Park Shin Hye Holds Flower of Angel Fan Meeting in Taiwan with Continued Popularity

Taiwan has a love affair with Park Shin Hye greater than its general affection for Hallyu entertainment and stars. She was the child actress in early Hallyu overwrought hit Stairway to Heaven during the days when Taiwan slurped up anything Choi Ji Woo, then years later You’re Beautiful became the bridge that brought young viewers into liking her and she capitalized on it by going to Taiwan to film the drama Hayate the Combat Butler. It was an odd choice for a drama but a smart move that has since paid long goodwill dividends. Any drama with her has been a ratings hit when it airs in Taiwan and her most recent Doctors is no exception. She was on the island this weekend for a fan meeting Flower of Angel and showcased a combo of tough doctor Yoo Hye Jung and more feminine flower girl motif. I love the blue dress with shoulder cutouts but the other two outfits are a miss for me.


Park Shin Hye Holds Flower of Angel Fan Meeting in Taiwan with Continued Popularity — 12 Comments

  1. Doctors was a hit in Taiwan, there’s no doubt of that. Last year only MDBC and Moon Lovers were as big or bigger than Doctors in Taiwan (DOTS is an another story).

  2. The humble grounding, genuine, caring, respectful love affair she has with people in general , and her fans in particular, it is what make her likeable, popular, loveable, even though with a lot mixed feelings and emotions from her admirers ( with few, feeling lost, and act like haters), but the love is there and it’s strong. What not to love about her?!?
    All her outfits where appropriate for each occasion and scenario, she blended very well, looking beautiful, fresh, comfortable, confident, and made the fans happy. That is what matters.

    • Some fans feel lost and start to sound more like antis because they obsess over her and when she isn’t having any dramas and has no plans to come back immediately and seems to live a nice and carefree life, they start to feel like the center of their lives is crumbling. When that happens, they get angry and hopeless. The lesson is, fans should have some hobbies outside k-dramas and stanning one bias. Your biases have life outside their work, so should the fans, otherwise it’s unhealthy obsession.

  3. Why every fan meeting have such corny names? “Flower of Angel” what is that? I always hear: angel, flower, wings, star, rainbows, unicorns…please!

  4. Park Shin Hye’s next fan meeting is on July 28 in the Philippines…❤️ she is the new face of Bench…a local brand in the Philippines…..

  5. Article forgot to mention that all her fan meeting proceeds goes to supporting her charitable causes. I’ve read that all $$ goes to food for the hungry this time, same as the proceeds from her photoboook. One reason why I send an order for one. That is probably why they call it angel of this and that. I haven’t read/ heard other stars doing as she does. This is actually a great and better idea than fans giving gifts,etc. I’ll call anyone an angel if that is how they give back.

  6. Please tell me if I am wrong. So far, all of PSH’s fan meetings end with the title ‘Angel’, her fans are called ‘Starlight Angels’ and this year she has chosen ‘Flower of Angel’ because as she explained she loves flowers, she is always linked with flowers, her make-up endorsement is linked with flowers, and fans always praise her as ‘beautiful as flowers’. Previous years her fan meet was named ‘Kiss of Angel’, ‘Story of Angel’ and ‘Dream of Angel’. She hasn’t plucked the names out of a hat, instead the names are associated with her projects.

  7. Whichever I look at it, all her attire for this event suits her and is on point. Even with no MC, she can carry the fan meeting and maintain rapport with the audience and the fans appreciate her sense of humor inspite of language barrier. That in itself is amazing plus the fact that proceeds from these fan meetings goes to her pet projects/charities.

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