Eric and Na Hye Mi Wed in Lovely Church Ceremony with Shinwa Members as Handsome Groomsmen

It’s with a happy heart and lots of fond memories as a fan to send off Shinhwa‘s leader Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk) to the land of married bliss. On Saturday in Seoul, Eric and his model-actress fiancee Na Hye Mi tied the knot in a church ceremony surrounded by 250 family and friends, the most eye catching being all his Shinhwa members present as arguably the best looking groomsmen contingent in K-ent history. The bride and groom’s expression and body language says it all, they are smitten and truly in love, and I’ve always said that fans should always support oppa when he finds the woman he wants to spend his life with. I’m thrilled for Eric and Na Hye Mi, both look stunningly attractive at their wedding ceremony but nothing beats the look of happiness on their faces. The pictures are all so charming and fun, it just brings a giant smile to my face. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Moon!


Eric and Na Hye Mi Wed in Lovely Church Ceremony with Shinwa Members as Handsome Groomsmen — 14 Comments

  1. Congrats!! As a fan of Shinhwa, I’m so happy to see Eric getting married.

    And yes, Shinhwa members as groomsmen are so handsome! But, but, Dong Wan, what happened to your hair?! You still looks handsome, though ^^

    • re: Dongwan’s hair and ‘stache – It’s for the musical he’s doing (Cyrano).?

      But awww at the guys as groomsmen! Such handsome fellows.

      The newlyweds have awesome pre-nup photos too.

  2. They are both beautiful. Congrata to Eric and wifey. Celebs are human too and they deserve every shot at happiness just like everyone else.

  3. Nahyemi is one of the most beautiful korean bride. And I could even say she’s more beautiful than all his co-stars. I could see Eric is madly in love with her. They both looks so happy and lucky to have true friends like Shinhwa member. Eric and her are visually match. Now, just like sillg knetz, I wonder how beautiful their babies since both are known natural beauty. Knowing Eric is married man, it will be difficult to watch him romance other actresses lol. Maybe he should leave romcom genre and move to thriller/ action or melodrama XD. Anyway, happy for him and wish them a happy life.

  4. I’m so glad that Eric is a newlywed! He was so handsome as a groom, and so were the Shinhwa guys as his groomsmen! I used to be gushy and young when I listened to them for the first time. Right now, I am a sincere mature woman when I become happy when he got married. Congratulations to Eric and Na Hye Mi! Love you two! One of the other guys of the group who wants to get married will be next! XO

  5. So guys still get their hair curled like a wave on their wedding. Eric has such a huge gelled wave. I prefer natural clean looks but they are happy so what else then. 🙂

  6. Even a non fan Kpop like me knows Shinwa ! You can say that their friendship is real , not a fake one . Precious thing , even more in SK industry. SES are a good ex too!

    • Right. Shinhwa and SES are good example of how beautiful friendship is. But I’ll give more to Shinhwa since the six guys are willingly to give efforts to stay for this long together. Eric must have something that makes the other five follow his step until now. It will be perfect if his marriage could be as wonderful as Shinhwa’s friendship. I give him more respect since this guy still choose his members though his popularity could be equal to A list actor if he really focus on his acting career.

  7. Eric is a good catch. He was/is ultimate oppa out of all idols. Happy for him. Big congrats to him and wife. Such a gorgeous couple.

  8. I am truly happy for Eric and Na Hye Mi. The look on both shows how much they love each other. Cheers to them. Shinhwa forever..????

  9. Congratulations to Eric & his beautiful wife… Is that a Catholic
    Church?, Is Eric is a Catholic? or his Wife is the Catholic?…
    Anyone knows?, please reply me. Thanks. 🙂

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