New Stills with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won and Son Hyun Joo Ramp Up Excitement for K-drama Criminal Minds

The July heatwave is on and I’m looking for the intensity chill of upcoming K-drama Criminal Minds to deliver a refreshing dose of procedural kicks. Starring Lee Jun Ki, Son Hyun Joo, and Moon Chae Won, I love all three and am happy to see the collaboration on a drama that hopefully will mine the US version of the show for interesting and well-crafted crime stories. Sadly it’s not a romance and if there is any side element of attraction it’s not going to whet the appetites of fans of  Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won who would like to see the two tap into their deep well of generating chemistry with costars. I’m ambivalent, the lack of a love line keeps the story tight and on track with the genre, but then it feels like wasting the likely strong chemistry leaving me wanting more. Seeing the two in the same frame in new drama stills hammers home the point, I want to see collaboration on cracking cases and maybe a reason for a make out session thrown in.

Preview for Criminal Minds:


New Stills with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won and Son Hyun Joo Ramp Up Excitement for K-drama Criminal Minds — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing, Koala

    Have you seen the BTS clip from the poster making? Love the chemistry that the cast have built. Looking forward to this drama

  2. OMG I already see the chemistry. I’m like Koala not wanting a love line for the sake of the story but why do they have to look so good together?! Hopefully, it gets teased a little bit towards the end. I am loving MCW in the action scenes above and have been wanting her to do this type of drama after seeing her kick the chair under the dude in Nice Guy ??. Counting down the days until the premiere!

  3. I just think LJK too skinny. He’s a good actor though, so I hope this drama work for him. He deserved it
    MCW looks good. She’s an okay actress, but a right script can make her shine (Princess Man & Nice Guy)
    Good luck everyone…

  4. LJK and MCW is my dream pairing. When finally they get to be involved in the same project, I still feel my dream unfulfilled because first…it’s not a sageuk and second, because there will likely be zero or little romance. The time slot on TvN is new and we do not know what to expect especially that the drama is playing late at night. Be it a rating hit or not, I hope the drama will do justice to the brilliant casts.

    • Yes, he is indeed skinny. But the age, is just fitting for somebody of 35 years old. He was groomed to look like someone in his early 20’s in Scarlet Heart. If you compared him with other actors of his age like Jo In Sung and Lee Dong Wook, in fact he looks much younger.

    • He has to look at least 35+ years old of this role.

      I don’t understand people constantly commenting about his weight. He defined the character to be in this frame then be it.

      Just wait when he decides to play a typical character or a loser-type character because I am certain he is the type of an actor who will not hesitate to pack even a belly just for a role. I hope you wouldn’t be Calling him fat when that time comes.

  5. LJK is my dream boat. They sure roughen up his look to play a cop. I love that stills of him in uniform. Can’t wait for this drama to fill my weeks.

  6. I have always liked MCW’s acting. I like her best when she’s being tough. So this one is something to look forward to.

  7. I really don’t want any romance btwn them b/c that’s what makes CM so special is the lack of romance btwn the team members and more of a familial bond…….

    MCW and LJG do look good together tho.

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