UEE Denies Dating Rumors with Gangman Even After Dispatch Releases Tabloid Pictures

2017 has been such a wedding bonanza in K-ent that a mere dating rumors seems also grade school in comparison. Even then I never forget that the ire of K-netizens is a strong force indeed and the mere specter of dating requires a careful navigation of admission and denial. This will be the second dating news involving idol-actress UEE and the double standard with female stars remains unchanged. As such, while the first time around UEE and actor Lee Sang Yoon admitted to dating, this time UEE is denying dating rumors with idol Gangnam even in the face of tabloid Dispatch releasing pictures that strongly suggest the two are more than just platonic friends.

I honestly could care less any which way but do want to take a stand and support the right for female stars of age to dating any man they way be it another star, someone older, or younger, or differing on the success meter. Ultimately the personal lives of stars when it comes to choosing a romance partner is completely within their purview and warranting no opinion other then the superficial reaction shot. Congrats to UEE if she is dating Gangman and if she’s not then I wish her a happy filming for upcoming drama Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels (Feels So Good). Continue reading