing in some interest for this failure of a movie. The other actress has a nude sex scene in the movie too but it’s not being talked about at all and all the focus is on Sulli’s maybe because of her former innocent pop-idol image. She has always been a terrible actress but her antics and the sex scenes are really helping the movie with publicity at this point. It was a good decision on their part to cast her.

    Where is Song Dong Il btw, did he miss the premier? I thought he was one of the leads.

  9. Not a long ago ,i read an article in a french magazine stating about the “flops” of big productions nowdays . They were pointing the fact that a few decades ago ,directors were the ones who lead their movies but now it’s the producers who rule the content of the movies. At the end the final product is totally diferent from the initial script project. Even Hollywood only seems to be interesting in China market . they actually are re negociating with chinese government to obtain a more big part of the cake !

  10. Happy too see Lee Hyun Woo and Park Shin Hye. 2 of my favorite actors. The Liar and his lover was amazing drama. Much commented in dramabeans.

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