New Drama Stills for While You Were Sleeping and Lee Jong Seok Thanks Yoon Kyun Sang For Coffee Truck Support

The dog days of summer are here and I could use both an iced coffee and some happy news. There’s both from the production of SBS pre-produced drama While You Were Sleeping, which finished filming recently and male lead Lee Jong Seok shared a cute update this weekend when he posted an SNS update about his good friend Yoon Kyun Sang from the drama Pinocchio sending a coffee truck support to the set. Like a typical little brother he thanked hyung for the love but wondered where the churros were. Lol, even cuter was Yoon Kyun Sang responding that he’ll bring a bag the next time they meet as he was currently stuck somewhere, and those in the know understand that Yoon Kyun Sang is filming the new season of Three Meals a Day in the countryside with hyungs Lee Seo Jin and Eric. The While You Were Sleeping cast also shared three new drama stills with Lee Jong Seok and leading lady Suzy, regardless of chemistry they look really compatible together visually.


New Drama Stills for While You Were Sleeping and Lee Jong Seok Thanks Yoon Kyun Sang For Coffee Truck Support — 27 Comments

  1. Can anyone explain to me what these support trucks are? I see posts about co-stars and fans sending them to sets all the time but I don’t know what they are for. Is the food and drink free to staff and actors or do they still have to pay? What is the purpose of them?

    • As I understand they are sent by fans or from friends as a “gift” so they are free!! Some even send not just snacks/ coffee but the whole shebang from main course to desserts! It seems like they really appreciate it when they get those. My question is….doesn’t the production get a catering service while they work? Won’t they have too much food if someone sends them these food supports? Just wondering. I follow PArk Shin Hye, and she seems to get them almost everyday from friends and fans, even from the companies she represents, there must be a lot of surplus.

      • The production team works long hours daily with rarely a day off, so it makes sense that people appreciate food trucks to get something a little different from the usual fast foods (kimbap, jjambong, noodles, etc).

  2. Great, another drama with Suzy hoping to piggyback off the skills of her male lead.

    I hope Park Hae Ryun can write her a role to accommodate her limited range of facial expressions, she did it in Dream High and if Suzy can’t manage this role, she should probably take a step back from acting for a while.

  3. smells like a snoozefest with this cast.. i hope suzy can save this drama with her face since her co-star has a more girly face..

    • @prettyautumn I can only lol ? in all LJS articles your comments are hilarious and extremely entertaining, i just can’t stop laughing. You really dislike him to the core. Why? He seems a nice person and very good author, of course he made mistakes in the past like we all do, but forgive and let it go. You are killing me with you comments, I just can stop laughing ?. Peace ✌️

      • Some with js kept attacking me in the past when I said that ljs best drama was ihyv and that he isn’t that great. Some of his fans always praise him and put down others,like kim woo bin whom I find a better actor.I’m sire ljs is a good actor but I can’t get into him. And I know it’s not right to say the whole fandom is bad because of few bad apples. But I never see rude fans in for example so ji sub’s fandom.. also, them fans always credit only ljs for kissing scenes, and that’s why pinocchio and w kiss scenes were great. As if actresses and directors don’t have anything to do with it. The truth is, ljs needs improvement too but his fans hate people who say this..

      • @prettyautumn, you are nasty. i thought you hate him because he spit on you face or kicked you in the past. i wonder how you look and behave in real life. keep up a good job of hating him. you seem to enjoy it.

      • @supergirl
        Actually, now I’m not sure if LJS is even good actor. I’ve tried watching the dramas he is in and I’d say he got damn lucky with his partners. First of all, KWB was the real star in school 2013 and he was actually bigger than Ducksuck after Heirs. Unfortunately for drama viewers KWB didn’t go to that ”drama after drama’’ popularity route and instead took films with seniors and experimented with roles and characters unlike LJS who kept choosing ’’orphan genius roles’’. Lucky LJS that he was starring alongside the excellent LBY in a PHR drama and we all know that she is a great writer. Then doctor stranger which was watchable thanks to the director who kept some element of excitement in that drama. But the real stars were PHJ and KSR there. Then he got really lucky again with IHYV writer and director’s drama Pinocchio right after that airport scandal. Again, the female lead pulled it off and made him shine. Also those people who blindly believe dispatch, well.. it surely looked ’incriminating’ but PSH doesn’t seem to be the type to like plastic nose little men, she seems to be the type to be more into real men. W, again he got lucky. That snoozefest of a drama had Kim Eui Sung and Han Hyo Joo. He is definitely mooching off from his more talented and popular co-stars. Now Suzy has to do extra work to bring in the audience because LJS is so unlikable. If I watch WYWS, I’d watch it for PHR and Suzy, not for LJS. Also, you’re the type of LJS fan who I was talking about.

      • @prettyautumn, LOL. I know how you feel because ‘handsome oppa’ fans can be very brutal. I’ve been on the receiving end too. LJS ain’t that bad, I agree he needs improvement but who doesn’t in his generation?

  4. They look so cute together!!! If these photos already convey a lot of feeling i can not even imagine what the drama is going to be ??

    • both of their noses actually, are distracting, wonder how will it look like in kissing scene, lolol. Contrary to Koala who’s a fantard of both, I dont see chemistry here, I can already see LJS eating Suzy alive in acting. This will be a one man show, you bet!

      • I predict a flop. Just like Suzy’s previous pre-produced drama. Also the trend of LJS dramas have been down spiraling ratings. He’ll never get to the IHYV level for obvious reasons. Also, his personality is really questionable so LJS hasn’t got any likability either.

  5. Lol these comments are ridiculously funny. Sometimes I wonder do trolls get paid and is the person commenting aware they come off as mentally unhinged.Good luck to the actors in this drama let’s hope the chemistry is great and the plot well written.

  6. Aw, these comments make me sad. I think everyone brings their own life experience to the screen with them when they watch something, so what really moves one viewer might leave another one cold, even if they’re watching the same performance. Just because it doesn’t resonate with you doesn’t mean it doesn’t have meaning for someone else. Personally, I find LJS as the BEST actor I can think of for getting deep inside a character and really making you feel what that character is feeling. Maybe it’s because my life experiences make me really relate to the kind of characters he’s played? In any case, it always feels very emotionally accurate to me, and so I admire his acting very much.

    The one thing I do agree on in the above comments is that too often, the actresses are overlooked, as if they are all interchangeable and it doesn’t matter who you stick in there are long as hot! kdrama! guy! is playing the lead kissing role. When really, the actresses are half of the equation, and of course it won’t be the same from costar to costar, because they are different people. The amazing kissing scenes in W happened because of what LJS and HHJ brought individually, as well as the chemistry and regard they had for each other together. It’s a joint effort, and the actresses should get credit, too.

  7. Most of the dramas LJS acted are not easy n not the “safe types” but he pulls it off well with excellent acting, i can relate to how he was feeling in the drama. I like him as he is, people are not perfect just as i am not perfect too.

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