Liu Shi Shi Debuts Shortest Haircut of Career in Choppy Boy Length with Bangs

It’s rarer these days to have a post about a simple haircut but then again celebrities have mostly mastered the art of being pretty and walking on the safe side in terms of styles. That’s why it’s fun and refreshing to see C-actress Liu Shi Shi wow even her own drama costar when she arrived at a drama press conference this weekend debuting a brand new look. The stars of upcoming time twisty period fantasy drama Lost Love in Times (Zui Ling Long) clearly haven’t seen each other since filming wrapped months ago because male lead William Chan was totally bowled over when his costar Liu Shi Shi unveiled a very short uneven boy cut with bangs. I can’t say the hairstyle is itself all that attractive but Shi Shi somehow pulls it off and that’s what is so cute about it. William wasn’t so sure about how he felt because he quizzically wondered aloud if the cut wasn’t tooooooo short, lol.


Liu Shi Shi Debuts Shortest Haircut of Career in Choppy Boy Length with Bangs — 6 Comments

  1. Any haircut suits her. However, I’m not a fan of the uneven fringe. It looks like she cut it herself. LOL.

  2. With an oval face shape. I’m.sure she’ll look good with just about any hairstyle. But those hideous bangs! It just looks like the work of a preschooler.

    • Sigh
      All the married male/actors and female/ actresses are cute but i don’t see anything exciting with married actors on screen

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