Song Joong Ki in Magazine M Pictorial Along with Battleship Island Castmates

When a favorite star gets uber popular I always feel bittersweet, happy for the new level of success but wistful of the days when only select fans were crazed with affection. Since Descendants of the Sun premiered Song Joong Ki has rocketed to a new stratosphere where his popularity is currently still tied with the drama. The success or lack thereof of upcoming period war movie Battleship Island will be a test to his project picking more than anything, as an actor he has never failed to deliver more than the character and script asks for and in this movie cast he’s surrounded by top notch mates in So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min, and Lee Jung Hyun. Certainly the news of his impending marriage to top star Song Hye Kyo will be appended to any news around him for the foreseeable future but I hope his acting career continues to build on the much deserved success of all his smartly selected projects has brought. Another added bonus is more news coverage of him which I will never get bored of, the latest for Magazine M showcases the entire Battleship cast but I’m loving the quiet intensity of Song Joong Ki where his expressive eyes shine so beautifully.


Song Joong Ki in Magazine M Pictorial Along with Battleship Island Castmates — 10 Comments

  1. He looks girlish with his overdone eyebrows and make up. He always has looked less manly , his face is always made up like a girl’s.

    Here SJS and HJM despite the make up are men. Look manly. Are.

    But Joon Ki Song doesn’t give those vibes. His expressive yes shine ? Gosh, overboard K. The other two actors are way more expressive.

    • My spidey sense says troll but I’ll jump in anyway. To each her own? You may see girlish, others see him as an intense actor with “sang-namja” attributes, which is what the “manly-looking” “men” can’t stop calling their junior partner in their interviews. But please, keep pegging him as a delicate flower or whatnot, he’s making a career out of proving those who make such mistake wrong.

  2. Song joong ki eyes are quite intense. He use to look girlish during his rm days but now he looks manly but has boyish charm. I was quite baffled when I saw his photos wondering, no way he looks like army person. But boy proved me wrong one episode of dots was enough for me to Stan him. He looked so handsome in each and every episode. But his best is innocent man. His performance completely bowled me.

    • in his earlier career SJK really looks so pretty.I admit. he is so baby face even in his 24’s he looked like a high schooler. i was shocked when knowing his real age. But now he is getting manlier post military service. though he still looks like a boy. can’t believe he will getting married.

  3. Baby face but manly you really can’t mistake him of being a girl.
    After his military he has different
    Aura.I think he is a charismatic person.

  4. he is such a boyish charm.he has great taste in picking projects so not worried about battleship island.wishing him the best in everything.

  5. I think the images were badly photoshopped. 2nd photo look spooky, as their faces look similar. SJK looks best when he’s smiling. cant wait to watch the movie.

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